Nas is straight trippin

It is official:

I have no respect for Nas anymore.  (Nas’ new album title will be racial epithet) There is no taking the sting out of the word Nigger or any other forms of it.  Why must we continue to marginalize ourselves.  Why are we the only group of people who attempt to to use words that were rooted in our oppression to turn it into a positive?  Do you hear Jewish people addressing themselves as Kikes?

And what Nas needs to know is that it is not only people from the Civil Right’s Movement who are opposed to using this word, it is people from the Hip-Hop culture as well.  People in their 20’s and their 30’s like myself are against using the word as well.

Check out what else Nas has to say:

“We’re taking power from the word,” he added. “No disrespect to none of them who were part of the civil rights movement, but some … in the streets don’t know who (civil rights activist) Medgar Evers was … they know who Nas is,” the rapper said, referring to the Mississippi civil rights leader fatally shot in the 1960s outside his home in Jackson.

“And to my older people who don’t know who Nas is and who don’t know what a street disciple is, stay outta this (expletive) conversation. We’ll talk to you when we’re ready. Right now, we’re on a whole new movement. We’re taking power from that word.”

Street Discipline? A whole new movement?  My professor use to tell me that there is nothing new under the sun.  What new movement is Nas talking about?  If anyone knows what street discipline is our elders do.  They were the ones who took the street in protest, they were the ones who were hung, sprayed with high powered firehouses and were attacked by police dogs.  so they know about the streets discipline; and they didn’t act a fool to gain respect.

By you using the word you are not taking power out of it.  Just as you have the freedom of speech to use it, I will make sure that my money does not contribute to this project.  I will make sure that others do not buy this project as well.  As much as I like Nas, he has disappointed me; he too has fallen victim to cultural conditioning.


6 Responses

  1. What do you expect from someone who calls himself “Escobar”?

  2. DJ:

    I can’t believe this man. I would not expect Nas to do this. But like said, he has fallen victim to Cultural Conditioning.

  3. Well, he hasn’t disappionted me. He’s Nas, he’s a rapper. He’s trying to sell records. I might not have heard a jew refer to himself as a kikes, but jews like mel brooks for example make fun of themselves all the time. Its entertainment for some. So, while I might not buy Nas’ album or necesarilly support the use N word; I’m not dissapointed, and I don’t think he’s bugging. There was an artist that made a portrait of the Virgin Mary out of dung, and there was a big hub bub made out of it. Well, whats the meaning? you know? Whats the intent. I’m liberal when it comes to the arts and entertainment.

  4. Agreed that it’s a disappointment – and I used to be a DJ who played Nas albums. As much as I cringe when I hear people affectionately refer to each other as niggers, I do believe the word has exactly one legitimate use today… to remind our people what they have done to us.

    I think if you look at the early use of the term nigger in rap, you’ll see that it’s used to remind and emphasize that Black and African people have been attacked by the so-called ‘Western’ world because of who we are.

    There’s just a huge difference, to me, between a lyric that refers to a cop “thinking every nigger is selling narcotics” or the entire song “Niggaz 4 Life” — songs that are dealing with issues that we are facing because white people view us as niggers — and songs (which are the norm in the mass media) that use the term affectionately. But, given that Black people are now so brainwashed where we are calling ourselves niggers (as a person of both Black and Middle Eastern descent, I have found myself called both a nigger and a sand nigger, and no, it’s not okay, I don’t care who you are) I think it is better to avoid the term whenever possible.

    My guess is that people saw quickly that controversy sells, but anti-racism doesn’t, so they figured they could make the most money by using the term nigger devoid of any political meaning.

    And anyone, ANYONE, who differentiates between “nigger” and “nigga” is kidding themselves.

  5. I think Nas is just engaging in “reclaiming.” He’s trying to use the word in such a way as to remove its negative connotation. Now, I think that is near impossible with the “N” word, but I don’t think it constitutes falling in to “cultural conditioning.”

  6. […] on time and on point October 23rd, 2007 — Native Son I am not the only one who thinks Nas is trippin, Mo’Kelly set it off on his blog about Nas (Nas is a comedian, not an […]

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