Mo’Kelly; on time and on point

I am not the only one who thinks Nas is trippin, Mo’Kelly set it off on his blog about Nas (Nas is a comedian, not an intellectual, know the difference).

I love Nas, but he is so off point on this one and his comments were so ignorant.

Nas claimed that young people on the street don’t know who Medgar Evers is but they know who Nas is. Then Nas should rap about who Evers was and what he stood for.

He should rap about the Jena 6 and other injustices and relate it to the civil rights movement; you just don’t write it off because our youth don’t know their history; not naming his CD Nigger or Nigga for shock value and to push CD sales because that is what this is reall about.  Let’s be honest, his last CD, Hip Hop is dead, did not sell well. 

Mo’Kelly Your blog post is right on point. Keep it up man!


One Response

  1. I don’t think Nas should rap about the Jena 6 at all. This might be a minority perspective, but I think that too much emphasis has been placed on specific “injustices” and events. They are terrible – don’t get me wrong – but they aren’t the most important thing.

    What Nas should be doing is rapping about systemic injustices; stories and vignettes that speak to a broader concerns. And to some extent, he does exactly that.

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