America: just doesn’t get it

In this country we are conditioned underestimate, undervalue and marginalize people of color. 

America thinks that the noose is a joke.  They feel that we are too emotional and should just get over it.  This man’s supervisor is brushing it off as a joke.  it is not a joke and it is not funny.  It is racist and offensive and it should not be tolerated; under any circumstances.  People in this country need to be re-educated and soon.

Nooses Left At O’Hara Township Work Site


3 Responses

  1. A noose is used to kill people plain and simple. Hanging one is a threat to kill someone. It is a threat of murder. That is not a prank. Toilet-papering a house, setting off a cherry bomb, throwing water balloons etc. are pranks. Putting an instrument of death on display to intimidate others is not a prank.

  2. A noose is not a joke, a burning cross is not a joke. Why is it so hard for people in America to comprehend this? If I tried to make a joke about 9/11, or about hostages getting beheaded (which I would never do), no supervisor would be trying to cover for me.

  3. Good point Ari! Its like its okay for people to make jokes about slavery and lynching or something. No one would joke about 9/11, the Holocaust, of soldiers being killed in Iraq. But when it comes to hurtful periods for Black people then its just a prank.

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