Have we lost our minds? BET shows its ass once again

Okay I am pissed off today blog world. 

 Let’s start with T.I.  You get caught trying to buy a machine gun?  Of course his camp is saying he was set up. Who knows lets see how the case unfolds, but T.I. is an ex-felon and he knows he can’t have guns or be involved in stuff like this.  

Let’s move forward to the BET Awards. I can not believe that Kat Williams wore a noose around his neck on the red carpet.  What was the purpose for this?  Was this a way of showing support? If it was, it was in bad taste.  It was very ignorant.  This is not a game or a joke.  Then we wonder why our youth don’t know history or take our plight seriously.  We wonder why people attack hip-hop.  Am I reading too much into this people?   Kat Williams is an idiot; I’m sorry, you can get mad at me all you want. Why not just wear a Jena 6 T-shirt, or speak on it during his opening monologue?  Kat Willaims decided to take this route…




Then I saw this…..


Who are these 2 boys at the BET Hip-Hop Awards you are asking?  It is 2 of the Jena 6, Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones.  BET invited them to present an award.  For what??  this is not the time for styling and profiling.  Their trials have not started yet and are still facing up to 20 years in jail!!!!  Where are their lawyers??  You can’t tell me that their lawyers approved of this.  Who could possibly think this would be a good thing to do?  I don’t get us sometime.  WTF is going on?


Where are their parents?  We did not rally in mass numbers and raise money to have these young boys turn into ghetto rock stars.  We rallied because there was an injustice.  What do you think main stream America is going to say about this?  These boys are setting themselves up; and for what?  To get ghetto fab points on Bootleg Entertainment Television? 

Let me get this straight; BET can’t do a special about the Jena 6 while protests took place around the country, but they can ask 2 of the Jena 6 to show up to present a hip-hop award??  We had to watch MTV, CNN and TVOne for in depth coverage during the Jena 6 marches, because BET did nothing.   Am I overreacting?  Tell me if I am.  The Hip-Hop Awards will air this week, and it is being reported that the Jena 2 will say a few words about the Jena 6 before they present the Hip-Hop video of the year award. 

We just don’t get it.  What type of messages are we sending to our children?  This is not the time for these boys to be partying like a rock star.  This is not a video shoot; this is real life; its their lives that are at stake and BET and the Jena 2’s parents think that it was ok for them to appear?  It is really getting harder and harder to defend this kids if they are going to continue not to be aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Here’s the question; was this the right place and venue for them to attend considering that they have not gone to trial yet.  A trail that has set off racial tensions around the country?  Are we sending the right message to our black youth?  Am I overreacting? let me hear from you.


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  1. “We did not rally in mass numbers and raise money to have these young boys turn into ghetto rock stars.”

    Thank you.

  2. My sentiments echo yours. I was shocked when I saw the photos too. The Jena 6 boys should be trying o look like angels in the public so that no one has any more ammunition to attack them with. This is not the right menu and it is the wrong message to send to our youth and all the people who advocated for them. When I think of the Jena 6 I think of the class photos or the football uniform not this! They are not hip hop stars! Plus they are on BET! Is it a BET conspiracy or something to minstrel-ize all black men even the Jena 6? This is exploitation to the maximum. I can’t believe their lawyers let them do this. You know the anti-Jena 6 people are going to love this! They were already making accusations that they were spending the donation money and now this. This is serious! Its like they are advertising “Stand up for civil rights and you can be a rock star, get free clothes, and hang with celebrities too”. It makes me wonder if maybe the Jena 6 weren’t standing up for civil rights but just got into a fight with a guy who was calling them racial slurs. I still think there was racism and the punishment was okay, but I don’t think they saw this is a fight for justice the way the rest of us did.

  3. sorry I meant to say the punishment was excessive above

  4. Wait a minute, in that photo are they posing to make the #6 with their fingers??? Like its their symbol or something like a peace sign or thumbs up??? In my opinion they have blown it big time.

  5. “Are we sending the right message to our black youth? Am I overreacting?”


  6. I have to come back to this. Look at the photos and think to yourself, these are two of the 6 guys who over 20 000 protesters and people all over the world are fighting to keep out of jail. I’m thinking that even if they do only get juvenile sentences for this fight, they will be in jail again for something else soon enough.

  7. I hope not, I think one of them was headed to Grambling State. But someone needs to snatch them and their parents to get them together.

    What annoys me the most is that BET even invited them to the Hip-Hop Awards to present. What message are we sending our kids? This is not the time for them to “bling it up” They need to be focused on their upcoming trials. BET is truly a cancer in the black community. In the beginning they meant well, but they have created a monster.

  8. BET is not the least bit concerned about these boys. You didn’t put up the pic of them at the hard liquor after party.

    cancer is completely accurate to describe BET

  9. Gem2001:

    Are you serious? they were at an after party where they were serving hard liquour? I don’t want to even see those pictures. Once again; where in the hell are their parents?

    On the radio today a woman who claimed to be in the same hotel as the Jena 2, over heard them complaining because BET sent a van and not a limo to pick them up to take them to the red carpet. Al Sharpton or someone who is close to families of these 2 needs to pull them to the side and quickly.

  10. Maybe the things they say about young people are true, they really don’t think like adults. I don’t think they realize what has been going on around them. I hope they are not giving autographs.

  11. I stopped watching BET years ago. This is yet another example that shows me that I was right in my decision.

  12. Absolutely on the money! The BET organization is laughable. What conscientious executive gave the O.K. for that mistake (I refer to the Jena 6 boys)! What a waste of a platform, what a tragically tasteless act, and Katt Williams, if I had respect for him (which I didn’t) I would lose it now!

  13. Parents are UNWED mothers. 27 years in the Court System tell me these boys are ready for the ” Correctional System” I am sorry to say! Read Bll Cosby book, it may save some of their sorry asses. I doubt it. The clown in the red suit needs a pick up truck to come along and put him out of his misery. He can become a Walmart greeter when his cd flops.

  14. All I can say is sad. I willing to bet you that BET thought they were doing “there part” by putting these boys on TV. AS you stated, they really don’t get it. In fact, I plan on emailing the church in Maryland that have been picketing outside of the head of BET’s house. That church has it right. If BET won’t listen to emails or phone calls, we need to take the protest to them. Of course, someone will say we are not suppose to oppose “our own.” But I have news for you. BET is opposing everything black people stand for. They are not the majority view but many people around the WORLD think they are. I was in a hotel in Tennessee last night and they had the BET videos playing. Some of the white guests were looking at it. Of course they were laughing. I don’t even want to think about what they REALLY think about us (as BET like to protray).

    SORRY FOR GOING ON AND ON! This has to stop.

  15. NYouRwill:

    Man you are always welcome on my page, and you can go on for as long as you want. Mt. Enon is the name of the church that protested in front of BET CEO Debra Lee’s home in NW Washington, D.C. And you are right they were right on point.

    And do you know that clown Russ Parr had the nerve to say he thought it was wrong for the church to protest in front of Lee’s home? Truly amazing…..

  16. All the comments made are right on target with regards to BET… The sad thing is that they don’t see faoult they only see dollars. But, as they say…”we teach people how to treat us” and that applies to our own Black people. We have looked the other way on so many cases when we do and say things and only get upset when someone else says it. Now NAS comes out with his CD….freedome of speech it is, but lets see if freedom to purchase his CD sends a message. We shall see. This will be truly a case of “we get what we pay for” if anyone buys it…lets hope they dont.
    nuff said

  17. Ameen! You are right. I recently started a book club for black children. It’s called the “Wille Lee Book Club,” after a character in a book that is lynched because he has learned to read and teaches other enslaved people to read. I showed my son a picture of Kat w/noose. My 10 year old couldn’t believe that someone would do it. He called him crazy…I agree.

  18. I totally agree with this blogger. When BET did this, it was like they were saying, “good job guys, you beat up a kid! Here’s some photographers, some celebrities, oh, and here’s some brand new clothes so that you look like a ghetto superstar when you’re walking on the red carpet next to the guy who’s HANGING A NOOSE FROM HIS NECK!!!!”

    I really want to know what is in the heads of those kids, the parents, the lawyers. I hope Al Sharpton is proud of those kids, too. I just don’t understand it. I have a lot of black friends that are just shaking their heads in shame because of the way this case has gotten out of control. This is exploitation to the max!

    And I love Russ Parr. He says a lot of things that I agree with and I think he’s a funny guy. But to say that this church doesn’t have the right to protest this stupid decision, it’s not only ludicrous, it’s UNAMERICAN. To say someone doesn’t have the right to protest? That’s pure insanity.

    I hope that someone (preferably their lawyers) take aside these kids and their family and explains to them that major news outlets, people like Al Sharpton, the NAACP, the ACLU, and oh…the 20,000 people that came from ALL corners of the country to support them, did not do so so that they could end up on BET (which is a horrible television station that only shows stereotypes and not REAL people) and act like celebrities for the night!

  19. Ok something you don’t know about Bryant..He curently is in my Chemistry class in dallas and He is not getting these clothes from your funds. He is naturally wealthy.. His uncles play for the Dallas Cowboys and thats who is taking care of him right now..

  20. Annonymous:

    Money is not what we are upset about. That is great that his Uncle plays for the Cowboys. We are upset because these boys are involved in a serious matter right now. And them doing it up at the BET Hip-Hop awards was in poor judgement. If you are classmates with them, ask them who told them this was a good idea to attend the BET Hip-Hop awards. I know thier lawyers did not advise them to do it.

    Young Brother/sister do you know that they have not gone to trial for assault charges? Do you know that they may be facing 15-20 years in jail?

    Once again this falls back on the parents. why woul they allow them to even go to the BET hip-Hop awards? Because they are ignorant.

    This should be a learning moment for them and for the younger generation to learn more about Black History and how our ancestors struggled. But they are carrying themselves like they are rock stars.

    You must keep in persepctive that the reason why the world knows the names of the Jena 6, is because of the beating of one student, and the racial tension that lead up to the attack. This is not the time to pimpin and profiling and signing autographs like they did at the Jena 6 rally.

  21. I reside in LA and in no way am I racist but think BET is sending the wrong message. These “kids” did beat another “kid” severly and the legal matter is not over. What does this say to “all kids” black or white? It’s ok to commit a crime, as a reward for your “wrong doing” you might get to go on TV!! It’s just crazy to me!!!

    If everyone would teach their children that there are consequences for EVERYTHING they choose to do, right or wrong, we might not be having this conversation now.
    I’m just saddened that our kids will get the wrong message out of this fiasco!

  22. shocked:

    You are correct, BET and whoever else thought this was good idea were dead wrong.

    And I do think that we are not stressing enough, that we are not approving of fighting or violence to solve problems; we are asking that the justice system penalize all parties involved accorindingly.

  23. I have to say that as much as I’d like to dismantle Katt and his noose I, against my better judgement, believe that your outrage is exactly what he was trying to provoke. He’s standing in front of the camera, presenting the noose with an expression that demands answered the question of humor and plausibility of harmlessness in the hanging noose. He asks us, “Is this funny or even bearable?” Obviously not. As for the Jena boys…nothing I could possibly say would be anything but rehash. Though, I will condemn them as idiots and impediments to our cultural progression. And, BET…BET…BET?! I’d launch my own jihad against it if I knew it’d actually free my people from their social bondage. The media would just spin it as some crazy black deviant and assure everybody else that what they’re doing as acceptable. And so, I now take my rant elsewhere.

  24. Add another reason to why I do not and WILL not watch BET. I lost respect for the “network” a long time ago. “Black Entertainment Television”? Maybe once upon a time when we were kids. Now it is merely Buffoonery Encapsuled and Televised.

  25. BET is NOT a cancer on the Black community! To be a cancer on the Black community, they would have to be PART OF the Black community!

    BET is owned by Viacom, which is a large media conglomerate,
    which is mainly ran by an 84 year old white guy named Sumner Redstone. The top money makers and shot callers in the recording industry, the sports industry, and the rest of the entertainment industry are all wealthy and white, and they are using and exploiting our people in the same way that they have been using and exploiting our people for 500 years.

    I know it is frustrating at times to see so many Black people let themselves be used for profit in this way, but given the lack of real alternatives in most of our communities, it’s not really a surprise. Yes, they’re not helping our collective progress, but given how many of our people are getting locked up or killed, you really can’t blame people for doing what sells. Blacksploitation star is a better choice than becoming a cop who locks people up who are trying to get by or a soldier who is used to kill people of color for the benefit of white folks.

    The only media that I have seen for Black community BY the Black community and controlled by the Black community is local, small, and not about sustaining the stereotypes that white men sell to children of all colors across the world, but rather, they address the things that are important in our lives and our struggle.

    No, BET is not a cancer on the Black community – BET is an imposed virus that is attacking our community!

  26. These are a few reasons why the black community is frowned upon and thought of as no more than a joke. Why are we doing this to ourselves?
    It is shocking to see that Kat Williams wore a noose! For what? To compliment his outfit? That is not a tie! In no way is this sending a positive message. What will be next? Wearing white robes like the kkk?
    What is with T.I. being arrested for guns before the award show? Wasn’t he not just on bet’s show HIP-HOP vs AMERICA? If i am not mistaken these were his words on the show. “I came from uh from uh time and a place where the things that these rappers is saying I was doing so I could still be out there doing. You lucky that I’m over there just saying that s how I feel.” So is he saying that he is not doing any violence? I don’t really recall anything positive being portrayed about guns in rap music. The question arises were his plans for purchasing the gun? Was he planning to do the opposite of what is portrayed in rap or was he planning to do something positive with the gun?
    I am also confused and wondering why were these two guys invited to the awards. The fight is not over yet. Hopefully, they will stay focused on seriousness of this matter. I also hope that holding up six fingers does not turn into another gang related sign.
    Bet’s show tells the truth. “We Got to Do Better!”

  27. I agree with everyone. I sometimes wonder why the jail system is so packed with young black men. But you don’t see any asians in prison, nor do you see them all over the T.V. breaking into homes or robbing the local store. On Monday, Atlanta news reported a black male robbed a local Game Stop. He spent an hour in the store taking video games. He tied up the store clerk and the guy died from suffocation. Now he’s facing robbery and murder charges. And for what. Some video games. Oh… but get this.. This guy is 36 years old. As my mom would say, “he should have had his *** somwhere working instead of taking form someone else” I hate the images that BET portrays about our race. But if we didn’t perpetuate such foolishness we would be like other races of people. Moving forward instead of filling jails.

  28. Danny you are right on the large media control over smaller media outlets, and the dumbing down effect they employ on everyone, especially the Black community. This goes farther than BET even if you look into the hip-hop industry the only music these large record labels have an interest in promoting is complete trash. There are plenty of positive hip-hop artists out there that should be heard, but you will never hear these guys on BET. My view on media is that the controlling few does what it has to keep control of the mass herd of people by dividing people against each other, whether its race, religion, or sex. The media also does a good job of keeping people uninformed of the true issues. I support justice and equality, when I first heard of the Jena 6 I was outraged. When I started to dig deeper into this, I found a lot of information that varied from the original story that the media gave us. I only hope that the people involved in Jena realize the type of help people there need, and its not parading them around like idiots at the BET awards. Very nice blog Native Son

  29. nativeson: I’m still not sure of your stand on jena 6. Do you think it was allright for those young men to beat up that kid? Was it justified and should they just get a little slap on the hand and don”t do that again?
    do you believe those white kids really didn’t know about the nooses relating to black slaves? I have 3 kids. 25,21 and 19. They did not know what a hanging noose represented. Sorry, I just don’t teach my kids about things like this. We are multiracial with black, spanish and asian and portuguese. you just can’t offend us i guess. I and my kids know who we are and if you did offend us, we sure wouldn’t beat you up.

  30. BB:

    I do not approve of violence. They should have been punished for fighting the white student; but I feel that it should not have been in the adult courts; as did the appeals court.

    I will say this; the reason why these kids (black and white) are acting out is becuase they don’t know their history. Society as a whole has adopted a culture of violence. if the white students in Jena would have been taught about the past in this country and how racially offensive the noose is to black people; this may not have elevated to what it has.

    The same goes with the black students; if they were taught about how those in the Civil Right’s movement were non-vilolent, even when they were being attacked, maybe it would have helped them in controlling their anger and thinking strategically.

    And if the adults would not have tolerated the ignorance of passing off the hanging of nooses as a prank, then maybe we would not be having this conversation.

    That leaves us with high school students being charged with 2 degree murder for a school brawl. The media has potrayed the white student as an innocent victim whop was almost beat to death, when we know that it is a fact that the same night of the attack he was at a party.

    I think all the students involved in this should have been suspended or expelled and made to get counseling. This is not going to get better until black and white people sit down and talk about it.

    I applaud you for raising your kids to know who they are; but at the same time you must tell your children of the struggles of black people in this country; you can be angry withouth being violent. They should be offended by a racial symbol such as a noose; but it is how you teach them to handle situations which will make the difference.

  31. I think many people who keep bringing up the issue of alot of us condoning violence are totally misinformed and it appears the are taking only what they want out of the stories, rallies and protests. No noe is condoning violnce but many facts regarding the case were overlooked and the over prosecution and injustice is what many are protesting. No one is saying or has said, let them free without any consequences, but consequences need to be brought about on all parties involved and for all the fights that occurred that led up to this situation. People are taking what they want to hear and beleive about the case and running with it. There is more than mainstream media puts out there; read the case facts. So no, we are not condoning violence but apparently noose hangings and pulling a shotgun on one of the boys and many other events that surround the entire Jena incidents are being condoned becasue people are overlooking and bypassing these issues as well and trying to make it seem as if we are trying condone violence. All need to punished for what they did (the kids with the shotgun, those involved in the fights, the kids who hung the nooses, etc).

    As far as the not being offended comment from the multiracial comment above, yes you teach your children that violence is not the answer but no one can say they would not react to such a negative act of hate, whether nooses, racial slurs or any type of hate crime. Your reaction does not have to be extreme but no one truly knows how they would react in a situation but you always have to be ready for the consequences of your actions. It really gets me how people try to downplay and sugar coat acts of racism as playful banter and “childhood pranks” when it is not their race or their family involved in the situation.

  32. By doing nothing, relatively speaking, the black community is condoning violence. There are very few proactive steps being taken, from a civilized community we see little, if any, actions being taken to offset the “gangsta” mentality plaguing the black community. Surely you have the numbers to make a difference, but yet your race as a whole ignores the problems and waits for the Gov’t to do something about…at which time you scream RACISM. Yes, it isn’t only a black problem, I see the “Wigger” mentality by white kids…as well as the “Gotti Boys” mentality…disgusting and revolting as they are. Everyone wants to be a bad ass, and parents allow this garbage to happen. This Country is doomed…as all Empires are…the problems aren’t getting better and never will. Call me ignorant if you like, doesn’t bother me, I’d just love to hear how my thoughts and feelings are ignorant. My belief system has developed from personal observation, research and life experiences…yet I’m call ignorant. Are Jews ignorant for not believing the Christian teachings? Are Atheists ignorant for not believing at all? It’s a sad day when you’re called ignorant because your thoughts and feelings are different from someone elses. Those two Jena boys are wonderful examples of the typical black mentality…everything is a joke to them…they’ll use their 15 minutes to look like morons to the rest of the world instead of acting like civilized human beings. As for that person wearing the noose…who cares…blacks for some reason adopted the noose as their Swastika…ignoring the fact that hangings were the preferred form of capital punishment for hundreds of years. You’ll never advance as a people until you stop using everything as a crutch.

  33. Reality:

    If you see this gangsta image even in white people then it is not because of black people. I too do not like what is happening with the idolization of thug culture, but let’s not pretend that it was started with black people; it was here with the mob and with the Government.

    And the noose is our swastika because white people used it to hang black people for the color of their skin; it was and still is racist

  34. Native, the “gangsta” mentality has exploded because of rap/hip hop thugs. Yes, the Mob created the same image years before, but it hardly took off like it has done in the past ten years. Back in the day the Mob were the bad guys…as the “Indians” were before that…kids wanted to be the good guys…they wanted to win the West and take down Al Capone. Today it is the other way around…everyone wants to be the bad guys…flash the cash…drive the pimped out rides…wear the bling…as it were.

    As for the noose…come on already…blacks were not the only ones being hanged. Yes, blacks were strung up because of their skin color…and whites and everyone else were being hung because of crimes, real or not, because that is what happened back then. The noose is meaningless…unless you find yourselves at the end of one…stop using that and everything else as a crutch to explain why the black community can’t advance.

  35. Words and symbols…meaningless to anyone with half a brain or the least bit of self-esteem. And now I’ll be called a nerd/dork…what have you…but as I was getting ready for work the other day I was flipping around the TV and came across an episode of Star Trek…the one where Kirk meets Abe Lincoln…well Lincoln is on the Enterprise and runs across Uhura and uses the word “Nigress”…Uhuru takes no offense and remarks that people have learned not to take offense at mere words…or something along those lines. Words are meaningless…yet so many people will still use them as a crutch.

  36. Are any of you aware of Mychal Bell’s past? That poor young man…being victimized the way he is. I love that people are not only defending him…but giving him money. Amazing…another example of the difference between Black and White. We don’t defend our criminals…we don’t give them money…we didn’t protest for Scott Peterson or any of the other animals who commit crimes. Yes, the legal system is a mess…but on a whole they get it right.

  37. I never used the noose as an excuse as to why the black community has not seen huge progress. It is so typical for the majority population to attempt to dictate to others what is offensive or meaningless to them.

    When African Americans say that nooses are offensive or that the word Nigger is racially offensive, then it is what we say it is. We are not saying that it is holding us back from accomplishing goals or progress; if that’s what you think, then you are way off mark….

    There are things that we in the black community do to ourselves that hold us back; and there is a hell of a lot that society has done as well.

    Back in the day the Mob were the bad guys? The Mob owned some City and Federal Government officials so what are you talking about? They were all in it together.

    As have stated before society as a whole has perpetuated this behavior and mentaility, not only black people.

  38. You’ll have to excuse us ignorant white racists…we’re just tired of hearing “Whitey this and Whitey that”…it’s a played out ploy and really holds no value at this stage. We aren’t the ones forming armed gangs of drug selling losers who drive around randomly shooting innocent people. Ok, before you bother…yes…there are plenty of White gangs doing terrible things…everyone from the Hell’s Angels to the skin heads…but you can’t deny that most gang violence is black/hispanic on black/hispanic. That darn “Gangsta” mentality…only getting worse.

  39. Reality:

    We have to agree to disagree. We are not using words as crutches. I find it interesting that people can say that words are meaningless; but I dare any one of you to call a Jewish person a Kike and see what happens. I will not alllow anyone, black or white, to underestimate, undervalue or marginalize the struggles of my people. That is what you have attempted to do with your arguement; and it just isn’t going to work here………

  40. Yes, I’ve stated that society as a whole is to blame…but the numbers clearly show that the problem is worse in the black community…only need to watch the news to see its true.

    Words…again…meaningless. Heard a black man call a white man “cracker” a couple months ago…racist…yes…hurtful…no…why…meaningless when you consider the source.

    The noose…a piece of rope…used for centuries to kill people of all color. The English used it to kill my ancestors…Americans have used them to kill…used in Iraq recently…yet you take it up as a symbol of oppression. The noose was used long before it was in this Country.

    Most people did not look to the Mob as heroes…yes, they “owned” many in the Gov’t, but honest people did not look to them in the same way young people look to the “Gangstas”…not even close.

  41. Of course we see everything differently, I’m not blinded by the reality of the situation as many in the black community are. I perfectly understand that not all blacks are of like mind, but I see the indifference from so many. And I know not all blacks use the words and symbols as crutches…but you have to admit that MANY in the black community do. Believe me, as I ride the NY subways and trains…it is clear to me that Whites are considered the devil…the reason for all the problems in the black community. I see it…hear…and feel it…it is as real as a punch in the face. The Truth works in the Gov’t…I served in the Military…we both have seen for ourselves what a sham Affirmative Action is…what a joke the idea has become. And then blacks wonder why racism still exists…and then labels those of us who feel the way we do as ignorant…amazing…

  42. i would just like to know; would it had made a difference if they had worn suits?

  43. Rawtalk:

    They should not have been there period

  44. What glamour is there in awaiting trial for a very serious matter that could send you to prison for a good part of your adult life? And another thing, how much did BET contribute to the Jena 6 legal fund- ZIP right?
    “I feel some strong niggadry at work here.”- Uncle Ruckus

  45. Well here it is. AGAIN!!! Black folks being their only worst enemy. Kat Williams, I feel you on the noose thing. Own it. If we join them by mocking the noose, hanging it around some white folks’ necks, putting it on the doors of some white professors then the symbol of the noose wil be obliterated.

    On the two guys from Jena 6….**shaking my head in shame** You all are ignorant!!! First off, you are coming on a black television show to present awards dressed like that. You are perpetuating the stereotye brothers. Where is your suit and tie? Ya’ll make me sick. And BET is dead wrong for even allowing them to come dressed like that!!! There is a time and place people.

    Secondly, BET should of had these brothers (all six of them) on the TV to speak out about the injustices that has happened to them and others around the country. Instead, they got them on there looking a fool, presenting awards to people who aren’t even speaking up against the Jena 6 injustice and other injustices against Black Americans. WHERE ARE ALL THE BLACK HIP HOP AND R&B ARTISTS???


    Answer: Off counting their money, in the studio-making a new album full of b*tches and ohs -or- filming sex tapes of recent flings.

  47. WTF???!!! Really? Jena 6 didn’t get you enough publicity that you had to go this route? …Sad thing is: they’ll probably never know this site exists to read these comments being posted about them…BET is not helping their situations either.

  48. well i was happy they were on the awards beacause im a teenager and there was nothin wrong with them being on the bet awards…
    bet just supports blacks,duh black star power.get over it.most of you wouldnt care if there were on mtv or vh1 would you.no.like i said!!!

  49. get over it!!!!

  50. anonymous: it is obvious that you are young and you just don’t understand. Black star power has nothing to do with the Jena 6. And I would care if they were on another network.

  51. star power has everything to do with it. This is their 15 minutes of fame. People get fame for all different reasons. Remember “she bangs” from amreican idol? or Rodney King?or anybody else who is “normal” thrust into the national spotlight. It reminds me of an expression i’ve heard. “You can take the girl out of the ghetto……..” They are just acting like any other teenager would act .They are showing out. They could of dressed up but would that of been who they really are. they’ve got to keep it real. And in the same respect if a “deadhead”(heavy metal dude ) went to an awards show would you really expect them to be introduced as a choir boy. They are who they are.and as our youth would say “don’t be hatin” Just let them enjoy it while it lasts

  52. Scott: It is obvsious you don’t understand. What you are describing as me ‘hatin’ is way off base. I will not allow anyone; regardless of color, to underestimate, undervalue or marginalize black people. This is a situation where a corporate entity (BET), decided to allow 2 young men to present award based on a very serious incident. And you are right, they are acting like any teenager, and their parents obviously don’t get it; I blame them for allowing them to show up at the BET awards.

  53. Great blog post nativeson we need music and channels that is uplifting. We must also consider is this sending a positive or negative message not just MONEY MONEY MONEY.

  54. I’m trying really hard to contain my raging inferno of anger so that I don’t become long winded; forgive me if I do.

    As long as we continue to ALLOW ourselves to just go along blindly with the dominant ameriKKKan mindstate ideal, and as long as we ALLOW ourselves to think that every single Sista and Brotha is down with us, instead of seeing the hard truth that some of US are DOWNIN’ us, with their feet DOWN ON US, then we will continue to lose our minds.

    As long as we continue the minstrelizing, eurocentriKKK antics that are the FOUNDATION of the mainstream ameriKKKan enterTAINTment system, as long as we don’t look at, deconstruct, and analyze what TELL-LIE-vision and massa media presents to us on a daily basis, critically, we will continue to lose our minds, self-respect, and sense of self.

    Katt, if wearing a noose around your neck and wearing a pink pimped-out suit with it, is your “ATTEMPT” at satire, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. I would expect that someone working on “The Boondocks” should know and comprehend the definition of satire.

    As far as BUCKDANCING EXPLOITainment TELL-LIE-vision is concerned, I saw this coming years ago when they got rid of Ed Gordon, Bev Smith, Tavis Smiley, BET News, and Ananda(‘Teen Summit’), and then years later replaced Bev with Cita, Ed with a Brotha named Hitz, who was hosting a 40-oz drinking contest at a HBCU (no lie! I would expect to see that portrayed in movies like, “Animal House” and “American Pie” but not on BET; then again), Tavis with nothing, and “Teen Summit” with “College Hill” (ain’t much college on THAT hill – or is there?), and all the other stereotypical, mindless minstrelesque nitwit drivel that they perpetually peddle to many of us(not me – I pretty much stopped watching BET a long time ago)like a pusher dealing drugs to his zombie drug-taking’ clientele. I bet Hattie, Mantan, and Step’ N’ Fetchit are spinning like hurricanes in their coffins, or are they?

    In closing, I agree with my man Chuck D when he stated:
    Have we forgotten/
    That entertaining is today’s way of PICKING COTTON/”.
    We need more EDUtainment, and I put some out there myself as I have stopped depending on mainstream media to do that for me.

  55. Nobody is hatin, just evaluatin’. (Sorry for the corny ass rhyme-pun)

    I think that teenagers equate criticism to character defamation. That’s not always true. Bryant Purvis proves that there were other deserving males who needed a march, and media attention.

    Unfortunately, that’s how the world works sometimes. And this is why us “old fogeys” are hatin’ because Bryant and the other Jena 6 boy were “stylin’ on us”. (go to YouTube to understand the phrase stylin’ on you)

    We need to give press time to smart kids, good kids, or just kids who read books without pictures. But we don’t. We applaud ignorance (not the majority, but enough to make it seem so) and that’s what hurts me about black America.

  56. ” But we don’t. We applaud ignorance (not the majority, but enough to make it seem so) and that’s what hurts me about black America.”

    And you’re right… nothing like cutting off your own nose.

  57. Well I think Katt Williams was wereing the noose to say that black people aren’t scared of rope. Its wut people do with the rope that upsets us

  58. Hi,

    I was just reading about one of the kids from jena 6 & how he shot himself after he was arrested. I understand how they felt when they say those nooses hanging from the tree because I am a Mexican girl also living in a somewhat racist southern part of the country. These kids however, are kinda sending a wrong message by being on BET like that. I hope everything turns out well though.

    Also, I dont understand why a lot of black people (not all of them) talk sh*t about other races & expect no one to get mad, but if we say something about them they make such a big deal!!

    Well I have friends that are not like that, but I have experienced it with some folks.

    I just think we have good & bad in everyone, ex. there’s Hispanic people that do a bunch of stupid things & make all of us look bad!

    but anyways, just what i think.

  59. The point of the noose was to show that people aren’t gonna be scared by you throwing them around and making threats. People don’t back down in the name of justice and Kat is one that won’t back down.

    if you didn’t get that when he walked the carpet.. then you are honestly an idiot.

  60. Nesa:

    You are the one that does not get it. Have you seen the photos of our ancestors hung from trees with their necks broken? Our ancestors all ready proved to the world that they weren’t scared. In spite of the strong possibility of being hung, they still pressed on for their freedom and for their offspring. We don’t have to wear the noose; they all ready did, and do that now is a sign of ignorance and disrespect for our history.

  61. I feel you on the whole BET not showing any coverage thing, that was wrong, as for the kids showing up ghetto fab, I don’t kno if I can say anything bad about that, maybe throwing up the 6’s wasn’t a good idea but showing up probably got them some more support.

  62. ok.. first of all your the ignorant one.. people were putting nooses around black professors door knobs.. katt williams was trying to say that black people aren’t afraid of rope.. in his words “you dont see gangsters leaving bullets to scare people” he was stating that unless they’re guna actually hang them, theres no point in the nooses, cuz black people aint scared of rope..

  63. There are other ways of telling the world that we are not scared of hatred. And I don’t think that the best option was to wear a noose around his neck. There is nothing ignorant about that. Our ancestors have experienced it and died; and we have seen the pictures of them hanging from trees. I didn’t need for Kat Williams to wear one around his neck.

  64. I hate the BET of today. I loved it back in the 80s and early 90s. I miss Ed Gordon, Screen Scene, Teen Summit and Video Soul back in the day. They used to report news and entertainment items that were relevant to us as a people.

    The predominantly white entertainment news programs like ET, EXtra, and The Insider don’t feature enough stories about us unless one of us is going to jail or something.

    All I can say, is I think we as a people are regressing instead of progressing.

    Everything the Hip-Hop artists do and say is indicative of slavery like the saggin’ pants, bib-caps twisted to the side like Step N Fetchit and that stupid noose around Katt Williams neck.

    We as black people better wake-up and shape-up before we bring judgement on ourselves.


  65. Hi. i’m from jena and i am in high school at JHS. this entire freakin thing has gotten blown way out of porportion. They were not standing up for civil rights. They head someone say that Justin said the n word and they ganged up on him coming out the gym one day. He didnt even say it. it wasnt only 6, but more like 12 or 13 of them. all against justin. they beat him unconcious and he almost died. therefore: they deserve whatever the hell they get. 12 against one? oh yes, the blacks were really outnumbered all right. this whole issue pisses me off i didnt write the whole thing i know but i know the whole story so dont try to correct me i know what im talkin about. JUSTICE FOR JUSTIN

  66. yep.

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