Hair Locks Force Student from School

ABC7 is reporting that a Charles County child is facing expulsion because he has dreadlocks.  The School is a private School and has a strick dress and grooming policy.

The mother said the Southern Maryland Christian Academy kicked her son out because it considered his hard unacceptable, but she claims it’s typical african american hair. The child, jayce Brown, started at the academy in August. His mother, Danielle, said a couple of weeks ago, Jayce’s hair, styled in dreadlocks, came into question. The notice from the academy said it does not allow fadish hairstyles and that her son’s hair was too trendy for the christian school.

I may be in the minority with this one, but why does a 3 year old have dreadlocks anyways?  The mother enrolled him in a private school and they set their own policies.  The child was not born with locks, and if he is not growing his locks for religious purposes then he must adhere to the private school’s policy.  What do you think?


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  1. I also agree with the school. They showed the school policies in black and white on tv. Locked or twisted hair is not allowed. Everyone has to look the same.
    They also showed a picture of the little 5y.o. with his LOCKS which looked very nice and well groomed. They weren’t matted or dreaded. He is a cute little boy. His mother knew the policy before hand.

  2. I live in Charles County and have been following this story for about 1 month. EVERYONE that attends this particular school KNOW before they enroll their child, what the rules are. This mother was set on bulking the system from the beginning.
    These parents are trying to create a media frenzy when there is no reason for it.
    Lastly, I really have to say this (sorry for saying it on your blog Native Son) but I tired of seeing young black boys in the malls looking any type of way. These mothers/parents need to inform their sons that you won’t get a job if you come to the interview with you underwear showing (pants hanging too low). And sad as it might be, sometimes you won’t get the job with your hair any old way (unless it’s for religious purposes). I had a young guy from our community football organization who walked around the field with his hair always uncombed. I asked him why did he walk around like that and he stated because he wanted to get dreads. He proceeded to tell me that he was doing it for Christian religious purposes. I asked him to show me in the bible where it can be found because if it’s in there I need to grow my hair (LOL). He then realized that I was going for that so he proceeded to tell me he was doing it because slaves “back in the day’ never cut their hair (LOL). At this point, I’m laughing but sad because this young man has NO SENSE of history or religion. I simply told this young man that walking around looking thuggish only brings negative attention to you. Why do you want to look as if you are about to rob someone. Even black people are worrying if you are about to rob them. That’s not good. I always tell my kids to “not be trend followers, be trendsetters.” I also tell the kids to look at Ludacris, even he had to reshape his image because the corporate world was staying away from him because of his image. Now people look at him as a man, not a thug.

  3. NYourWill:

    Preach!!!! I know some people are going to say that hair has nothing to do with it; but as I stated in my blog. Why does a 3 y/o old have his hair locked? It is a hairstyle, it is no madndatory that every black boy/man have cornrolls or twist. She knew what she was getting into when she enrolled her son into that school.

  4. In the bible it states Jesus had hair of wool and feed of copper- most african americans and some white choose to wear their hair in a locked style if you think Jesus’ hairstyle if trendy? I will suggest to the young lady that since her civil rights have been violated that she do a little research and look up Cornrows and Company a business in Washington, DC that specializes in natural hair care – the owner has filed a law suit in the past on this very same subject and check with her local chapter of the ACLU. The academy has no right to have a policy such as this when it violates an individuals civil rights. Best to you as you pursue justice.

  5. My 4 year old, my 9 year old and my 14 year old have locks, I’d be damned if I’d let any school discriminate against any of them.

  6. I am not against locks or twists, I just think that if you send your child to a private school they can impose their own rules.

  7. “My 4 year old, my 9 year old and my 14 year old have locks, I’d be damned if I’d let any school discriminate against any of them.” – DJ Black Adam

    The question of the day: If you enroll your children in a school that prohibits “hairtwists”, “dreadlocks”, or wild white guy rock n’ roll hair, and you sign an acknowledgment of that schools policies and procedures, is it discrimination for the school to remove your child if your child fails to follow school the school’s policies and procedures?

    “I will suggest to the young lady that since her civil rights have been violated . . . ”

    Which particular civil rights? If you agree–in writing or verbally–to adhere to certain standards, are you saying that the imposition of sanctions for violating such standards is a violation of a person’s civil rights?

    My point in both these questions is that a school may impose certain standards on its students. As long as it doesn’t enforce those standards in a biased manner, it is not violating anyone’s civil rights or discriminating against the child who fails to follow the policies or procedures. If the article said that a little white guy named Matisyahu, who wears braids was not suspended, while little Kwame, who is black and wears braids, was suspended–then it would be appropriate to scream discrimination.

    In my humble opinion, what we have here is a child’s and parent’s failure to adhere to policies and procedures.

  8. Plain and simple, some people just cannot adapt to society, they want to march to their on drum. The school is private, they have a dress code, get in step or get out.

  9. P R I V A T E
    I took a second job to send my child to a private school!
    We both read and agreed to abide by the rules of the school. If we did not agree, we were free to apply to another school!
    Some of the rules are:
    No pregnant baby mama walking around the campus!
    No mack pimp wannabe!
    No Cursing! No Slut wear! No Crack Heads!
    No Problems.


    Send your kids to public skool! reading, riting and rithmatic.
    Hell, you dont have to show up if you dont want to.

  11. Reply to “T”

    The school say if Jesus shows up in dreds, they will change the policy for him. Until then, the policy remains in effect.

  12. dress codes.For some reason I picture Hitler Youth and communist rallies. America is about expressing yourself.You know it’s that word….FREEDOM….Yes everybody may not fit cookie cutter style into a mold but this is America”land of the free…

  13. Well I must say that this story has caused a much heated debate within our community and out.
    I just wanted to shed some light on all of this. Upon enrolling my son the “student handbook” was not given to me. Nor did I sign anything in regards to the handbook. Also the school has the policy written that twisting of hair is an “extremely faddish” hairstyle, that to me is racially insensitive and if that is the case then the girls who have locks must cut there hair as well. Why is it just the boys. locks are not an “extreme faddish” hairstyle so I felt that there was no violation. The owner was very insensitive to the facts and did not want to compromise with me when I tried to abide by all of the rules that applied as far as it not touching his collar or hanging in his face. Now if the policy stated that all boys were required to have a close fade and nothing else then I would have nothing to say I would have taken my son and left with out incident, but the wording is so direct to African American students I couldn’t let it go. Why do we always have to be the ones to conform to what “caucasians” feel is acceptable. I was told that they want all the children to look alike. In what world. Isn’t that the point of the uniform, the children are not clones no matter if its a private school the children are still individuals. And if the handbook is the “gospel” don’t tell me after the fact to go to the website and read it. Give it me and have me sign a form saying that I agree, not some contractual agreement that makes no reference to the handbook or any of the rules that are in it. And for God’s sake stop using the lord to justify the actions that are being taken. The school continues to say that they love all the children in the name of Jesus, just don’t come in here with any type of ethnicity showing we don’t want that. Amen.

  14. Also to the man who made comments in regards to how these young boys look as far as there hair goes and the mothers who do this to their sons. First let me say that his father has locks and is a professional firefighter/emt. So to say that one cant get a professional career going based on hair is oh so wrong. The are many top professional African Americans who have locks, braids, cornrows, afros etc. It is time to stop with the Tom Foolery when it comes to what “they” say we are suppose to look like. Anything that is different from what “they” are use to is not professional or unacceptable. Embracing your heritage will not be tolerated. Why? What are they so afraid of?
    Now believe me my son is only 3, but he will not be on anyones corner, or hanging out in anyone’s mall. He will becomae a productive person locks and all. Now those boys that are out there looking like thugs and not being neat and clean, that’s a problem as well, but rather then you talk about them why don’t you try and show them. I will tell them in a minute if you want to make it out here you need to conduct your self accordingly, look presentable and speak correctly. If you choose to wear your hair long keep it up, make sure it is clean and neat at all times. So make sure you say that to them and show them.
    For the record locks have been around since ancient egypt.

  15. Sister Danielle Brown, In my part of the country, some educators feel it is correct to teach sex education in the elementary grades. Others feel that pregnant students should be allowed to attend classes with their classmates. Some parents want the standards lowered to increase the pass rate. My point is, everyone has an opinion as to how their school should be run. We chose a christian school for our daughter to attend. My neighbors chose a moslem school. Find a school for your son that meets your comfort level. This will bring you peace. May you son excell in his studies.

  16. Looking through a “cultural” lens, I must wonder…what if the child were of a white rastafarian, would the issue be this big of an ordeal? 2 words – INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM. My second grader’s teacher told me that although her hairstyle was “cute,” she had to assign my daughter to the back of the classroom because the other children couldn’t see past her mini “afro” hair. What? You want US to assimilate and be just like you? You want me to cut my hair off? What next? It’s just not hair we’re talking about here…

  17. I don’t think locks are as much of a trendy hairstyle as they are religiously oriented. BUT, if the school informed the parents of the policies beforehand, they knew what they’re getting into. I used to go to an all girl catholic school. I wanted to rebel and I colored my hair blue. I was given two choices: turn it back to black -or- find another school. I knew it was against the rules, so I was accountable.

    On the other hand, why are locks considered a trend? I remember when they were giving airliner stewardesses hard times for wearing braids, and the military for a time said braids were eccentric. But after while, and after all the lawsuits, they realized braids are just another variation of African/Afro-American hair.

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