Bush Vetoes Health Measure

Bush sucks so bad.  This was a Bi-Partisan bill; both Democrats and Republicans sponsored this important piece of legislation, but G-dub is staying loyal to his base; the elitist power structure of this country.

Bush claims that too much government funding for health care for low and working class income children would lead to socialized government health care. 


Rich people who make money in the health care industry because they own stock in these companies will loose money and we can’t allow that to happen.  As long as Bush’s family is taken care of along with the wealthiest 2%, they could care less that millions of children don’t have health care.  We can spend almost 600 billion dollars in a war based on a lie, but can’t spend 35 billion to fund children’s health-care….. The elitist are still trying to maximize their bottom line as long as they can because they know that after Bush leaves office; things will change.


One Response

  1. I hope you’re right and that when Bush leaves office, things will really change. Politicians, while campaigning, make many promises that they have no intention of fulfilling once they get in office. It’s just like interviewing somebody for a job; you really don’t know if they CAN and WILL do what they say they CAN and WILL do until you give them the job.

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