American Gangster

American Gangster is starring Denzel Washington, T.I., Common and Mos Def.  According to the movie’s website;

American Gangster is based on the life of drug-kingpin-turned-informant, Frank Lucas, who grew up in segregated North Carolina where he watched as his cousin was shot by the Klan for looking at a white girl. He eventually made his way to Harlem where he became a heroin kingpin by traveling to Asia’s Golden Triangle to make connections, shipping heroin back to the US in the coffins of soldiers killed in Vietnam. He soon made upwards of one million dollars a day in drug sales. Lucas was shadowed by lawman, Richie Roberts, who finally helped bring the kingpin to justice. The two then worked together to expose the crooked cops and foreign nationals who made importing heroin so easy.

So here’s the issue; I am not for censorship, but we must stress to our youth and to some adults (it’s a shame that some adults don’t get it) that:

1.  This is a Rated-R movie and is not for children; so please do not take your children to see this movie.  So many times I see our people take their kids to Rated-R movies thinking its ok just because they are watching it with them…

2.  Please Please explain to your children that what you see on TV and hear in music does not have to be their reality. 

Too many times we see our black youth imitating what they see in movies and in music, and we turn in eye like we don’t know where in the hell they are getting it from.  It is time to step up people.  Do not let your under-aged (17 and under) children see this movie.  It is for adults only. 


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  1. I recently heard that age restrictions for R rated movies will start being enforced. Parent’s definitely need to step up…. and I also think it would be great if Magic Johnson Theaters would meet this challenge as well since they serve the demographic where these images can be most harmful.

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