Atlanta rapper indicted on federal charges; bond hearing Friday

For the past few days I have been hearing entertainers and radio show host, giving shout outs to TI;

  • keep your head up
  • We support you TI
  • He was set up

Has anyone asked what he was going to use these assault weapons for?  What about the silencers?   What about the guns that they found on him in his car when was arrested?  If he was not intending to use the weapons why was he trying to buy silencers?

And the most important thing that no one at the BET Hip-Hop awards or any of the black radio DJs are addressing is what impact this has on our black youth.  Due to the lack of parental responsibility, a lot of our young black boys look up to Hip-Hop artist because most of the artist come from the same places they live at now.  Our youth see these artist become stars but they also see the illegal activity they engage in. 

Some of our youth believe that this is all apart of the game and that doing bad things is ok because you are keeping it real.  The artists know this but still don’t hold themselves accountable for putting out negative messages in their lyrics.  We have lost our self-respect, that is what the Million Man March was about some 10 years ago; personal responsibility and self-respect in spite of our situation and obstacles.


One Response

  1. Great Post. It’s high-time that we stop condoning this kind of foolishness. How can you support this kind of action. The weapons TI was trying to purchase are not defensive weapons, and silencers aren’t used for defensive purposes. They are for quiet killing! That isn’t an innocent intention.
    We have stop looking at the obvious and calling it a set up.

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