Black teen beat down and called racial slurs

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I just heard about this one this morning on the Joe Madison Show.  2 white teens racially and physically assault a black teen.  This is 2007 right? 

 Bail set for beating suspect


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  1. Native,

    This is becoming a very disturbing trend around the country. I have to wonder if these attacks are fallout from the Jena 6 case. There was also a case in Florida recently where some Hispanic youths attacked a black teen on a boat.

  2. Of course, we’re all concerned because black teens never beat down any non-black teens. Why look for disturbing trends around the country. Just take a look at D.C. this past weekend. Where’s the uproar about the “D.C. 4”. If you’re not from the D.C. area, 4 blacks were murdered by other blacks over the weekend. Several others were injured.

    Oh…. that’s right…. the D.C. 4 aren’t important because they were victims of black on black crime. We only get upset when evil white people do something to innocent-ol’ black folks.

  3. Afripino:

    Man you got to read my blog posts. This morning I blogged about the sensless violence in D.C. “4 killed in D.C. on a violent weekend” And in that post I wrote about the parents and their responsibility in raising their children. I asked the questions that people are afriad to ask; which is where are the parents of these black youth and should parents be penalized. I also blogged about the 14 y/o kid who was shot by 2 off duty police officers in D.C. Its all in my blog; I write about crime; white on white, white on black, black on white and black on black. It is all fair game my friend

  4. Agreed. It angers me even more when we do this to ourselves.

  5. @Afripinio:

    Crime is crime, and wrong is wrong. However, it is important that we as African Americans note when there seems to be a trend of the possibilty of our children being beat up or attacked simply because they are Black, on TOP of everything else…

  6. Native Son,

    My bad. I read your post, but I was following up on Gil’s post. We’re on the same page. More importantly, I’m glad that you raised the issue of parenting. We need to take control of our communities by first taking control of our own families.


  7. Afripino:

    I feel you

  8. “it is important that we as African Americans note when there seems to be a trend of the possibilty of our children being beat up or attacked simply because they are Black”

    A “trend”. When you look at data relating to black on black crime, I think it is clear that the black man is the greatest threat to the black man right now in terms of “the possibility” of being beat up or attacked. Thus, if African-Americans want to prioritize its response to issues that represent the most danger, the focus should be on black on black violent crime, not white on black violent crime. For example, if African-Americans in D.C. were to eliminate black on black murder, I’m willing to bet that the murder rate would drop by 80% or more.

    We have to be willing to take a hard look at ourselves and admit, if necessary, that we have the responsibility to solve our own problems. As Malcolm X once said, “We wake up, we clean up, and we stop begging the white man.” the same rings true today. The white man is not the source of all of our problems. White attacks on blacks are a very small portion of our problems. We need to focus attention on the real issues that we face on a day to day basis, not on trying to find trends where there are none.

  9. Though I agree that we need to look at our habits and ourselves with black on black crime, we can not neglect or minimize these types of crimes that are racially charged.

    My Dad use to tell me that we can chew gum and walk at the same time. We can tackle our internal issues withing our communities and fight racism at the same time.

    Afripino, in your opinion what can we do to call attention to our problems that plague black males? I have a mentor program that I am starting in PG County, but those of us who are responisble black men like myself and I assuming yourself, all have to step up.

    I have tried to get many of my friends to help me in this mentor venture, or doing something on their own, but a lot of them don’t think its worth it or don’t have the patience.

    I actually had one collegue tell me that it is not his responsibility to save black men. So what do we do about brothers who have this type of mind set? Are they right to think this way? I know they have to right to feel any way they want to, but is it morally right to take the “each man for himself” mentality?

  10. Native Son,

    You ask hard questions. Questions for which I do not have a comprehensive response. First, you have to focus on your own family. For example, I have Lil’ Afripino. It’s my responsibility to provide a solid role model, a stable household, and hands-on parenting. Second, brothers have to be aware of how they present themselves to young men in their circle of influence. For example, brothers should carry themselves in respectful and respectable ways any time they are around other people, especially young men. Third, if time permits, we have to engage in outreach programs, like what you are doing. This way you can extend your influence beyond your family and personal social circle.

    Will this approach solve everything? I’m not sure. Will it make a significant impact. I’m not sure. Does it allow a man to go to bed at night knowing that he is not a part of the problem? I think so. We have to give whatever we can to make our community better. Unfortunately, the actions of positive brothers like yourself are outweighed by negative imagery in the media and popular entertainment. I’m not sure that a couple of hours of mentoring can cause a young man to look away from many hours of harmful culture and negative peer group pressure.

    I guess we’re all looking for answers.


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