Eugene Robinson’s Take on Clarence Thomas’s 60 Minutes interview

Eugene Robinson  hit the nail right on the head.  For those who did not see the 60 minute interview on Sunday, Thomas claimed that his Yale Degree was not worth the paper it was printed on because he could not find a job after graduation.  In my opinion I believe that he is attributing not finding a job because he was accepted under an Affirmative Action program at Yale.  I had to change a few sentences in this post because a comment was left on my blog insisting that I was in jeopardy of being called a ‘person lacking truth’  And I don’t want anyone thinking I am a liar; but even Thomas has his supporters…

Robinson’s perspective took the words right out of my mouth.  Thomas is the textbook example of how cultural conditioning can affect black people.  It is the underestimation, undervaluation and marginalization of ourselves which lead to a lot of the problems we have today in our communities. 

Thomas may have been accepted to Yale because of affirmative action, but once he got in, he did the hard work himself!  They did not give him a special “blacks only” law exam in any of his classes; he wasn’t assigned any special writing assignments set aside for affirmative action students; he was able to get into a Ivy League University which during that time, may not have ever been accepted because of the color of his skin, and proved them wrong!  Now after being only the second black Supreme Court Justice in the history of this country, he wants to blame liberals and affirmative action? 

If his Yale Law Degree is only worth pennies because he could not find a job after graduation, Thomas should give up his position on the Supreme Court.  If we follow Thomas’s logic, he is not fit to sit on the Supreme Court……


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  1. Amen.

    Although I’ve had very little respect for him in the past, I have even less respect for him now. It’s sad that he uses the analogy of lynching to describe his predicament while his rulings imply that racial discrimination is a figment of our imagination or no longer plays a part in the lives of minorities.

  2. Sorry to post this here but I wanted to let you know that maybe those sagging-pants laws won’t go through Here’s an article I just read

  3. I don’t think it’s the fact that Thomas is a conservative. Heck, I’m conservative in a lot of my views. I can even go on a limb and say many blacks are conservative in many aspects.

    However, I firmly beleive the issue is that the man hates himself and his origins in Pinpoint, Ga. I personally feel you can be conservative and celebrate and take pride in your blackness. However, Thomas fails miserably on all accounts.

  4. It seems that for Clarence Thomas everything is about race:

  5. [quote]Thomas claimed that his Yale Degree was not worth the paper it was printed on because he was accepted under an affirmative action program; among other things he said in the interview.[/quote]

    Excuse me sir – COULD YOU POINT OUT where Clarence Thomas SAID that his law degree is worthless because of his “admissions”?

    He said that it was WORTHLESS because HE COULD NOT GET A JOB despite having a YALE LAW DEGREE.

    Before I call you a “person lacking truth” – please substantiate your claim.

    Tavis Smiley’s “All White Jury” Against Clarence Thomas

  6. Constructive Feedback:

    Okay I stand corrected. Thomas said that his degree was worthless because he could not get a job.

    So why did he say that?

    I believe he hated the fact he was accepted into Yale Law School under an affirmative action program. I also believe that his claim about not being able to find a job after graduating from Yale was made because he felt that the AA program he was accepted under at Yale played a part in him not being able to find a job. When we know it was because it was because of people having racial biases toward black people not because of Affirmative Action.

    Is that better now? Let me know….

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