Justice Thomas; straight trippin

Justice Thomas is just sad all the way around.  He blames Yale’s Affirmative Action initiative for not being able to find a job once he finished law school, so why didn’t he transfer?  This led him to say that his degree was worth 15 cents……

What a clown, this is man has been so culturally conditioned to marginalize himself that he doesn’t realize that one of the reasons why he probably couldn’t find employment after graduation was because of racism, they simply didn’t want to higher a Negro regardless of his credentials!!!! This man honestly thinks that affirmative action had a role in him not finding a job; truly amazing…….

Well it didn’t stop him from becoming only the second African American to be appointed to the highest court of the land.  This man probably attributes that there has only been only 2 African American Justices to serve on the Supreme Court because of affirmative Action as well.  sigh…….


2 Responses

  1. if you think this is bad….DONT read his book. I made that mistake so that I could write a review and I think I am still having residual side effects from that tripe!

  2. I wonder, do all the kids who got into colleges simply because their parents could write a big donation check feel that their degree isn’t worth anything? Do all the kids who got in simply because of their legacy status feel any guilt or feel they are any less worthy?

    Thomas is the most self-hating person I’ve ever seen.

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