It keeps going, and going, and going

I have always been a fan of Nas; and he usually brings the knowledge; so when I read this article I didn’t know what to think.  Nas has announced that the title of his new CD will be called ‘Nigga’ 

I really like Nas and have much respect for him, but I really hope he clarifies what his CD is going to be about and why he choose this name.  Even if Nas is going to be bringing knowledge on this CD, I don’t like the name.  It will be interesting the see how it will be marketed.  I don’t want to prejudge before the project even comes out, but I despise that word so much, it has no place coming out of our mouths, but Nas has the right to say it, and I also have the right not to financially support it or those that fund the production of the CD if I deem necessary


One Response

  1. NAS is a prostitute. He will sell his people to get a little recognition from his masters at the record companies. He don’t care how much pain he cause his people. He got “paid”, He got his “bitches”, He can look down on his brothers while he is walking the red carpet. We are responsible, because we buy his sh*t. If you must listen to that sh*t, STEAL IT!

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