4 Killed In D.C. on A Violent Weekend

This is crazy!  As I watched the news over the weekend, the number of people shot jumped from 4 to 11!!!  Out of the 11, there was a poor innocent baby that was killed.  A baby!!! 

And for the teens that were shot this weekend, why were they out at 1AM in the morning?  Where are the parents??  I can’t stress that enough.  People keep saying that government should let parents raise their children, but you have parents who can’t control their kids.  what do you do about these parents? I have not heard an answer to this question?  if we can’t hold parents responsible for not raising their children, then what do we do people?


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  1. Native Son: I am interested in yours and others’ opinion on the recent DC police shooting of 14yr old DeOnte’ Rawlings and the ongoing investigation. This story is becoming more disturbing as the days roll on and more information is released. What really happened at that scene? And why haven’t they found the gun the boy supposedly fired at the police first? And what role does the media/mayor’s office play in the mix also? The tv media sure played on *my* emotions when they initially kept showing a photo of the kid that made him look under 10 (and completely guileless and adorable!) And is it appropriate for the mayor’s office to pay for the boy’s funeral? I don’t know.
    Now we find out DeOnte’ was shot in the back of the head and had ‘inexplicable cuts and bruises’ on his body during autopsy. Courtland Milloy has a very interesting Wash Post column today “A Lonely Stand In the Streets” that adds another twist to the story – according to a social worker DeOnte’ had been a truant and wanted for police questioning as a possible murder witness.
    All I know is, if all of this was really over a minibike, God help us AND the DC Police!

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