‘I Failed Him. I Failed My Baby.’

This article is troubling on so many levels.  I have been following this story both in the media and by Joe Madison the Black Eagle.  Joe Madison is a black talk show host who lives in D.C. and lives in the D.C. area where this crime took place.  He is neighbors with the police officers involved in this shooting (read my previous post on this story). 

Now the community is screaming murder and police brutality over a 14 y/o boy named DeOnte who stole a minibike and when confronted by police allegedly got buck and pulled out a gun and opened fire which resulted in him getting shot in the head.  Now the gun can not be found, which I honestly believe someone in the community took the gun.  Of course.

The Post printed another article today highlighting the father’s side of the story.  I am feeling his pain because of the loss of his son, but we have got to do better.  DeOnte was the youngest of 16 children.  16 children?  DeOnte was in and out of trouble, hanging out with the wrong crowd.  DeOnte’s father says that even though his son has never been arrested, he had run-ins with the police and has been questioned on other murders in the community.  His father claims that the police were trying to make DeOnte out to be a snitch……..

Here we go again with this whole snitching BS.  When will some of us in the black community learn that we are doing nothing but hurting ourselves!!  Black people are killing black people!!  Joe Madison decided to stay in S.E. to try and make a difference, along with other working and middle class families, and they are being terrorized by people that look just like them.  When we make a choice not to help clean up the community, you become part of the problem.  I know there is danger in giving up information, but nothing will change if we don’t speak out as a community!! 

The community and the father failed this young man.  From reading this article, it appears that the father tried to reach out to his son, but he got caught up in the wrong crowd and he couldn’t save the child.  Communities are so concerned with not being a snitch that we allow our own people to terrorize us!! 

You know the black community is in trouble when a 14 y/o is questioned by an adult and the child responds: “what  are you going to do about it?”  Black folk didn’t put up with disrespectful children back in the day.  We knew not to get smart with adults; that was a butt whippin’.  Now our black youth are off the hook, they do not have respect for themselves or adults.  But when something like this happens,  we want to cry, make tee-shirts and hold candle light memorials; when will we say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!


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  1. Native..This situation is painful in many regards. So many people are saying don’t blame the parents or the kids, but to be honest, that kid made a conscious decision to do what he did.

    It also seems that we as a people, for the most part spend too much time defending people who knowingly commit crimes for the simple fact that they are black. I will go on the record and say that if this continues, we will self-destruct as a people.

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