Report: Teen gunman killed after shooting spree in school


We are loosing our youth.  This is crazy.  We live in a society where people are conditioned to use violence to solve problems; and it is spewing over to our youth.  My prayers go out to all of the students and their families at this high school in Cleveland.


3 Responses

  1. When will we learn that victim disarmament zones do not work? Why would a law banning guns in school stop a shooter who is not detered by laws against murder? It just makes no sense. We really shouldn’t limit where licensed law-abiding adults over the age of 21 can carry a gun.

  2. When are Americans going to get it? Guns are bad, mm’ok? You don’t hear of as many crazy gun murders and shootings in school an many other first world countries cos the rest of us have proper gun laws. People aren’t allowed to carry handguns in Australia and guess what? we don’t have any school shootings – incredible coincidence eh?

    We aren’t concerned with actual bad guys (as in the “criminals” Americans seem so intent on protecting themselves from) shooting up schools – cos bad guys don’t shoot up schools in America – students who has access to guns do!

  3. So you think it makes sense to eliminate school shootings at the expense of leaving people unable to defend themselves against criminals? I’ve got news for you. School shootings account for a tiny percentage of all murders. They get a lot of hype and publicity, but they are very rare and kill very few people per year.

    The vast majority of murders are committed by career criminals with long rap sheets. The average killer has been arrested 11 times and most have served time at least once. It is extremely rare for a person with no prior criminal record to commit murder.

    It makes no sense to disarm law abiding people in the hopes of stopping the occassional crazy. For one thing, it doesn’t work. The biggest school masacre in American history did not even involve a gun. The killer blew up a elementary school with a bomb. The worst school masacre in Japan was committed by one guy with a kitchen knife who managed to kill something like 13 people before he was stopped.

    The problem with school shootings in the U.S. is that the government created Gun Free Zones around all the schools. The only people who respect these zones are the law abiding people who are not a threat to begin with. The only thing these zones do is provide psychos with a safe setting for committing a masacre. Its like shooting fish in a barrel, because they know that nobody can shoot back. Gun Free Zones in schools and businesses attract violence rather than repel it.

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