Another Noose Incident; this time on an Ivy League College

It’s Joke time Ladies and Gentleman; and it is at black people’s expense.  We hit a nerve with the Jena 6 and now some people in this country are letting us now that racial hatred never went anywhere.  Since the Jena 6, this country has seen a spike in the hanging of nooses, because some people thinks its a joke. 

Now we have nooses on the campuses of our Universities.  First it was University of Maryland and now Columbia.  Folks play time is over and enough is enough.  But I am sure there will be people to tell us that we somehow brought this on ourselves and that we should just get over it.  Hey it’s all in fun right? 


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  1. A-men Brother!

    I also find this to be ridiculous. How long will the justice department remain silent, and in doing so cement our belief that there are two justice systems. One for everyone else and one for us.

  2. “Two justice systems”

    I think that would be a valid question if a member of another ethnic group was convicted of hanging a noose and a white person was not. A better question may be: Is the hanging of a noose a communication that is protected by the Constitution or hate speech that is (or should be) illegal?

    For an interesting overview of arguments on both sides, see

  3. Funny, WHite folks all around had comments about how we were overreatcing about the Jena 6, etc., etc., yet with this “noose” craze on college campuses across the nation, white silence.

  4. DJ Black Adams:

    Well you know, its all about cultural conditioning. This country has been conditioned to underestimate, undervalue or marginalize black people.

    The residents of Jena said that hanging of nooses was a juvenile prank. And that is what a lot of people in this country think. I am afraid to say that this going to get way out of hand before it gets better. This coutry has a cancer and it is spreading is out of remission.

  5. While everyone has been focused on the Jena 6 and the outbreak of “Noositis” and despite this resurgence of race-based ignorance — the following article slipped under the radar of most so-called black blogs:

    The Number of Blacks Earning Bachelor’s Degrees Is At an All-Time High

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, in the year 2005 blacks earned 136,122 four-year bachelor’s degrees from American colleges and universities. The number of blacks earning bachelor’s degrees increased nearly 4 percent from the previous year. In that year the number of African Americans earning bachelor’s degrees reached the highest level in this nation’s history. It was more than double the number of bachelor’s degrees earned by blacks in 1990.

    The large increase in bachelor’s degrees earned by blacks is encouraging, but the other side of the news is that only about two out of every five black students who enroll as freshmen in college go on to graduate within six years from the same institution they entered. Blacks are now nearly 12 percent of total enrollments in higher education, but in the 2005 academic year they earned only 9.5 percent of all bachelor’s degrees awarded.

    But note that this figure too measures considerable progress. As recently as 1985 blacks earned only 5.9 percent of all bachelor’s degrees awarded in the United States.

    (Source: Black Issues In Higher Education, 10/11/07)

  6. What is more important, Noositis or the following:

    Many people focus on the Noositis articles because the emotions associated with that sickness are caused by external factors. However, articles like the one above suggest that black folks may be active participants in destroying, or at least diminishing, our ability to participate in the global economy.

  7. I’m white anglo-saxon protestant male who lives in the suburban South. Guess what? I’m offended by the morons who are hanging these nooses. These miserable, inbred neandrethals need a good beating. Period.

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