After reading the affidavit , there is no doubt in my mind that T.I. is going to jail.  9 guns each gun carrinyg the maximum of 10 years!!!  How dumb can you be?  You have a great career, making money but couldn’t leave the old lifestyle alone.  There is no excuse for this. 

If anyone saw the BET special Hip Hop vs. America last week, T.I. and Nelly were attempted to defend what and why they say and do what they do….  T.I. even said that everyone should be lucky that he doesn’t do the things he use to do.  I assume that he meant that instead rapping, he could be hustling like he use to do.  I guess collecting assault weapons is a new passion that he obtained recently??????

Take a look at the types of weapons TI was trying to buy and also had in his home. 

Who and what in the hell are you trying to protect with these assault guns?  We are not talking about small hand guns here, but all out assault weapons. Who is after him?  I am confused…. 

I was listening to the Warren Balentine show and he expressed how he really like T.I.  He told the audience how T.I. had purchased all the houses in his caldorsack for family and friends.  So what does this mean now?  It means nothing if you still engage in illegal activity that you knew could jeopardize all of the good things you were doing for your people. 

So we have the Hip-Hop Vs. America Townhall meeting he was on last week; the BET Hip-Hop Awards this past weekend, in which he won 2 awards, and he is in a movie based on a true story called American Gangster starring Denzel Washington; Ironic isn’t it….

The saddest part about this is that a lot of youth, especially those in the poor neighborhoods across the ATL and the country look up to T.I.  They know TI came from the same place that they are trying to get out off, and now he is facing serious jail time. 

When will we realize that as long as some of our youth are not being taught to to seperate art from reality, our youth will continue to act out what they see in our music and movies?


2 Responses

  1. “They know TI came from the same place that they are trying to get out off”

    They also know that $12,000 on the street buys 3 machine guns and a couple silencers. Useful information regardless of which side of the transaction they’re on.

  2. The money is meaningless if you don’t have a brain.
    Malcom said” if rocks was money,some of us would still be poor,cause we’d give them away.
    Mr.T.I. has made poor choices and must now pay the price.
    Because he has some wealth,he’ll get the best Just-us he can afford. Hopefuly he will use this incedent to get a better staff and team of advisors.
    To often the “hanger on’ers” decision making skill are no better than the principals (the meal ticket) so theyfail to see the pitfalls. What were they thinking to let T.I.Inc. be involved with a 12,000.00 undercover sting, if the boy wants toy they did know howto go and do this without putting the corpration on the line? Good stafff is hard to find

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