Nobel scientist’s comments sparks race row

Cultural Conditioning at its best.  It seems to be open season on black people in this world. 

Dr. James Watson seems to believe that Africans are not as smart as Europeans.  Now I wonder how those darn Epyptians  built the pyramids in in Egypt?  I wonder why European philosophers traveled and visited Africa to gain insight and fresh perspectives??  I guess the whole world visited Africa to see how dumb the people of the mother land really are.

Here is the question folks; should he be made to turn in his Nobel prize?  


4 Responses

  1. That’s a tough one. I will really have to think about that one. I guess the question should be, can we separate the accomplishment of the person from their personal views? I know some people didn’t like it when Arafat and Gorbachev won Nobel prizes. I’m sure there were some Nobel winners in the past who also held some nasty views. From what I’ve read so far, Dr. Watson is a real piece of work. He also approves of genetic screening.

  2. […] Nobel scientist’s comments sparks race row […]

  3. It’s worth pointing out that Dr. Watson never received a Nobel Peace Prize. He did receive a Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for modeling the structure of DNA.

  4. Brightnoah:

    thanks, correction made

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