I Just couldn’t sacrafice my son

Here is something I pulled from the Post over the weekend.  one would think that the D.C. Public Schools would set the example in this country, but it is a mirror of our society; both good and bad.

I just couldn’t sacrafice my son


3 Responses

  1. i feel him on that

  2. I always wondered about that (Fenty’s kids go to a private school). If he doesn’t have faith in the new chancellor and his own efforts to change schools, I don’t think other parents should either. I’m in Charles County and the difference between other local schools and this one is incredible.

  3. Mr. David Nicholson, You failed to address the conditions, that the parents send their children to school in. My wife is a High School teacher, That have to deal with students that refuse to do the assignments. Getting a pass to the restroom so they can sex each other. Guns, beatings and fights! They all know the latest rap video, TV programs on last night and video DJ. My child never went to public schools. Her school would not accept the behavior that public school calls the norm. If you can afford it, get them out! A second job or maybe a not so new car will help. No you dont need the same shoes and dress that JayLo can afford! You dont need more jewlery than fifty cents.
    Get your kid an education, its cheaper in the long run. (cuts down on trips to the maternity ward or correctional facility.)
    Do not send them to a “Historically Black College” unless it is a quality school. No employment officer will ask them how black they are. Send them to the best college they can get into. I have been down the education road.

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