19 y/o arrested for shooting his 14 girlfriend in the face

There are so many things wrong with this story.  1st there is the obvious; a domestic dispute.  You can not solve your problems with violence.  But there is another problem that politicians don’t like to touch and the media never addresses when these types of things happen to our youth; the role of the parents.

What is a 19 y/o doing dating a 15 y/o?  It does not make since to me.  Whose house were they at?  Where was this child’s parental unit?  Not only should the 19 y/o boyfriend be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but the parents of this 14 y/o girl need to be fined and forced to attend parenting classes. 


2 Responses

  1. I feel you on this!!! This is absolutely ridiculous! Prosecuting the parents would send such a strong message. We (America) have GOT to start holding parents accountable for the poor decisions their children make. . .If I hear ONE more freakin Moma – a black moma nonetheless, come into my office (I’m a high school Principal) and tell me to call the police on her child because “she can’t do nothin with him” I might just jump over my desk and choke her a** myself!

  2. This was the same area that the 15 year old was shot by police last month. Parents need to take a serious look at how they raise these kids. How could a parent allow her child to have a 19 y/o boyfriend? I don’t care WHAT the child says. My child would not have a 19 y/o boyfriend. Now they are investigating to see if the gun used in this accident was used during the Deonte Rawlings case.

    It’s true that you (as a parent) can’t force a child to get a certain job or go to a certain school once they turn 18 BUT while they are under 18 and in the parent’s house THEY NEED TO HAVE RULES AND REGULATIONS.

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