Warren Ballentine Nov. 2 Black Out

Warren Ballentine has called for a Black-Out  Nov.2 check it out.  Will you participate in it?


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  1. So, Mr. Ballantine is calling for a blackout because of “the situation with Mychal Bell and the Jena 6, Genarlow Wilson, Megan Williams, and all of the nooses being hung all of America lately.”

    Despite the black-on-black crime rates, black high school dropout rates, high incarceration rates among black males and lack of male role models in the black community; the BET 6, the nooses and other recent racial issues pushed Mr. Ballantine over the edge.

    For the purposes of the Blackout idea and this post only, let’s assume that America is prejudiced and racist against black folks. Are we naive enough to think that the “Jena 6, Genarlow Wilson, Megan Williams, and all of the nooses being hung all of America lately” have had, or will have, as much negative effect on our communities as black on black crime, lack of male role models, negative images of black folks presented by black folks (think: “BET 6”)? I see the enemy and he is us. We do more to knock ourselves down than does the evil [insert your favorite anti-black bogeyman here] man!

    Moreover, when people send out these “Blackout” type messages (e.g., don’t buy gas next Tuesday nonsense), they show their limited knowledge of the basic principles of supply and demand. Without going into detail on this principle, I can summarize it by saying a Blackout on Monday, does not impact the demand for a particular product, especially if the same black folks who participate in the Blackout on Monday, buy the products on the following Tuesday. In other words, the overall supply and demand relationship is unchanged by a one day shopping moratorium. In other words, no harm no foul. Simply put, the blackout won’t change black habits and the suppliers will continue to feed our demands as consumers (“I gotta get those new Lebrons!”).

  2. Leave it to some rich lawyer to call for a Blackout on payday. In fact, the first payday of the month. I got groceries to buy and rent to pay. And American Gangster and Darfur Now comes out on Nov 2.

  3. I’m saddened by the reactions, and the lack of understanding I’m hearing. I will be participating in the black out and I am not a lawyer nor am I considered a “professional”, but the impact of our dollar must be used as a tool to force power to treat us fairly. I have many things to do the first of the month, but I will forgo them this November.

    Rent is not included in the black out, but buying things are. So purchase your supplies 2 to 3 days in advance, and spend nothing for another couple days after Nov. 2nd. That’s when the black out becomes effective, when it stretches to a near week long occurence, and not just one day.

  4. I have to agree with Afripino to a certain degree. There will be no financial burden placed on any business if all we wind up doing is spending our money another day. We are being told to go out and get all you need prior to November 2nd, makes no sense at all. Let say you go an buy all your goods Oct.31, well, that retailer doesn’t need you to spend your $$$ on Nov.2nd, you’ve already spent it. What might be a better solution, one in which we should be doing anyway, is to seek out African American business’s and buy our goods there. I know there’s the perception that our products aren’t as good as their’s, but that’s another topic to be discussed. There are many negative things that we need to address as a people, however; we are talking about a boycott right now. Let’s do something that WILL impact them in their pockets, not one that have them saying, “Those idiots, they can give me their money today, tomorrow, or next week, just as long as they give it to me”.


  5. Coming from an economics standpoint, if enough people (white, black, and other) support the black out there will be impact. It is so funny to me how people say they have things to buy. Things that are necessary can be bought throughout the week, Denzel and T.I. can be supported the next day…afterall they have already been paid for their party in American Gangster. People wake up!

  6. I think the black out is a good idea to a certain extent one reason is to let people of the opposite race know that we mean business, and that we can stand together as a people and decide on one common factor…but at the same time that is true what they say if we don’t buy on a particular day but spend the same money buying on a different day I don’t see how it will impact the businesses in a negative way…I feel what we should do is find a few businesses that may support KKK or other white supremacist and boycott those businesses, then that would have a bigger impact.

  7. I don’t think you guys get it, even if you buy it during the week, you’re still buying it!!!!

  8. The Blackout is necessary, everyone out there who feels that this idea won’t have an impact, do you realize that maybe millions of others feel the same way as u. The funny thing is, if everyone of you stepped up and stop being spectators and started being warriors. The impact would be phenominal. Martin Luther King and others organized a boycott remember? and as a people, we had even less power we do now, but we effected the economy enough, that people took notice. No one should expect things to change overnight, but if we as a people, stand together and stomp out this stereotype that “Black people” don’t stick together, and that we only hurt ourselves, The impact in this world would be powerful. STOP thinking u are a Minority!!!

  9. Somehow we have lost the real reason for a one day boycott. It is not to keep anyone from making money. We all know that one day would not make that kind of difference. The one day boycott is to show how much money we as African Americans spend in one day. If a Business’ sales are down 75-80% on that one day they will know it is “Black” Dollars that did it. We need to stand together for once in our lives. It is easy to sit back and complain about how bad we are treated and do nothing even when we are offered a chance to do something as simple as not spending on one day. No one is asking you to go hungry for that day, just don’t spend your money. Take your lunch that day, it’s a lot cheaper anyway.

  10. Family,

    It is disheartening me to read some of the commentary on this site. Brother Ballentine is not calling for a boycott or blackout to because he believes that this is going to somehow topple the country, that’s absurd. He is calling for this boycott to:
    a. show the three branches of the government (executive, judicial, and legislative) that we do have a voice, and when we come together with a common objective we do have the power to influence a change; b. show to us the power that we have collectively. We seem to not be conscious of the amount of economic power we have. Anyone who has the spending power 600+ billion dollars a year should not be taken lightly. With that much spending power, we can influence anything!! Wake up family.

  11. I going to say this one more time. A boycott is a very good idea, however; there will be NO IMPACT to any business. Business’s rate their revenue quarterly; therefore, there will be no effect. Companies do not determine their sales based on one day, or even a week. This is not the same thing as the Silma Alabama bus boycott where if we didn’t ride the bus, it was just lost revenue, ( that hit them in the pocket). We need food and other supplies, so if we hold off for a day or even a week, we will buy these supplies eventually; thus, we will still spend our money and there will be no revenue lost. No hit to their pocket. Hopefully you can figure out the rest. I think the heart is in the right place, we just need to be smart enough to figure out a means that will be more effective.

  12. this blackout idea has to be one of the most ill-conceived, uneffective “movement” i’ve heard about in recent years. despite the fact that the Jena 6, Genarlow Wilson, Shaquanda Cotton, and Megan Williams are not the biggest issue facing the Black community today (re-read Afripino’s comments), Michael hit the nail on the head: this fool-hardy notion that one day of lost revenue that will probably be recouped the very next day will mean absolutely NOTHING to most merchants.

    unless you people plan on not buying anything from anyone for the next 2 to 3 months, this little boycott will do absolutely nothing. those same merchants that you drive by on monday will be open and ready to take your money on tuesday.

    …and some comely Black professor will still have a noose hanging from his door on wednesday!

  13. The latin community did a “blackout” and it made their community realize that they are a viable part of their income. I am sure that everyone knows it will not hurt the companies bottom line, but it does send out a message to local businesses that our money is important and needed for their continued successes. When the latin community did it, it was ALL over the major news stations. When we as black people do it, it is not that prevelant because we do not band together and take a stand or adhere to the restrictions. We are extremely self involved as a race and that is why we, as a people, continue to get railroaded. What in the world will the future hold for black people if we always complain when we are expected to sacrafice anything?

  14. I am goingto join in with the Black Out on November 1, 2
    and 3rd. Can we support Black owned businesses?

  15. Re: 11 year old Nephew is being expelled from school for a whole year because he defended himself in a shoving match. Upon 10/17/07, he was going up the stairs and a littly boy pushed him. He push back and the boy grabbed him from behind and almost pulled him down the stairs. Once he regained his footing he fell forward and the boy was stuck with the pencils my nephew had in hand. My nephew is a black male and the the boy is white male. Principal questioned my nephew and being that he transferred from Atlanta, GA this year; he was asked did you fight in GA, etc… With all this said, the police were called and then they contacted my sister in the hospital, where she was giving birth and informed her husband to come to the school and get your son. There was a discussion and the Principal Lawrence of Old Town Middle School in Ridgeland, MS(not far from Jackson); told my brother in law that there would be a hearing Wednesday and tried to get him to sign off that they wouldn’t attend. He, also told him it didn’t matter if they came or not the desicion was already made. I am currently in correspodence with relatives in MS and Chicago. I am seeking out any advice, correspodenc and help with this. My family has close ties with Operation Push in Chicago and we are now seeking contact with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, radio stations, the Cockran firm etc. So, if you have any information that can help us, please email me at shonuff770@yahoo.com
    I will definitely be apart of the Black OUT. May God Bless.

  16. Actually the black out is not a great idea. First of all American Gangster is coming out that Day and I’m going to support it. Second we shouldn’t black out we should boycott specific companies for a long period of time so they can really financially take a hit by black people not supporting their business. For example not shopping at specific stores for 3 months, not going to no movie theaters but Magic’s, not using Shell gas stations for 4 months, not shopping at Kroger or Publix for 3 months, and not eating out at Burger King and McDonalds for 3 months. Then we will be talking. Financially one day black out of no specific businesses do not WORK. We need to target them specifically just like they target us for be BLACK.

    Just My Opinion

  17. Let me clear something up. I WILL JOIN the boycott. Never in any of my comments did I say that I would not. I think that it will serve no purpose. Merchants will not lose any money. You’re either going to spend it with them the day after of the day before. I get the point that you think that this boycott will show them just how much monetary clout we have, but it won’t. Unless we spend our money with us,(Black People) they will continue to look at us as stupid ni##ers! So what they didn’t buy anything yesterday, they will buy twice as much tomorrow. It is a shame that we have not empowered ourselves. You can go to any other ethnic communities and the ethnic peoples of that community have entrenched themselves there by owning businesses and supporting their own. In our communities we’ve chosen to setup businesses on corners or almost abandoned buildings. Not to say we don’t have legitimate businesses, just not enough. In our communities we find that other ethnic groups have more faith in our economic strength than we do, why else will you find Asians, Indians,(not native) owning businesses in our communities. I dare anyone to go down 125th in Harlem and find more than 3-5 Black owned business, and don’t count the APOLLO. Didn’t want to go there. All this is to say that with all the money that we do control, we need leaders that have the intelligence to guide us in a direction to make the most impact. Mr. Ballentine, your heart is in the right place and I will support you, I just think that with all this time we had in preparation, there could have been a more impactfull means in which to make our point.

  18. Hey, I just realized something that could be done, not just as a boycott, but as a means in which we can start empowering OURSELVES. We talk about money, money money. Where is the money, probably in banks that are not owned by us. Yes there are Black owned banks. You want to make a dent in their economy; TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF THEIR BANKS AND PUT THEM IN OURS!!!!!!
    Below is a short list of BLACK OWNED BANKS. If you’re reading this post, you’re savvy enough to search for more, or even other businesses that are owned by us.
    INDUSTRIAL BANK N.A. Washington,
    BOSTON BANK Boston,
    OF COMMERCE Massachusetts
    OF NEW JERSEY New Jersey
    THE HARBOR BANK Baltimore,
    OF MARYLAND Maryland
    LIBERTY BANK AND New Orleans,
    TRUST COMPANY Louisiana

  19. I hate to say it but a REAL boycott is not a BlackOut or any of the “don’t buy gas on this day” protests. A real Black Out/boycott would require considerable planning and should be for an EXTENDED amount of time to be effective. Otherwise it is just pointless. I’ll not buy anything on that day but I will do it knowing that ONE day is not going to effect change economically….it needs to be bigger.

    Additionally, I agree with the poster Afripino that is that the hugest issues we have in our communities will not be improved by this Black Out. Justice will not prevail because of the Black Out either.

  20. Due to my ever-changing schedule, I am an occasional listener of Mr. Ballentine’s radio program. It was by listening to his program that I learned of this blackout or boycott. I agree with many of the earlier comments. However, my point is this; I do not feel that by refusing to spend money on the particular weekend that a film starring a black man (Denzel Washington) and several other “working” black actors is wise nor empowering to us as black folks. Much as gone into making this film about, admittedly a notorious black drug dealer, however, it is still the work of our fellow black brother and sisters. Many of whom have done countless things outside of their films to help improve the plight of the black community. Everyone knows that opening weekend speaks volumes. The number one film of the weekend does not become number one when folks refuse to show up at the box office. If the shoe was on the other foot would you want months of your planning, preparation, and hard work to be shunned for something that at the end of the day will not cause “white America” to stand up and take notice? The answer I’m sure is a resounding NO! But in fact Mr. Ballentine is asking you and me as members of the black race to do just that. I personally will not participate. It’s not that I think that this film is more important. Oh, I agree with the ideology that we as black people ought to stand up and take offense to what we have experienced in the past and continue to experience to this very day for simply being born wrapped in dark skin, whether it’s a hue of light beige or a deep mahogany. It is time for us to take action and be proactive and committed to changing our destinies. A three day blackout is not it. I like to think that I am far more intelligent and forward thinking then to follow the lead of others just because they say “that it’s for the betterment of black folk” with no real plan at hand. I say people wake up and examine things for yourself. As for the blackout, I’m black and I will be out supporting my fellow black brothers and sisters.

  21. Just like the “wear black to support the Jena felons” day…this blackout will be just another reason for white people to have a good laugh, and a safe day of shopping! I fully support these blackout days because I will be able to shop in relative comfort/safety for a change. I wish there were a way to track shoplifting incidents on that day, because they surely will be down at least 90%! Give the poor shop owners/non-thieving customers a break and have a blackout day once a week!!

  22. The Truth:

    For or against it please do not make ignorant statements. As far as the Jena 6 is concerned. I will state this again; the outrage is not about the fight; no one approves of violence. The outrage comes from the legal system and how it sometimes unfairy treats black people. They should have been punishied for fighting on the school level.

    And your comment on shoptlifting doesn’t even deserve a response because it is truly made out of ignorance.

  23. Brother AFRIPINO is correct in his comments. Why dont we have a “read a book.” day. I bet this would serve us better.
    Plus we would eliminate the “publicity pimps” that always pops up for these events!

  24. Dear Maajene,
    We would make a stronger impact if we changed our political registration to “independent” from Deomcratic. How about registering all those unregistered black voters and make sure they go to the polls.

  25. I think it’s a great idea! Hell I will join and I’m white. Imagine if we all did this once a week. It would not only slow the out of control spending in our nation, but actually help the nation save some money! Our great nation, and it is a great country to live in, needs to start to worry about the race issue and so many other issues that are hurting this country.

    I am trying to avoid products made in China. Not for political reasons, but for safety concerns. I can’t even by a toy or clothing without concerns of lead poison. Maybe we should boycott toys this year and teach our children about “Safety First”. Well, it’s only a thought. I will be joining my brothers and sisters on November 2nd!

    God Bless, Scott

  26. Native Son:

    You, like most of your subspecies, are a liar. I work in a Government facilty, which Affirmative Action has destroyed by infesting it it worthless negroes, and they all think that White people cannot hear their conversations, which all end up saying the same thing “Dat White boy deserved dat beat-down”. The negroes have a community with no culture. Your community is based on violence and lack of achievement. Stop pretending that negroes are against violence…they are main proponents of it in this country. Don’t believe me? Just watch the local news at 1800 and watch who the “Po-Po” are dragging off to jail. “Po-po”, you negroes crack [pun intended] me up!

  27. I am “amazed at how absorbed African American focus on the absurd”. I also wonder how many of the commenters lived in the 50’s or 60’s. It is clear to me that our younger generation is wiser but weaker. The truth is: Dr. King et al. began by trail and error. Not in a million years, did he or any of us realize the magnitude of the tiny movements: [civil rights laws -the reason many of you were able to maybe complete your education and become so smart]. I am so sad to read some of these comments. Don’t buy! It’s okay. Dr. King did not have everyone in agreement with his thoughts either [N]amely preachers.
    Mr. Ballentine, I thank you for November 2. I will participate. We have so many smart Black economist now that they can read what businesses do and think. I hope all of these people who have forcasted the negatives of the Nov 2, Blackout can also use their talents by becoming world renowned economist who make millions from the stock market.
    Any one with common sense should know that one day can make a difference especially if nay-sayers would just sit back and watch (move out of the way and shut-up. Then again, everybody has their own opinion that can be stated.

  28. I am also sadden by many of the comments. Finally someone is trying to do the right thing and show there is more to us than bull**** but it seems that you all are doing what is expected. NOT COMING TOGETHER AGAIN! I will boycott Monday through Friday. If you have been listening to his show you would know that is what he said to do. He was just giving you complainers one day because he knew it would kill some of you not to buy anything for one day. I am only 34 years old and I am already tired of the way some of us are not doing the right thing. Am I perfect no! But it is time for us to raise our family and take control back. Women stop running off your blue collar black man and let him raise his kids. If he does not want you, then still let him raise his kids. Brothers stop leaving your kids. If you do not want her, then fight for your kids. Fight II say and change your communities. Yes we have bigger issues but they all go together. If you are from Atlanta and you listen to the station, then it is talking about all of the problems not just unfair justice. I am proud of the way someone if finally standing up for what is right. What are you all doing. I know what I am doing. What are you all doing in your communities to make it better. And for the ignorant “The Truth” everybody black is not stealing but of course your news would show only that over and over so that is what you and some of your white and black folks think. Come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like Bill Cosby said.

  29. Niyonuj: I’m far from ignorant. I’m extremely informed as to the ‘issues’ of the black community. When I listen to WAOK in ATL I am afraid for the future of this country. No other group of people in America are more disjointed, disconnected, and out of sync with normal family values. The whole ‘mental slavery’ pity party is beyond played-out. The race card is even becoming a joke. The only people who can’t understand that fact are the blacks who are being led around by the nose by Sharpton/Jackson.
    As for your theory about ‘my news’…most of the newscasters in ATL are black. Most of the criminals being arrested in ATL are black. No offense, but that is simply the Truth.
    Here’s a little secret for the black community, that I pray you can understand. The average White person could care less about blacks. By that I mean, we are too busy going to work and raising our children [unlike, as you pointed out, black fathers] and just going about our daily lives. Unlike the crap that blacks are being fed on a daily basis, we actually don’t spend our days trying to figure out how to keep blacks down. We’re too damn busy. I, as I said earlier, work in a Governmant facility that truly is being ruined by Affirmative Action. Even Bill Cosby recognized and stated that Affirmative Action had been nothing but detrimental to blacks as a whole.

  30. OK i see there a blackout on the product you purchase, but i think that is a mistake, people that work for the product are us, we need to use these product, if is sold less big company dont worry about 1 days sales they worry about he month, i think if you wana boycott do it like in the old day do a peacfull walk, do a sit in. show the government what is going on, by not purchasing anything only thing you are doing is keeping tax dollar that states get from the sales not go to the people in need. Federal govenment get it money from the income tax. so by not spending anything you are only stoping progress in the state. ya it can show what you can do if you boycott anything, but how one person, one item, by not purching anything all day there whould be people not getting work and money they need to live.

  31. It is really sad as have already been stated concerning the negative comments posted. Change always starts small. One day may not make a financial difference but it will make a difference to us with the unity that will be shown. I and my family are observing this blackout all week. Denzel and TI are established and we are not turning against them for not seeing it this weekend. We are standing for a greater and more permanent change. Not just for blacks but for everyone.

    “The Truth” is educatedly stupid to blog the stuff that he has said. Obivously, he is very busy with what goes on in the black community sense he is so informed about “us”. Most of his comments do not deserve reply, but look at the points that he makes. He mentality is the same as it was back during slavery. Affirmative Action is not the problem. It is an opportunity. People/Indivivuals mess up things intended for good. Take a poll of all of the productive people that benefitted from Affirmative Action and see don’t the number reflect more positive than negative. Even Mr. Thomas who NOW speaks against it benefitted and he is able to sit with a black robe on making decisions that effect this country, yet he hates the fact that he is black.

    The most benefical thing that Michael said was about putting our money in Black Owned banks. I am going to attach his post to an email and send it to all my friends around this country to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  32. To those before me that suffered and died that I could go to college, work at a company making good money and help take care of my family…I say, “Thank You”, and that your suffering and dying was not in vain my life and that of my family.

  33. “The Truth” just because Atlanta has minority anchor people does not mean they write what they read. I may be wrong but they are reading what is put before them. You may want to look at Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore. A part of the movie is about how the media have people of all races scared of minorities because they only really show the negative stereotypes over and over. Since you are so concerned about the black race come aboard and volunteer in the communities. The meth drug problem is becoming huge and you may want to volunteer and help that cause. Meth is killing so many people of different races. When I make a statement about African Americans I am not directing it to you. I am talking to my people to help us. I am not shedding light on the problem for you to comment on. Be blessed. I have been ignorant as well. I just moved to a mostly white neighborhood and I am surprised that we are more alike than different. Some are outside being loud on their four wheelers. One is washing his car with loud music playing. One is having a party with the music blasting. One cut his grass without getting the grass out of the street. But notice I did group everyone together like you.

  34. Reading the comments here is enlightening. I saw Ballentine on TV tonight and first heard of this Black-Out. I’m Causasian.
    What struck me when I heard Ballentine is that we are all, black, white, brown and yellow, going to go down together in America because we are being destroyed by the elite globalists. They are using the hoards of illegals to bring us down. They are using the fiat money system, The Federal Reserve private banking system to bring us down. They are using the rotten government schools to dumb us all down and bring us down. We have all got to get together and fight the real enemy, the elite globalists, the Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, and all their elected whores who rule over us all. They are using the Hegelian Dialectic to destroy America and our freedoms. Get educated. Learn what’s really happening. Google “Communitarianism” and “global government”. We are all going to be serfs. The globalists are reducing the populations of “undesirables” and bringing all of us down to be their slaves. WAKE UP AND JOIN TOGETHER TO FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY.

  35. The Truth Posted 3 comments that I could not approve because they were out right racist. He is no longer welcome to comment unless he gives constructive comments.

    Do not come on my page with hate; we can agree to disagree on the issues I blog about, but I will not tolerate racist statements on my blog site.

  36. Funny how a person writes the truth, as The Truth did, and people find it offensive. The truth does hurt, you all know what he says is true, but you don’t want a white man saying it. All I can say is thank goodness for meth and crack…and Aids…hopefully those things will continue to do what they are doing. Affirmative Action is a joke, any business that follows the practice is getting ripped off by hiring less qualified people. As for the Black-Out Day…you should have one once a week at least…shopping will once again be enjoyable for the rest of us. Oh, love that story in NY about the colored woman who when approached by store security ran and left her baby in the store…perfect…what a classy race of people…

  37. Reality:The same goes for you. I will not allow you to make ignorant racist comments on my blog site. The Truth is obviously ignorant.

  38. Hello Mr. Ballentine

    I would like to say that Im glad that you are down for the cause and your love for the people….Now I would like to say that this idea is ok if it has a good out come but I do believe that it may end up like the Boycott on gas. people will buy more the day before and after.

    Myself as well as some comrades of mine had the idea to continue this on thanksgiving, blackfriday and other major dates…

    here is a facebook link to a group we started:


    If you like this idea as well I was wondering if you could announce it to the people like you’ve done for Nov 2nd.


  39. Aza:

    You should email Ballentine at truthfighters@gmail.com

  40. CENSORSHIP. This site proves that ‘equality’/’freedom of speech’ are a one way street and they are paved with ‘black-top’ in America. I read The Truth’s posts, and despite their obvious overtones, they seemed to be based on the truth. He stated that blacks come to predominately White neighborhoods and everything changes. Who here can deny that? Test scores do drop, that’s verifiable. In my community, we have a large number of blacks moving in and our elementary school is already making concessions for the black students whose reading and English skills are way inferior to the White students. Eventually, all the White families will move out of my community and another ‘formerly nice’ neighborhood will be created. His comments about no black father being in the home are also undeniable. The Truth posts all over the ‘blogoshpere’ and always takes it too far, BUT…his overt comments always point to things that the black community seemingly refuse to admit. I was really anxious to see the responses on this site about the comment that addressed why black families desire so badly to move into the white communities. That would be a great discussion here. Please stop your policy of censorship in this site, it only looks bad on black folks.

  41. bubba:

    Though I strongly diagree with your comments, I posted them, because of the manner in which you wrote it.

    Let’s get one thing straight; I will not post anything on my blog that refers to black people by racist names. The comments that the Truth wrote contained racially offensive names. He did more than state his opinions, he used racist stereotypes and name calling.

    I also take offense to you stating that me not posting The Truth’s ignorant racist comments make black folks look bad. It is people like The Truth who make these types of statements that aid in continuing racism in this country.

    I will not allow you or anyone to marginalize me or black people. I will not fall victim to cutural conditioning; so if you think I am wrong for not allowing him to post his some of comments, then that’s your opinion. But to assume that all black families that move into white neighborhoods are bringing them down; is not only racist but it is made out of ignorance. There are good and bad black and white people in this country.

  42. I have read all of the above comments and i see and feel the pain and anger. I have pain and anger myself. I also see the division, not only the division between black and white, but divisions between the opinions and ideas of blacks as well. However, to effect change, some unity of purpose is needed. And I am not talking only about unity between balcks, but unity between balcks and whites for a common pupose. What blacks need, what whites need, is jobs. Jobs, health, and good education. Abd jobs are the road to the other two needs. This is what our elected officals should be ensuring we should getting. But our eceted officals are hand and hand with big business. This is no secret. Our jobs have been outsourced and we are dependent for our food (health) and almost everything else we buy on those countries to where our jobs have been outsourced. If we want to make a real impact, buy made in USA. Everyone, not only blacks. Come together on this and search for products made in USA and further, local products when possible. This is not the easy road. It takes time and effort and in some cases is impossible, which proves how bad this situation is. But it is the only way that Americans, black and white can have some control. Bring back the jobs. Remove outselves from victimhood, from thinking nothing can be done and let politicians and corporations feel our real power. Only a unified effort of blacks and whites can not only make a difference, but it creates unity, not division. Gandhi said “You must become the change you wish to effect.”

  43. Bllse:

    well said, and thank you for your post

  44. The very fact that so many people are talking about whether they will withhold or not withhold money on that day shows the success of his movement. Black people have a tremendous about of spending power in this country. Trust me, if more conversations like this continue to happen and we start spending our money with companies and black owned businesses that support our interests..this first step–a blackout will start to have lasting results. I could care less these so called “economic theories” that say it won’t work. They said the same thing about the Montgomery Boycott in the 60’s. Get folks fired up enough, trust me…it’ll work. Kudos to young Mr. Ballentine….at least someone’s trying to do something — to the naysayers I say what have YOU done to help uplift black folks lately?

  45. Native Son:

    You are rationalizing your censorship, which goes against so many things you profess to be your core values. I could point you to blogs where blacks say things about Whites that are immeasurably more vile than what The Truth said here. I think you are clearly demonstrating the type of double standard that blacks complain about. Well, it’s your forum and you can act like a dictator if you please.
    Anyway…I would love to see a thoughtful discussion here about why blacks want to live in White communities. I think it could be done in a rational, polite way. I will do some research and post links to statistics that demonstrate what happens when blacks move into White communities.

  46. I think someone took that from my statement about me moving to a mostly white neighborhood. Let me clear that up. It is about 60% white and 40% black. I did not set out to live around white people. I found me a house on the internet and went to look at it. My husband and myself liked it and we bought it. I did not know who lived in the community. As I stated earlier we act like we are so different but we are really the same. Black and white people do good and bad things. As so many people think we are loud and rude what I am telling you is in my neighborhood some of the whites have been loud, rude, and make noise while I am trying to sleep. That is my point. I can live where I choose to live and because of the bull crap that is protrayed on TV some whites and blacks think that all black people are in a box. I work just like some of you and have a nice home and decent car. But on the same token I know where I come from and I still help my community of brothers and sisters. I have been doing the blackout since Monday and have not spent a penny. Why? Because I am down for what is right. Not because everyone else is doing it or not. I am also down for us to get some of our communities back in order. I do not give a darn if the white people move out of this community because black people move in. What I am trying to say is everytime you try and assume something about me you are wrong and vise versa. Everytime a white person acts ignorant another one comes along and does not. Why do we all have to be ignorant and nothing else. If we are not ignorant we are house NIg****s. Why can’t I have sense, good credit, love my black race, and do the right thing without someone saying she thinks she is white. White is not always right. It is not fair for two different colors committing the same crime but one goes to jail for less time. It is not fair for crack cocaine to get a longer drug sentence that powdered cocaine. And for the person that wrote about Meth you need to look at the statistics and see that Meth is hurting the white community at a very high rate but you will not see that on the nightly news like you see other crimes. Wrong is wrong not matter what color. Crack or powder it is wrong. Robbing a bank with a note or a gun it is wrong. Leaving your child and not seeing them is wrong not matter what race. You are a product of your environment. If I grew up in a rough neighborhood (hood, trailer park, house, apartment, or whatever) where everyone is doing whatever they please that is what I know and that is what I do until someone shows me something different. We must show the difference because we have been put in a box and expected to act a certain way. No more boxes. Judge us from our individual actions not what you think about us as a group and I will do the same for you.

  47. 1 DAY!! ONE MOTH#!F$%#&@ DAY!! How hard can that be to make a point? Mr. Ballentine’s point is to have UNITY amongst americans on social ills that will continue to be ignored if we don’t take a stand TOGETHER. Damn!! Just buy what you need Nov. 1st, and wait until the 3rd to get your F’n Starbucks fix!

  48. Niyonuj:

    Wow…that is one the most incoherent ramblings I have ever read. What I want to know is: Why do blacks move into predominately White neighborhoods. I’m not sure how you derived your stats 60% White/40% black after you stated: “I just moved to a mostly white neighborhood and I am surprised that we are more alike than different…”. What does ‘mostly’ mean to you? 60/40 is about as close to 50/50 as it gets. Did you lie when you said ‘mostly
    White’? I want to hear from blacks who move into 95% White neighborhoods, like mine. Why did you do that? For the property values? For the ‘better’ schools? Trend analysis clearly shows what happens when blacks move into our neighborhoods. Someone please tell me why blacks feel the need to come to our neighborhoods then refuse to conform to our standards of education, parenting, and homeownership! THEN…scream racism when the HOA’s are forced to go after the black residents who refuse to pay their HOA dues, cut their lawns, and abide by the Covenants they they signed at their closings?!?!? I’m so confused…please help me to understand.

  49. I came across this site by accident while doing some research. After reading some of the posts,I felt compelled to make a comment or two before moving on. I’m a 57year old, white, blue collar worker from Alabama. IMO a blackout is probably not going to hurt anyone,but could possibly hurt the wrong people. Racism is still a problem in this country I’m sad to say. Having lived for 57 years I can tell you that things are much better than they were in the past. Anywhere you can show me racism,I can show you one of two things. The main one being ignorance and the other is someone making fame or fortune off everyone else’s pain. I really hate to see us doing anything as blacks or whites,we should be way above that by now. There are good and bad folks in all colors. We all need to be standing shoulder to shoulder to protest how our government is selling all of us out. I feel that the outsourcing of jobs,illegal immigration,the war and many other common problems should be causing us all to come together and make a stand in someway. We must turn our government around and soon. Before I leave let me make a comment on the powder/crack post. Why do people try to make even drugs a black/white issue? I personally have seen both hurt by a variety of drugs, but crack is the worst of those two.I don’t care what color the person doing them is. Let’s try to make this a better place for ALL of us to live.

  50. I am going to participate in tomorrow’s no spending and i will tell you why. not because I think that in itself it will have a major impact, because i don’t, but because it is a step towards — power to the people — towards doing something, a united effort towards defrocking the almighty corporations. Think what would happen if everyone in America refrained from buying any toys from Mattel until they brought the jobs home from China. What i would like to see happen is for there to be a website that would list specifically where things are made. That might give us help in giving us better choices. I don’t think much gets done by negative thinking. We have to have some optimism, some faith and belief, in order to do anything, accomplish anything. I have hope that this one November day control of spending can lead to something more. Let it serve at least as a warning to the corportations who outsource. When I heard Warren Ballentine’s make his proposal, I thought, “At last! Someone is taking a step towards making us conscious of our real power.” Not buying products that have been outsourced is the best way to influence where and how things are made. We cannot look to the government; we have to do it ourselves through our own economic sanctions that will cost them dollars.

  51. The Truth needs to take his ignorant, low class, uneducated thoughts and go back to the hole he/she crawled out from. For you to even make an ignorant comment as you did and keep defending it just shows your low level of intelligence and the type of scum your race has produced. Obviously you do not have better, more important things to do with your time because you have idle time to post idiotic, backwoods, redneck statements on blogs. You need to get a life and realize that this old antiquated way of thinking is not going to get you anywhere but in the same trailer hole you crawled out from. There are just as many Whites and others who lack parental knowledge and guidance as these “Blacks” you refer to. . There are just as many on welfare, drugs, etc.; you just try to hide it. As far a playing the race card, racism is alive and well anyone who believes otherwise is ignorant. Now the real truth hurts and what you are spewing is not the truth but filthy, ignorant hate! If you were so bold you would not be hiding behind a blog with an anonymous name, but that is what low life punks do, hide under your white sheets and pointy hats and wait until dark falls to attack. Get a life, get out of the trailer park hole and get an education!

  52. Shawn:

    You seem like a reasonable, non-hating, non-prejudiced, rational person. I’d love to hear your thoughts on why blacks find it so desirable to live in White communities, depsite all the racism that you claim exists. Just so we know know who we’re dealing with, what is your level of education and what did you major in? I, personally, have a BS in Computer Science.

  53. Mr. Ballentine and Rev. Sharpton are morons. What a great way to punish businesses that do business with blacks than to withhold your money for the day.

    What affect will the blackout have on the racists and lawbreakers? How will this contribute to solving the problem? It won’t, nor was it ever designed to do this.

    This is a political ploy of hopefulness from Rev. Sharpton (has he learned yet that the Bible condemns both dishonesty and deception?) to test the economic power and solidarity of the black voting block. How many black people will actually listen to this nonsense and participate. He is just taking a temperature for, I suspect, a future political campaign IF he has the support.

    Wake up Black America. Sharpton will use you just like he has and will use the media to CREATE support for his own gains.

  54. Why not a day totally dedicated to fasting and prayer? Through Christ Jesus all things are possible if we pray believing! Do something in the name of unity, not unity of race but unity of all. There is power in the name of Jesus, let’s call on HIM, let us trust in HIM, let us be led by HIM. Be still and listen … hear that? WWJD?

  55. It’s a very simple answer to your question Bubba-toonday. Brace yourself. We really don’t care what color your neighborhood is when we come. We simply want the same possibilities for education, jobs, healthcare, opportunities etc, most whites are handed. The black people who move to white neighborhoods are too busy raising their kids working and maintaining their households to realize the effect it has on you as a white person and perhaps a racist even. As a college professor, I teach many students of different nationality – some also seeking the same BS in Computer Science you have earned. And when they graduate they will all want the same exact things – a good life for their children, good jobs, healthcare and so on. That sounds really human right? Really American? I once spoke to a white female student who’s brother and father were in the Iraq war. When asked to locate Iraq on a globe, she could not. Ignorance towards another people is not just a black or white thing, it’s a human problem. There is a system at work to keep many people thinking backwards and incapable of any level of critical thinking. And so many of my black brothers and sisters have been disenfranchised. You can pretend and act ignorant as though there is nothing wrong with this country or its government all you want. That is why you can never understand, accept, nor comprehend my answers. There are uneducated people of many colors in this country. For you to think because of your status and color, that your entire race is immune to what ails this country as a whole is very naive. You speak as though blacks are some kind of human down grade or mistake, bound to destroy all that white America has worked so hard for. This country was built on my people’s backs, and not just theirs but the backs of others races. Let me ask, does it make people like yourself feel more significant to criticize and differentiate themselves from another race? While you do this, the corporations and government are both “milking” your life for everything you have become so comfortable with.WAKE UP. We are all human! I support the Black Out and you should too. Take time out of your busy schedule to stop defending the hue of your skin. Such a petty thing indeed..

  56. The truth of the matter is, and this should earn some “uh huh, dat ‘splains it, ya’ll be the same” remarks, but I digress…I’ve known “The Truth” for over 25 years, we’re educated white boys from a very prosperous suburb in the North East. We had little contact with coloreds growing up, what we knew of them we learned from TV and the movies. As we got older we discovered the truth for ourselves. We’ve both seen first hand the effects of coloreds in white communities and well as in their own communities. We watch the news, read the papers, we see the genocide going on in Africa and here in the States. We see coloreds demanding things for free, everything from Gov’t cheese to reparations for slavery. We see the disservice welfare brings as well as the shame of a program called Affirmative Action. We work, pay our bills and our taxes and take care of our families…all things that MANY in the colored community can’t be bothered with. I currently live outside of NY City and commute there every day for work. I SEE overt racism from the coloreds towards other races. Yes, there are plenty of white racists where I work, but they don’t flaunt their racism in the same manner as the coloreds do. I’ve seen posters in black forums say time and time again that whites are “jealous” of the blacks. I laugh every time I read that…or a version of it…just what is there to be jealous of? Sure, it would be great to sit around my house every day doing nothing…maybe play some X-Box 360 and sip on a cool frosty 40 of something…but I was raised better than that. I’m so tired of hearing “the white man this…the white man that”…time to stop making excuses and do something with your lives. I’ll be honest, I’m locked and loaded…when the war starts, and trust me on this, there will be a war…I’m going to be on the winning side.

  57. Jeff T in MPLS raises two very interesting points:

    The so-called “Blackout” may punish businesses that do business with blacks.


    What affect will the blackout have on the racists and lawbreakers? How will this contribute to solving the problem?

    Of all of the comments posted, none of them touched upon the fact that the businesses affected by the boycotts employ and conduct business with people of color. Thus, any negative financial impact to the targets of the boycott would result in derivative damage to those employees and businesses. In essence, the boycott would be a classic case of “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”

    Secondly, his question/statement that the boycott will have no effect on the lawbreakers or the racists raises the question of the optimum means of avoiding another Jena 6 situation. Instead of having a “Black-out”, perhaps a “Family-In” would be better. All parents–black, white or any other ethnicity–should take time to discuss the Jena incident with their families. This discussion should not focus on who was right or who was wrong. Rather, the discussion should focus on the ignorance that was displayed by ALL parties involved in the Jena 6 incident and its aftermath. As a member of so-called “Black America” I have trouble beating the drums for the Jena 6 because I believe that they responded to ignorance with ignorance.

    Indeed, as a young child, my father taught me to respond the same way. Now, as an adult and parent, I can’t rely on the teachings of my father. No, I have to teach my child what I know is right and morally acceptable. If we all take time to focus away from what the Ballantines and Sharptons of the world think should be our priorities and focus on our own families and our own behaviors, we won’t have to debate the merits of a boycott or the next Jena 6.

    My initial post was based on the principles of supply and demand. This post is based on the same principles. We need to SUPPLY our children with knowledge and respect and DEMAND that they treat others with respect.


  58. Dr. Jones,

    I agree with everything in your post. I read articles on CNN.com and other news websites that try to rationalize the continuing hatred towards blacks in this country by saying things like “the recent noose hangings are backlash” for something whites see as the media twisting the beating of a white male into racial injustice. That thinking right there is just a glimpse of the problem. The one day blackout is all fine and good, but it won’t do anything if people do what they were going to do on Friday the next day. I would propose a widening of the blackout. Say, no Christmas this year. I’m not spending any money on Christmas gifts this year. That will put a serious dent in the economy and something that can be measured and attributed to the blackout. All Black Olympic athelets boycott the Summer Games next year; NFL players on Thanksgiving; NBA players on X-mas and All-Star weekend. I’d push for all of those and I’m writing letters to get it done (I’m a bit hesitant to suggest All-Star weekend because it will be in NOLA and they could use the money). Also, what would this blackout accomplish? Did “A Day Without a Mexican” accomplish anything? No. Shoot, I liked it! I got to work with no traffic and they still didn’t get what they wanted. We need a clear and united goal. I say we need 3 things: A formal apology for slavery from Congress; Reparations in the form of paid college tuition for at least one generation of Black Americans; A Constitutional ammendment banning the flying of the Confederate flag. These three things, I think, would do great things in healing the devide between races and getting whites to actually LEARN and RESPECT our history and culture in this country.

  59. Reality,

    Locked and loaded huh? Coloreds? Truely ignorant. Whites walk around sticking their chests out like thier ancestors did something great to create America. Almost wiping out the natives with disease and treachery; treating Blacks as animals while we built this country. It’s funny how most whites today don’t want to talk about that stuff, because they want to remember what they learned in school as being the truth. If you don’t think your history has something to do with who you are and what your race is today, then you must be sippin’ on a 40, bro. We are less than 50 year removed from Jim Crow and segregation, lynchings and overt rasism. When your Euro-American but was learning about Blacks on TV, your racist parents were probably right there co-signing. And when you went out into the real world you looked no further than the most ignorant Black person you could find and said to yourself “Mom and dad were right!”

  60. Bubba,

    Blacks move into white neighborhoods because when “white flight” occurs, the money goes with them. The first president Bush lived in Compton, CA when it was all white. My parents were one of the first Blacks to move in Inglewood, CA. When the whites left the money went with them to build newer, state of the art schools for their children, better shopping malls and infrastructure upkeep. Most new teachers get the crummiest assignments and are underpaid while the cream of the crop and tenured get the nicer schools. That is the main driving force behind it, providing a better future for our children.

  61. Aside from the racist rants, does anyone know if Warren Ballentine is licensed to practice law? I’ve not read anything that indicates that he is a member of a state bar.

    If you visit his website, it does not mention anything about the states in which he is authorized to practice law. See http://www.truthfighter.com/Default.aspx. On his own website, he does not provide a telephone number or examples of cases in which he has been involved. Based on my short attempt to Google his background, I’m inclined to believe that Mr. Ballentine may be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. If so, he is perpetrating a fraud. More importantly, it is another example of black folks being misled by a black man. From day one, I’ve said that such miseducation of a negro constitutes black on black crime. I’m going to do more digging on this one. I’m hoping I’m wrong.

  62. I am a young black american, 16, and I will be participating in the Nov. 2 Black-out. I do appreciate those who are participating in this and hope that our African Pride grow stronger. I can’t help the fact that I saw some racial post put up but hey… people these days it’s what makes the world go around. I am so shocked over the fact that people who are suppose to be respected adults within our nation would allow there eyes to set on stereotype and imagine the rest. If you are so great and beleive that our race is so low show it. Don’t get on here and start calling us slave terms (negro) because thats just like me calling a white person a cracker…. How wasteful is that vocabulary that you had to obtain to get that job you got? Hmm…. Well i beleive that these movements will show young african americans such as myself the right way…. what not to be…… some people don’t choose the way the are but can change the way they act. There is bad in every race but, this is about objecting injustice. No matter what the race is.
    Ps. Please stop sterotyping us, because just like theres a handful of those who don’t really care, theres a handful of us who does.
    Black Power

  63. I for one am very proud of Mr. Ballentine. I graduated law school with Mr. Ballentine and know as a matter of fact that he is licensed to practice law in at least the state of Illinois. Check it out…Ohio Northern University Class of 2001. I haven’t spoken to Warren in over six years, but I will be sending him an e-mail to support him.

    Look, I am a conservative, republican, white, solo-practicing attorney in the “South”. I have been privileged and extremely blessed throughout my life. I have never been the victim of racism or a hate crime. But, I have been the victim of a random act of violence…By another white person. The continued downward spiral of comments on this site are what truly stifles actual progress in this nation. We miss the point of unity and taking action because we focus on racist and absurd comments from both sides of the aisle that don’t deserve a response.

    The fact of the matter remains that justice and equality are only hollow words that are measured and weighed depending upon your ability to defend against an accusation. If the Jena 6 had the money, political clout, and abilities that the Duke Lacrosse team had, the prosecutors and judges in Jena, Louisiana would be practicing law as long as Mike Nifong. That isn’t a racist or ignorant comment, it is simply the truth. Robert Blake is accused of killing his wife and walks….O.J. is accused of the same thing and walks…These men have one thing in common…They have money and power that allowed for them to properly defend against an accusation. Is it right? No. Does it happen every day? You bet. The pervasive nature of legal and economic injustice in this nation has nothing to do with why black people want to move into white neighborhoods or caucasians having higher test scores…It has to do with the all mighty dollar…

    I, for one, am proud that my friend, Warren Ballentine III, has taken the steps to not simply complain about something that is clearly an outrage, but to do something about it. He understands that the economic impact of the African American community is simply dismissed in this country as a non-factor. As a result he wants to highlight the economic power of unity. I wish more middle aged persons (white, black, hispanic, rich, poor, democrat, republican) in this country would stand up for what they believe…Maybe elections wouldn’t be popularity contests and Congress would be more than a bunch of pompous rich airheads. Just my thoughts from the right though.

  64. Someone asked him that on his show and he said he was a real lawyer. Back to Bubba who everyone knows is “the truth”. Mostly means the majority. If you know
    what that means it is over 50%. You are ignorant and I am tired of responding to you. Do you think you are the only one with a degree in this discussion? I have two more degrees than you and I bet you still make more money than me because of your skin. I am sure you are shocked. Yes some of us go to college too. We have to continue our education just to stay in the game. You can stop at a B.S. and live pretty good but many of us have to do more just to compete. Back to responding to people with sense. Why the hate on Ballentine? Again someone is trying to do something to better our race and we always have to find something wrong with them. Again he said to buy something if you must and buy from black owned businesses. Some of you are a trip. You do not have to agree with everything he says. Do you really think he does not want you to raise your kids. Come on think. We know what we need to do. No one has to tell us everything. You have your own mind. By the way Paul you are just a crazy as your friend and no response is needed for you either. I agree with the statement about some fathers getting it wrong. You are right. When you know better you do better.

  65. Thanks young TT and Southern. TT do not get discouraged by what is being said. Continue to do your best and get your education. Do not worry about the sterotypes they make you stronger. When you get older raise your family and show them the right way.

  66. TT:

    Little brother you do your thing; always remember that education and information is power. Use our history and struggle to stay focused.

  67. Dr. Jones:

    You’ve raised a point that I would like to counter.
    You said: “This country was built on my people’s backs”. To make my point, we simply need to compare Africa to America. When left to their own devices and vices, the african blacks have made almost no discernable advances. They have slaughtered each other by the millions in the most horrific manner imaginable. When S. Africa was released from colonial rule, things became unimaginable worse. [http://www.gmu.edu/departments/economics/wew/articles/02/apartheid.html] This author is black, so save your sanctimonious babble you were about to unleash.
    My point? This country was built on the backs of blacks who were forced to work at the tip of a whip and gun. When left alone, we see clearly what blacks can accomplish. A quick google search will demonstrate to you that from a statistical perspective, black people have a dramatic effect on white schools. The cumulative scores drop almost immediately. Even you can surely not deny that! b.t.w, are you an M.D., or have you ‘earned’ some pretend PHD [Paid for His Degree] via some state sponsored Affirmative Action program? The slaves that worked in America [more than I can say for the blacks I work with all day long] were FORCED to work. Can you understand that? Stop trying to take credit for something you have nothing to do with, other than being distantly related to someone who was forced to work.
    Racism is not born of ignorance rather exposure. I work at a military installation that is surrounded by one of ATL’s worst black neighborhoods. Being exposed to those ‘people’ is an amazing learning experience. I suppose you, DR, would have me believe that I am to blame for their toothless, useless existence?

  68. The Truth:

    Are you trying to say if it wasn’t for white people enslaving black people they would have been nonproductive? You are way off base and it is that way of thinking that will always cause a racial divide in this world.

    Do you honestly think that Africa has not advanced because they are not capable or intelligent? Africa has been raped by the world for natural resources such as diamonds and oil. Europeans along with the world have exploited Africa and that is why they are in the position that they are in today; not because they are not intelligent.

    It is clear to me that you are a racist and I am warning you once again; if you can not write objective comment that are not laced in igorance, I will not allow you to post on my site;

    last warning.

  69. Sorry Folks:

    I have cut off those who are posting comments on my page that are off base and not objective. I let them post several things on the Black Out issue and as you can read, they are ignorant. The orginal question was will you participate in the black out; they decided to make racist comments to express themselves and enough is enough. You have given all of us enough ammunition to use in our daily lives to show truly how ignroant some people are in this country.

  70. I’d like to respond to a couple of items posted. Wealth and privilege helps out in the legal system and life in general. I’m white, but I have neither. It offends me to hear people talk about whites having things handed to them. No one has ever given me a damn thing. What little I have was earned by working for it. Being white does not mean the world is easy.
    Another thing was a young man talking about giving him respect. Respect is something that is earned not given. If I meet you on the street I will give the most basic respect to you as a human being,for that’s all I would know of any stranger. Real respect comes when I see you holding a steady job,helping out family and friends,trying to live by the golden rule,etc. I hear mostly young folks,(black and white)talk about giving them respect. Quit asking people to give you respect,get out and EARN their respect.

  71. Truth,

    Indeed you have been psychologically conditioned to the point you can only think and believe in one way only. Well this is a free country I suppose. Your response speaks volumes regarding the clear absence of complete knowledge of history of this country and Africa.

    Who controls your information, your statistics, and your military life? The answer to that is at the end of my last post. Please dig a little deeper. Native Son took the words from my mouth in his response to you Truth. Your ignorance saddens me. I will not hate you, to feed into the endless cycle. But I will pray for you.

  72. It is also sad that some people are on here commenting saying that they cant support this blackout because a movie is debuting this weekend and we must support denzel. Denzel has already gotten his check for the movie.. Every penny you spend now goes to the big hollywood pocket… you are lost in the matrix… Rethink your motives in life.

  73. Hello Native Son,

    I would like to see a Black-Out day help in any cause that brings about justice, but I do wonder if it will have any lasting effectiveness.

    I do not pretend to understand the plight of any person who has endured hardship because their skin color is different from mine, but I do wish that the efforts of any group of people who unite for change here in America would be more inclusive. By this I mean that if we want to make things better in America, we need to think as Americans, not only as (fill in the blank of your ancestral group).

    Therefore, rather than asking a certain group to withhold spending on a certain day or week, let people such as Mr. Ballentine (or any other such interested persons) publish a list of companies and businesses which should be boycotted, and the reasons (well-researched, of course) for the boycott. Likewise, those companies (regardless of their ownership ethnically) who use decent and fair practices should be listed as companies to support.

    I am not so naive to think that companies are either all “evil” or all “good,” but I do think that we can look at this carefully and make decisions that will affect change in the long term. To stop spending at your usual stores for a day may be good to send a message of unity. But to boycott businesses continually who do not meet standards of human decency may affect more change, and would be more far-reaching.

    If we boycott based solely on the desires of one people group, it will have less power than if we base a boycott on the desires of many more people, whose collective buying power is far greater. This latter method will hopefully empower us to make better decisions that will help America in the global economy.

    I have lived in developing countries where the social distinctions and discrimination based on ethnicity (at the policy level and personal level) are so established that it is literally impossible to fight against them. In America we are far from perfect, but it will be in our unity across people groups that we will affect lasting change, and it is the possibility of this unity which sets us apart from every other nation in the world. Let’s not waste the opportunities that many other people in the world will never have.

  74. Dr Jones, tell that ignorat ass Truth what your PHD is in! And you too, Niyonuj! If your Black and you have college degrees let that fool know what your educated in.


  75. Jamal:

    I am not posting anymore of The Truths’ or Bubbas’ comments. I am very opened minded but, itbecame obvious to me that they think that white people are superior; and we can not have an open discussionwith people like that. They keep sending messages and I keep disapproving them.

  76. Good for you, Brother.

    I see lots of Black folks not participating in the Blackout today, and I’m disappointed in that. When will we ever come together, my people?


  77. Jamal:

    I think that even if a lot of black people don’t participate, that it has at least opened up black folk to talking about it, and will possibly have more controlled and concentrated actions in the future.

  78. To Everybody;
    Stop the madness. By the grace of God, there we all go. Our power is our buying power. It’s not about what to buy and when from whom, It’s about showing our ability to ‘use our buying power. What would the Jews do if swatika and the word Jew was being hung all over america? We already know what we can’t do. Let’s be smart enough to figure out what we can do.

  79. Oh, yes, I’m supporting the Black out.

  80. Just logged onto your website.I am embarrassed by the comments made by you all.Unless you walk in our shoes, you cannot see what we see.This blackout is for blacks,poor whites,latinos,to anyone who is treated unfairly.If something isn’t done NOW, this will continue to happen.It will be your son,grandson,great-grandson,nephew,cousin,brother,etc.This blackout is long overdue.Most of us stockpile on food,clothing,etc.so,why not continue this for more than just one day.

  81. “I see lots of Black folks not participating in the Blackout today, and I’m disappointed in that.” – Jamal

    I see lots of Black folks not taking the time to participate in properly educating their children and I’m disappointed in that.

    I see lots of Black folks spending money on CDs and DVDs produced and performed by Black folks who represent unsuitable role models for our our children and I’m disappointed in that.

    I see lots of Black folks look the other way when Black folks call one another the N-word and I’m disappointed in that.

    I see lots of Black folks who believe that a “pimp” and drug pushers are acceptable residents in black communities and I’m disappointed in that.

    I see lots of Black folks who are willing to follow someone else’s folly just because that so-called leader is black despite the fact that the program, plan or goal is suspect and I’m disappointed in that.

    I see lots of Black folks who believe that the source of our problems is the white man or the government (collectively and usually identified as, “they”) despite the fact that our most famous so-called black leaders (i.e., Marcus, Martin, Malcolm & Mandela) stressed the importance of self-determination and I’m disappointed in that.

    My point is, as Malcolm X said, “We wake up. We clean up. And we stop begging the white man!” Sharpton, Ballentine, Jesse and [insert the names of the other race baiters here] are always quick to blame someone else. By focusing on family first and then building out, we need to clean up our own mess and raise the standards within our community before we expect the media, the court system, or anyone else to treat us with respect.


  82. I just got back from lunch in College Park, Ga. 95% Black neighborhood. I’m here to tell you that this thing is not being supported at all. Every black-owned business [braid shops/nail shop] were all as busy as they ever are. Too bad, it might have made a statement. Andm those who did participate are just going to soend those exact same dollars tommorrow. A better idea is needed next time.

  83. Sorry for the typos:

    Andm those: And those

    are just going to soend those: spend

    Sorry about that.

  84. Afripino: You Rock! So well said, man.

  85. “I’m here to tell you that this thing is not being supported at all. Every black-owned business [braid shops/nail shop] were all as busy as they ever are.”

    I have to ask, how many readers really believed that it was going to have widespread support?

    As I mentioned in one of my previous posts in this blog (but not on this subject), there is no such thing as a unified “Black America” in which everyone is on the same page in terms of wealth, education and socio-political perspective. I’m sure there are others like me who believed that the whole idea of a one-day boycott would achieve nothing. Further, I’m sure there are others who question the so-called leadership of men like Messrs. Ballentine and Sharpton. Moreover, there are many law-abiding, educated black folks out there who take care of business every day in terms of living according to high standards and representing their families and communities according to those standards. Those people don’t take directions from talking heads like Messrs. Ballentine and Sharpton.

    Unless there is a direct assault on all black folks, I think it is naive to think that all black folks will be united on, and provide support to, one particular issue. This is 2007, not 1947. We’re not held down by Jim Crow laws and state-sponsored discrimination.

    More importantly, it is insulting to think that progressive minded, well-educated black folks are going to fall in behind some so-called black leader just because he’s black, without regard to whether the leader has a valid message or agenda.

    In closing, “Impartial” should be happy that “Every black-owned business [braid shops/nail shop] were all as busy as they ever are.” They should be. Unfortunately, Mr. Ballentine never factored them into his equation.

  86. Besides an emotional release for frustrated souls, this “shotgun” effort will have little or no economic impact. How are we all going to know if it is successful on Saturday?

    The hard fact is that to be effective, boycotts have to be FOCUSED towards a specific entity (product, store, hotel chain, etc.) and be SUSTAINED long enough to hurt the specific target’s bottom line. You also have to be able to know conclusively the OUTCOME. That is why just the threatened boycott of Imus’s advertisers (specific targets) resulted in his being booted off the air. It was focused, sustainable and yielded unambigious results.

    Just telling everyone not to buy anything for one day won’t do it. Whatever sales that were missed today were made up for on yesterday or will be on tomorrow.

    By the way, who is keeping track of the results, and how is everyone going to know if it “got their attention?” Who are we waiting to get a response or apology from if we have gotten their attention? Will the results (dollars not spent) be announced on NBC, CBS, BET, NY Times or somewhere else so the white folks know how much we hurt them? Answer: I suspect that Warren and the other organizers have no way of really knowing whether we “got their attention” or not. I’ll bet they haven’t even though about this aspect of it.

    The biggest danger is that this will pass without so much as a whimper economically, and it will be much harder to organize a well thought-out boycott in the future.

    Thank you.

  87. And list list continues, Afripino. You nailed it. The black ‘culture’ is in a sad state. Seems like your all for independence, self-reliance, blame-free existence. Wow, you actually get it, dude. Keep spreading the word. Although, I believe you’re fighting a losing battle, all things considered.

  88. WOW! I just stumble on this forum searching for stats on how well the BlackOut went. But what I got in return was much more than what I was expecting. So I just had to respond:

    Native Son started out with a Simple question.. ‘Will you participate in it?’—From there the subjects ranged from Racism to Black Family Values to Blacks moving into ‘White neighborhoods to Apartheid. There were people getting banned THEN coming back with a different name but the same shallow opinions (as if no one would know..lol). Funny enough they came with an INTENT—Which was to (Please get this People)—- Divert Your Energy on Something Else Besides the Main Point!! Haven’t we learned Yet that we can not change people views—Remember the saying, ‘you can only change yourself’?

    As a young black MALE medical student I believe, A major problem that we face NOW is being diverted into thinking bad about who we are (Race, Color, Living Condition etc..) or hoping that one day America or white people will finally except us. EXCEPT YOURSELF!! STOP trying to educate people on what it means to be ‘Black’ and Stop trying to Prove that ‘Not All Black people are like that’!! Those people that you are trying to explain that to ALREADY KNOW THAT!! If they don’t then that is Energy Wasted on TRYING to convince them otherwise!! I know that we AS proud people (especially those of us who have achieved the ‘American Dream’) want to show the world that– Majority of Black America ARE NOT the images shown on the 10 o’clock news.

    See, that line of thinking automatically puts us in an Inferior state. The mind is very powerful. Lets elevate our minds out of that.. How do we start– First–Believe. Believe in yourself (Am a Christian so I believe that ‘Greater is HE that is within me than he of the world). Second—Teach. If you’re successful then Teach those concepts to others. Just those two simple suggestions IF applied can change our inferior way of thinking into–Self-Accountability (No Excuses) and Success that will last through many generations. Thats called– Generational Thinking.

    Who cares about those negative stereotypes–If I would have listened to my HS Chem teacher then I wouldn’t be in the Graduating Class of 2008 getting ready to make a impact on the world. The change starts with YOU!!.

    “You are Young Gifted and Black…..That’s a fact’!– Nina Simone

    Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gLVvsy7TXE

    Oh by the way– I am participating in the BlackOut..lol

    God Bless

  89. “I freed thousands of slaves, I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.” (Sojourner Truth)
    Living in the most racist country on the face of the earth, I’m constantly amazed at how many of us just don’t get it. How the self-proclaimed really smart people try to convince the rest of us that we are stupid for wanting something different. The level of intellect and unity so many of us have is mind-blowing. I guess that’s why we as a people are such a powerful force. (Yeah right)

  90. WOW,
    Let me just say that the “BLACKOUT” is a wonderful idea. I believe in this pre-election year and with the economy the way it is the only way to show our unity and that we will not be counted out is to hold our money out of the economy. It will and can make a difference. This nation is run on money and power, he who has the money should have the power. We have the money but will not collectively use our power. Shame on us. We are all to blame. I believe if we pick one day each month say the 6th to have a blackout day from now until the presidential election and beyond it will have a great impact. It takes time for change and for people to see change. Get the word out and once our people see that it is making an impact I believe it will take root and grow into a movement that everyone can participate. You see everyone is not going to march or give money to help the cause for various reasons, but a financial boycott doesn’t cost a thing and can be done without harm or fear of individual reprisal. This nation takes us for granted, uses us and our money always have and always will until they see some type of unity and solidarity on our part.

    Wake UP People-we spend billions of dollars a day collectively as African Americans, yet we have no power, our people are filling the jails at an alarming rate, we barely own any businesses, we freely and gladly will support any business but a black owned business. We complain if we are treated badly by a black owned businesses, yet we let others treat us bad and still patrionize the business, we will not cut a black owned business any slack. We complain that black owned business charge high prices, yet we will spend 100’s of dollars on coach purses and Tommy Hilfiger clothes without batting an eye. We have to get our priorities straight. If we do not do something we will continue to make small strides when great strides are within reach. This nations needs our money now more than ever and if they see billions of dollars not spent on one day each month it will make a difference.

    We will not be enslaved any more in anyway so they can sit and watch us do their work, beat our backs and call us lazy. Slavery was and is real it has just taken a different form, we are still slaves until we learn that money is power, use your money to make a difference one day, one month at a time. Keep up the blackouts do not let them die, people are taking notice and getting nervous.

    We have made them nervous before, why do you think they hide behind white sheets or white shirts in corporate offices and governments and make decisions that do more harm than good to us. Think my people, use your vote and your money to make a difference!

  91. So many good points, so many racist ignorant statements. I don’t think anyone’s figured out what it’s going to take for black America to get on its feet. But speaking with your wallet is a darn good start. While we’re at it, why not call a moratorium on patronizing loan sharks like the payday-loan and rent-to-own places? Convince young people that they’re doing more harm than good by “supporting the brothers” in entertainment and fashion businesses that still mostly profit whites. The list is endless, and the poorest among us waste enough money supporting businesses that ultimately hurt us that just being mindful would make a real difference.
    It’s up to us to keep ourselves and our money out of the system that’s oppressing the least among us.
    As the welfare system and the poverty and civil rights pimps prove, ain’t nothing or nobody going to help us but ourselves.

  92. National Blackout Day 11/2/07

    For those of you who remembered, today was national blackout day where minorities, esp. Blacks, and Caucasians (who are part of the movement), were supposed to make an impact on the economy today and not purchase anything (and actually yesterday and tomorrow as well). As I watched the close of the day at NYSE, NASDAQ, etc, I am not sure if everyone actually participated in this boycott, because it seems as the market was the same (messed up anyway) as it was this whole week; which brings me to my next point: As I watched Warren Ballentine (the main leader in this National Blackout Day, and the so called “Truth Fighter” who’s with the movement for justice) sit on Lou Dobbs’ show on Wednesday, October 13, 2007, and participate in the bigotry and hatred that Lou Dobbs has for immigrants, I began to wonder if Mr. Ballentine was just a fake. First of all, he sat there politely smiling and nodding while Lou Dobbs ranted on and on about New York’s Governor Elliot’s decision to give illegal immigrants drivers’ licenses. Ok, so you don’t agree with the Governor’s decision, still that doesn’t give you the license (no pun intended) to berate this individual on national television. And for Warren to sit there and agree with Lou Dobbs…I was simply disgusted! As a product of immigrant parents, this hits home because my parents obviously fled their country to find a better life for their children here. Although they came here legally, they can certainly identify with the plight of hundreds of immigrants who risk their lives everyday to come to America, who’d rather take a chance dying in their attempt to come to the U.S., than staying in their country. Therefore, while Mr. Ballentine was in agreeance with Mr. Dobbs, he slowly started to lose my support and love for him. However, what really sucker punched me was when Lou Dobbs asked Warren about the National Blackout Day, Warren skirted around the issue so much so that I was dizzy. That was Warren’s platform to say what the Blackout was really about, but instead, he sang the song and danced the dance that most (not all) black folks do when they are in front of a white person who has a little power or control. Suddenly, the self proclaimed truth fighter that I always hear on the radio; the one who hails himself as the “people’s attorney”; the one who so passionately argues and speak out against racial injustice; the one who so infamously “call out” people on the radio, was gone. It seemed like he dissipated into thin air and was replaced by an “in-house” slave (the “n” word is supposedly dead, can’t use that) responding, “Yes masta, I agree with everything you say. Thank you for allowing me to be on your show masta, and I really hope you invite me back masta. Thank you again masta.” Now, this is not meant to offend my white counterparts, especially my good friends that are white, but I have to call it like it is. The fact of the matter is that this “National Blackout Day” stemmed from the Jena 6 case, Ginarlow Wilson Case, the Megan Williams case, the nooses being hung, and other various injustices done against blacks. So, Mr. Ballentine, for you to get on Lou Dobbs’ show and not stand up for us…that leads me to say that YOU ARE A FAKE! When Al Sharpton was invited to Bill Maher’s show way back, he did not go on there grinning his teeth…NO…he went there to take care of business and got the job done without cracking a smile not even once.
    I wanted to wait until after (because I did not want to discourage anyone from participation) “National Blackout Day” to vent, so there it is. Maybe when I can get the imprinted image of Warren acting like a damn minstrel in front of Lou Dobbs out of my head, then maybe I can go back to being “a truth fighter who’s with the movement for justice” or however the hell he says it.

  93. I’m white. Does that make that last sentence a Hillary Clinton moment? If so, it was unintentional. I guess it wouldn’t be right to ask if it could be deleted … .

    Dear Young Sister, it is called Uncle Tomming. Happens all the time.
    My only disagreement with you is the immigration issue! You are a kind and compassionate human being. You will make the world a better place. I too am a LEGAL immigrant. I went thorugh HELL to get here LEGALLY. I often hear my fellow immigrants with their negative talk about American Blacks. They don’t understand the HELL that black people have lived through, in this country. Yes They do believe American Blacks are stupid and lazy. Yes I worked two jobs to buy a house and put my children through college, but I came from a country with different cultural conditioning. I know it is the American Blacks that made entry to college possible for my children as well as the ability to purchase my home in any neighborhood I wanted. Do you think the new influx of Africans, Asian and South Americans, appreciate your sacrifice?

  95. To K:
    Your quote: “So many good points, so many racist ignorant statements. I don’t think anyone’s figured out what it’s going to take for black America to get on its feet. But speaking with your wallet is a darn good start. ”

    I do not think my statements are racist, but I do believe that they expose the truth and the truth is the truth whether you believe it or not. I know for a fact that some white people get nervous when African Americans start to try to unify and expose the truth to others. There is no one solution to any problem, but I agree with you that it is a darn good start. If you would be truthful you know what your white friends say about us between yourselves, so let us have an honest dialogue when it comes to race, because in the end we all have to live on this earth together, like it or not.

  96. Attorney Ballentine, Black Out day was awesome! Here in Atlanta, restaurant owners were standing outside of their place of business, looking at the black folk not coming.

    One business had a sign that said “Free Coffee”, but there were stil no customers. My brother said he went to the IHOP to eat and there were no customers.

    Young man yu better watch your back, because when one black man has this kind of power to stop the wheetls of America, they are going to come after you. I am supporting if it means anything….Love you

  97. In Education. There is no right answer. My plan was to boycott all week but on Friday I was on 0 miles in my car two miles from the house so I got gas. People again. Whether he is a fake or not. Someone is still trying to stand up for us. Again many only knew about the blackout if they listen to certain radio stations. Of course everyone is not going to spread it because they are scared of losing their jobs. I cannot judge the people in the stores today or yesterday because as I said I did it all week and almost ran out of gas on Friday. We know what we need to do point, period , blank. I stop posting for a few because of what Med student said I got tired of trying to justify us to the truth. To me it was personal. I am cheap anyway but not buying anything for four days felt great. It made me feel good. I did not do if for Warren or anybody else. It was a goal that was set to take a stand. We have a lot of work to do a race not just the injustice and we do not have time to try and find a savior on this earth it is not going to happen. Do not get me wrong I am a Christian but we cannot find a perfect Church, pastor, person, or whatever. You will always be disappointed sooner or later. Your trust should not be in any man especially if you do not know them personally. When a lot of money comes into the picture most people change and forget where they came from. Everybody let us raise our families, if you do not have kids let us help raise our neighborhoods and proceed. We have to come together and see we are being played. If everyone teach a child the right things to do no matter what religion you are we will move in the right direction. We all know what is right. Do not steal, kill, and, work for what you want…etc. No matter what kind of job or career you have as long as it is legal is what I tell my kids.

  98. Attorney Ballentine, I forgot to tell you that the Black Out made front page news in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

    I was interviewed for the article. it speaks of the way the word was spread via the Internet. I wish I could to D. C. for the march or are we going to have to march for you?

  99. Have to say…Black-Out was the joke I thought it would be. I spent the weekend in Atlantic City…plenty of colored people spending money everywhere…all weekend long. The casino I was staying at was wall to wall with them…the “new” pier mall was busy as well with people of all colors. Black-Out Day might have been big news somewhere…it certainly wasn’t in the North. If it had an impact, which is unlikely, I hope some who suffered were black business owners. Instead of a meaningless economic protest, why not gather in force and march through a ghetto-like community as you make a plea to end black on black violence? Why not gather in force and clean up a ghetto-like community…paint over the “art” spray painted over every free inch of space there is…clean up the trash littering the community…provide food, medical care…do something that actually means something to the people you claim to represent. But no, better to take a couple dollars out of the pockets of business owners. This is why I see no hope for the black community as a whole…lots of talk…very little proactive action.

  100. The ‘blackout’ was a failure, plain and simple. There are absolutely no reports of any business being adversely affected by it whatsoever. In fact, an upsurge in spending is occurring right now. The problem with these types of ‘protests’ is that people get to feel all sanctimonious, like they actually made a difference, without doing anything at all, in reality. Imagine if all that energy had been devoted to something like cleaning up a ghetto neighborhood park, or anything that would have really made a difference.

  101. Thanks for your opinion. I have work to do. You do too. Goodbye.

  102. Wow…Can I just raise my flat hand, without the black power “fist” for those of us who remember.

    I just had to ask one question Black American and the African-American disporia, “My People” one thing. Can we just for once come together on one thing. Let’s start by stopping. Stop, saying anything negative about each other, our children, our anything that affects us as a people. Stop giving the media fuel. My grandmother told me as a child “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

    And who ever that is with the issue on the first of the month, you really needed to stand up for the black out, I understand you are hungry, and have mouths to feed, been there, done that too, but don’t be confused, that is not a check that is called a hand out to subdue you so you will keep your mouth closed and stay seated and take the mess. Suggestion: How about a package of oodles and noodles for Nov 2. with some soda, you wouldn’t have needed to fill your whole cart and it would have been effective in making an impact even after 40 years of the welfare business.

    We are completely fooling ourselves as a nation, when we can’t even seem to take a serious look at ourselves.

    And where is the follow-up to the impact of November 2, 2007.

  103. Just want to start off by saying that I am a TRUTH FIGHTER. I didn’t go to Jena but I wore my black.I wish I could go to Washington but I can’t but I will get my t-shirts. I love what you all are doing keep up the good work. We need to do some more blacks outs. The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shoping day of the year. All major stores open up at 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. and they have all kinds of sales. If we do one day it will do some damage so just think if we do the whole weekend it would really, really, really do some damage. Just let me know what up and the TRUTH FIGHTERS think. Tishun from Grand Rapids but reside in Atl.

  104. To White Guy,
    You know it may not have made the news just like anything pertaining to protest in this country doesn’t. You think we should clean the getto , why aren.t you helping your poor whites clean up the trailer parks or meth labs.
    It is so easy for you to hide behind your little racial blog screen and say negative things , I bet you are one of those christians , without the sheet.
    Guess what a lot of us black and whites are holding our money not only on black out day but BLACK FRIDAY AND WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

  105. Warren Balentine,
    My phone dropped yesterday about Black business closing.
    Please announced Friday 12/21/07 will be the last day to buy art from Our Own Imagepositive images. Check out the black bid wist set, and jazz collection and brothers on the green for golfers, girlfriends, painting ,teaset and comesunday collection and much more to celebrate life events. ordering at http://patsywalton.ourownimage.com

    also, I think Opra has mor clout, and I would want for Christmas, peace on this Earth, and better and more jobs to help the economy get better,

    Truthfighter Evelyn!

  106. The democratic party will be broke at convention. There is no way in hell that Hillary will get my vote.
    Her dirty tactics is not what this country needs.
    I’d rather see this country hit rock bottom, with “John Mcwar”, until America gets the message loud and clear. Jobs will continue to be loss, people with only a high school diploma making over $20/hr, over!!! The middle class as we know it will be redifined as the upper lower class. Why is Hillary not rejecting that Hipsanic racist comments when she wants Barak to reject Farrakan? Let Black Out Live!

  107. I listen to your radio station everyday and I have heard you talk about being against gay marriage and abortion. First of all, I am a big Obama fan, but my question is, why are you such a big Obama fan? He is for gay marriage which is great and for abortion. So the question is why are you such a big fan? I think abortion and gay marriage are two big issues in this country. Is it a racial thing with you???

  108. Rico:

    I am not Warren Ballentine and this is not his blog. I’m confused by your comments:

    I listen to your radio station everyday and I have heard you talk about being against gay marriage and abortion.

    I’m not Warren Ballentine…lol

  109. I’ve seen lots of criticisms but no alternate solutions! If you don’t have anything positive to say or add, how about keeping it to yourself. I’m sick of critics who don’t offer any constructive alternatives. All they do is try to make a living by critisizing. I’m not certain if I will support the “black out” or not but I applaud Warren’s effort to try. For the critics, if not this then what! Either lead, follow, or get the hell out the way!

  110. Maurice,

    Look at your calendar, my brother. You’re, what, 8 months late. Instead of you getting upset about critics, you might want to consider looking into procrastination therapy.

    On a more serious note, you should seek both sides of a story. If you always want to hear something “positive”, you’ll always hear only one side of the equation. Unless you seek to be a man of limited knowledge, you should consider opening your mind to the “marketplace of ideas” that allows you take into consideration multiple viewpoints before drawing your line in the sand.

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