Prosecutor apologizes 12 years after bogus rape verdict


Every 6 moths or so, we read about these types of stories; most of the people falsely accused are people of color.  And all the prosecutor can offer is an apology.  Thank God for DNA testing.  This man spent all of those years in jail and labeled a rapist and all he gets is an apology. 

The sad part about this story is that it happens far too often, and too many times to African American men.  Where is the outrage?  Why isn’t the media blowing this story up?  The Duke Lacrosse Players didn’t spent no time in jail and the world almost came to a standstill because they were falsely accused.  Why isn’t main stream America just as angry that normal folks like this guy are being freed after DNA testing proves they were not the criminal?


One Response

  1. I’m in total agreement. Why has there not been an outrage and an out cry for district attorney Chuck Rosenthal’s job. MIchael Nifong was disbared and continues to recieve criticism for only “doing his job”. This man spent twelve years in prison and get and apology. The Duke players were only on trial, not convicted and doing prison time.
    The reasons are so obvious but yet still ignored.

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