Mychal Bell being freed on bond today

I watched the DA press conference today via CNN, and I almost lost it.  In his press conference, DA Reed Walters stated that the nation-wide Jena protest last Thursday and the concern of Governor Blanco, did not have an merit on deciding to drop the request to appeal the appeals court decision last Friday.  He claims that he did further research of Louisiana law and found that it was not worth pursuing; which we all know is BS.  He claims that his decision not to appeal was based on an in-depth investigation of the law.  Ummm shouldn’t you have done that 9 months ago before you arrested and charged Bell as an adult.  Why didn’t Walters research the law when he threatened the black students at the high school that he could end their lives with the stroke of a pen, if they continued to protest.  But those comments are not what set me off. 

 What set me off was what he said close to the end of his press conference.  He thanked the many in the religious community and thanked Jesus for protecting thier town last Thursday, and that it was God that protected them from violence.  The police didn’t have to do much because it was a peacful protest without incident.  NOT ONE BLACK PERSON!  He failed to mention that it was 2 racist white teenagers tha twere arrested Thursday night.

The DA made it seem as if black people were going down to Jena to start trouble and riot their small town.  His comments implied that the violent black people were calmed by God and God protected their little town against unruly black people.  I will again and again until I am purple in the face:

In this country, we have been culturally conditioned to think that white people are superior and black people are inferior.  And the manifestation of this conditioning causes black people to be underestimated, undervalued and marginalized.

DA Walters attempted to undervalue and underestimate the peaceful mass call to action in this country; he has attempted to marginalize what happened last week by trying to paint the image that we were going to tear up their town. 

The judge has set Bell’s bond at $45,000 and Dr. Stephen Ayers, a stranger is arranging for the bail to be paid.  Now Bell will be tried as a juvenile and I hope that the 9 months he spent in the adult prison system be considered as time served. Then the DA and th Judge in this case should be investigated.   


4 Responses

  1. I think this is ALL BS! I’m sick of hearing about the poor black people never being treated fairly. Where I’m from, the black don’t respect themselves, so why should I bend over backwards to try to make them comfortable with their surroundings? I am white living in a racially inter-mixed neighborhood, so by no means am I prejudiced. I will tell you that the blacks in my neighborhood are the most disrespectful individuals on the planet!
    You can walk around calling each other the “N” word, hell, they call me that and I’m the whitest white person around! They walk around swearing like sailors and always so damn loud you just want to tell them to shut up!
    What would happen if I hung a noose in my front yard? Those stupid kids would probably play the choking game.
    I’m so sick of hearing the bull about racial this and prejudice that.
    Face the facts, if your kid beats the shit out of someone so bad that they have to go to the hospital, they should have to do the time. AND I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE!
    Drop the racial bull and own up to what you do wrong. What goes around comes around and usually a lot worse. If parents would spend more time with their kids, no matter how old the kid is, be more concerned with what they are doing when they are not at home, maybe we would have a lot less crime period. Right now, I believe that the pre-teen/teenagers growing up right now, are the future murderers, bank robbers, rapists and I say this because mom and dad are letting the kids run the neighborhood when they’re 10 and they’re learning all kinds of “cool” things from the teens that are hanging out and the careless young adults that think it would be cool to get YOUR 10 year old stoned for the first time. Think about it.
    Couldn’t we end it all right now? All the hate, all the prejudice, all the crime, all the bull about racial this and that.
    Kids repeat. They repeat what they see, what they hear and that’s how they grow up.
    Let’s let Jena work out their own problems, send Jackson and Sharpton packing and restore peace. If Jackson and Sharpton would stay wherever they’re from, we wouldn’t have half the “racial” problems we have. They feel the need to MAKE everything racially motivated. Keep your nose out of everyone else’s business and we’ll all be just fine!

  2. Leyla you are really sad. You comments scream racism. If you were truly not racist you would not state the things you did. I would suggest you go get a therapist and seek some anger management counseling.

    I am not sure where you live but perhaps if you got out and meet people of all racial and economic backgrounds and well as read some more of inclusive American history. Based on what you state and your logic I suppose your family would be arrested also.

    For the record I believe most people of open minds and who are not racist are in agreement that all parties involved should be given appropriate punishment for crimes they commit.

    By the way I went to Jena and I am sure if you were there with open eyes and if you were not a racist you would have a different outlook.

  3. Well..I’m not going to take his side, but he is entitiled to his opinion whether it mirrors yours or not. I also don’t see anything racist about his statement or where it indicates he hates black people. He may be bigoted, a great possibility indeed, but racist, I won’t personally go that far.

  4. Noun 1. racist – a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others
    bigot – a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

    a. An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.
    b. A preconceived preference or idea.
    2. The act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions. See Synonyms at predilection.
    3. Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion.
    4. Detriment or injury caused to a person by the preconceived, unfavorable conviction of another or others.
    tr.v. prej·u·diced, prej·u·dic·ing, prej·u·dic·es
    1. To cause (someone) to judge prematurely and irrationally. See Synonyms at bias.
    2. To affect injuriously or detrimentally by a judgment or an act.

    Gil I wonder if the people Lelya is around now that she is refering to them as “them” and calling thier kids as stupid. I am glad that she expressed her opinion so that people can know what kind of negative people live around them. She does not realize that her comments show that she is just as “bad” in the negative way as the people she swears she is not like

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