Agencys to keep DeGeneres’ dog

Are you kidding me? 

I find it interesting how we can put all this energy into a pet instead of people.  Some of these pet groups are off the hook.  So what Ellen gave the dog away; she gave it to a staff member who I assume she knew would take care of the animal. 

You can beat a woman, molest and child or hang a noose; but you better not do one thing or make one wrong move when it comes to man’s best friend.

Agencys to keep DeGeneres’ dog


7 Responses

  1. I remember thinking when the Vick thing first started, “It’s a dog”. Fine him or whatever, but it is a dog. Not a human being. This line of thinking seems to be controversial.

    I like dogs. Cats too. But they are there because I like them, not because they have any elevated worth.

    What is it with women and their animals anyhow? DeGeneres cries her eyes out about a dog she had for a couple of weeks. That Helmsley woman left her dog over $10 million. Ten million dollars for a dog….

  2. i think you all are understanding this situation incorrectly. when you adopt any animal from an animal shelter you have to sign a contract. they do this because how they got the animal in the first place was from off the street and/or from an abusive situation. they don’t want that to happen again. the animal agencies are through. i have adopted many a cats from many a places and they be real serious. which i can respect. for any reason you do not want the dog, just bring it back. no harm, no foul. what ellen did was against her contract. period. and the only reason they KNOW is cuz she said it on national television. dummy. and the folks she gave the dog to would not have been able to adopt that dog if they would have gone into the agency. ellen was wrong here. not the agency.

  3. I know you have to sign contracts when you adopt pets; she should have known better but its not like she put the dog in any danger. Oh well I just heard that the agency gave the dog to someone else

  4. We understand about the contracts when you adopt a pet. What most of us can’t understand is WHERE is the anger when the murder rate is high, when the school system fails us, when Bush lies to us, when our troops are getting killed. I just don’t get it. Kids are being molested and getting less time then if someone hurts a dog. I don’t want to hear the “defenseless” arguement because kids and people that are carjacked and murdered are DEFENSELESS also. If you ever been held up or robbed at gunpoint, you will know what I’m talking about.

  5. What a mess. The purpose of rescuing a pet and adopting it is to find it a loving home. Ellen claims to have done so but the agency was quick to snatch Iggy back. The agency should have been a bit more patient. I just hope Iggy finds a great home. He’s so adorable and is a celebrity pooch now.

  6. Great to see you quoted in the Express this morning! You are so right, mess with Fido and you are dead meat! She looked ridiculous up there. I would have loved to see these tears for Megan or the woman and her son in Dunbar Village. Now those are the situations that bring ME to tears.

  7. Wow I made the express huh? I need to check it out.

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