Genarlow Wilson is free

Thanks to the Georgia State Supreme Court, not States Attorney General Baker.  The Supreme Court ruled (4-3 decision; I don’t know what in the hell the 3 who voted against this were thinking) that Wilson’s sentenced was cruel and unusual punishment.  Here is what Attorney General Baker had to say about the States Supreme Court Decision:

“I respectfully acknowledge the Court’s authority to grant the relief that they have crafted in this case,” Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker said.

“I hope the Court’s decision will also put an end to this issue as a matter of contention in the hearts and minds of concerned Georgians and others across the country who have taken such a strong interest in this case,” Baker added.

He respectfully acknowledges the Court’s authority to grant relief they have crafted?  Someone sounds a little salty…….

I hope States Attorney General Baker has learned that just because a law is on the books doesn’t mean that it is just and that most laws are created by politicians not public policy makers.  And they make mistakes; they rush to create policies without examining the outcomes and who and how are affected by these laws.  This case is a clear example of that. 

Georgia State Supreme Court Decision


15 Responses

  1. Finally. I’m happy for Genarlow and his family

  2. This is just another example of our panty waist judges going soft on sex crimes. The girl was drunk, so no sane consent. he is just like most teenage boys who are 90% hound dog. if there had been 15 boys involved, I guess the idiots would say “wow” variety is the spice of life. it’s just like the so-called Jena 6 who beat a boy half to death, all it took was al “shyster “sharpton bringing 10 busloads of civil insurrectionists to the town and protesting. Why the fight started is no justification to commit a crime. Severe punishment WILL deter crime, because if his criminal ass is in prison, HE will not be committing any crime.

  3. Beaucage:

    There are so many things wrong with your comment, that I don’t have time to respond to it. But I am certain that others will

  4. Beaucage:

    It is obvious that you know nothing about the case. The girl wasn’t drunk. She was on the witness stand for the defense saying that she initiated the contact. This prosecuter should be charged just as the one in the Duke case. To charge someone for getting a consensual BJ is obsurd. If that law was in effect here I would have gottn the death penalty.
    My point is Beaucage…Jail time is not nescessary where no crime is committed.

  5. Another reason Beaucage doesnt know what he’s talking about…

    Comparing the statstical data of the effect of such laws in the US with those in Europe where the sentences applied may be less punitive and more rehabilitative in nature, the U.S. doesnt NOT have less, but more of these violent crimes happening.

    Translation Beaucage:
    (He will probably not return to take this whipping but anyway…)
    HARSHER methods of punishment DO NOT DETER VIOLENT CRIME!!! The US has the harshest punitive system of the westernized nations yet we still have THE HIGHEST jail population and the highest recorded number of crimes relative to the sizre of our population.

    Your lesson of the day is “Learn BEFORE you speak”!

  6. Just my opinion! I believe the district attorney should face the same consequences as the district attorney in North Carolina. He was attempting to show his power PLAIN AND SIMPLE. There is NO place in the criminal justice for people like this. He should not get off easy.

    Now Beaucage, it’s apparent that you are either talking from a person that has been affected by this type of crime before or you are speaking from a race perspective. If it’s for the first reason, I will pray for you. If it’s for the second reason I will COME AT YOU HARD. Hopefully, you will respond to these messages so we can get a better insight.

  7. Excuse me everyone! I meant to say “this type of incident (but it wasn’t consenual).”

  8. Well some of what you clowns say is correct, but unlike you I do not profess to be an expert, but it was in the news on cnn that the girl was drunk, but that aside, do you people really believe criminals can be cured. example: in Wisconsin this week, a convict on work release, lied to the prison officials and robbed a business and killed someone. a fine showing of rehabilitation. Bleedingheart idiots that want to open the prisons undoubtedly are the fools of the world.
    Lastly, I will admit I am a racist and big enough to say I am. I also dispise queers as well. It’s a choice, not a phobia. you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  9. One other thing, if you think I am some ignorant redneck, you’re mistaken. I have a degree in civil engineering, my annual income is well into 6 figures. I have to kids who graduated from universities, and one is a doctor, the other a chemistry professor in Va.
    I am not alone in my personal feelings about crime, millions in this nation are strong on punishment for people who break the law. If you read the laws of most every state, it will say, the “punishment” for murder is this, for rape is this, for robbery is this, etc. it does not say well you had a disenfranchised childhood, so you are forgiven.

  10. This boy should be held accountable for his ignorance and irresponsibility and required to register as a sex offender. He broke the law and should pay for breaking the law. Reasoning situations such as this as concentual acts is pure stupidity. He should have known better. Most states look upon 17 YO’s as adults and as an adult one should take upon themselves the reasoning and responsibility as well as respect of moral values and the law repectfully. Because of situations like these teenage pregnancies are out-of-control. As well, boys in today’s society chose to look upon the female anatomy as a right of passage and disrespectfully using their manipulatory manners to ruin not only their lives morally and socially, but the lives of the females they take advanatage of and abuse due to sexual desire, promiscuity, and the right of passage in their peer groups. Yes, sex with a minor is abuse in its finest form. It is so denegrating to listen to society’s allowance of rap music industry and the lack of good respectiful parenting cater to the abuse, disrespect, and conscious poor behavior of many in today’s young society. Look around at what teenagers have to look up to as peers and icons football players, basket ball players, musicians, actors, etc. who prove day-by-day their bad choices in life by caring guns, beating their girlfriends and wives, drinking, drugging, maiming, killing, abusing poor defenseless animals, irrespectibly not giving back quality impressions, peace, love, and community, but showing their total pyscho-social ignorance and portraying themselves as cool. And, no, it doesn’t help that journalists thrive on mayhem instead of positive news and role models.

    It’s amazing how much society tolerates this, but again, if you step up and propogate change people such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the likes thereof instigate race mongering and hatred.

    Show your love of life and the love of other’s by promoting good values, change, and social improvement! Do The Right Thing!

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. By the way the boy could have said “NO Thanks” just like girls have that right to say “no” when approached in a situation such as this! Yes, oral copulation is sex! Although for some reason many DO NOT get this act as being part of sexual intercourse.

    Responsibility is the key here not filling a need, and fueling your ego just because and that goes for both sexes.

    People should realize that actions come with consequences.

    And, this is beyond a “color” issue. It’s a social issue.

    Just like the Jena 6. Those boys committed a crime and should do the time.

    1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The 1st amendment gives everyone the right to speak their minds even if it is demoralizing to one race or another, nonetheless it is not a crime to speak your mind, but acting upon one’s hatred, anger, or recidivistic rage is a crime.

    Why cannot we respect the law and each other? The law gives us the right to expressionism and free speech even if it is offensive! However, again, acting upon it in an egregious way, manner, or fashion is criminal and with intent, and facing the consequences is part of the actions taken when such a crime is committed. If you commit a crime, you must do the time, race, sex, preference, is not an exception to the rule of law.

    Peace, love, and harmony to all!


  12. To Andi and others who feel like him:

    Teenage sex is very dangerous, and our youth need to know that sex is serious; but if you think that sentencing a 17 year old to 10 years in jail is fair then something is wrong with you.

    If you heard Wilson’s speech, he knows what he did was irresponsible and has promised to live his life with a new perspective; sex or no sex; no child deserves 10 years in prison. We have people who rape and murder people who don’t get these types of sentences!!!!!

  13. Genarlow Wilson

    I wish the young brother godspeed! As a 55 year old African Amercan father of two, I cannot condem the young brother. I too engaged in such activities when I was in high school. “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”
    I have advised my children not to make the same mistakes, (without admitting guilt.) Lets learn from our mistakes and move on.

  14. There is nothing wrong with my thinking, as I am a survivor of rape and domestic violence and a rape/domestic abuse advocate, now. I also demand accountability from life. We are not perfect as humans, and learning from mistakes and heeding the consequences which befall each one of us as we contend with our errors and demons throughout life would make the whole world a much better place. Nonetheless, too many have squandered our time, our money, and patience with too much talk and not enough liability. The proof is all around us with hypocrisy ingrained so deep in the one place we should never see it in our clergymen/women (priests, preachers, reverends, who abuse their pulpit to fill and line their own pockets and agendas not living with the full committed price paid by those who have gone before us as lights of wisdom and who rose above and beyond the call of duty to give to those around them, dare these freaks raise a hand or a dollar to downtrodden communities, yet they reside within and tithe their coffers with hard earned funds), parents who don’t take the bull by the horns and raise their children demanding from themselves the utmost sacrifice, too many children having children and no remand to education and guidance now that the baby is here, alcoholism, drug addiction, laziness, the grifter, grandparents raising grandchildren, lost souls due to mental disease (lack of mental health care for those of low or no income), a no liability welfare system which allows unsolicited use of funds (gambling, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.), a lackluster public education system with no backbone and too much fear to actually demand excellence from their students (due in part by the “Civil Liberty Unions, AFLCIO, and those who deem it necessary to tie the hands of educators instead of letting them teach), and socioeconomic flight by those who do make it out of the systemic vice of life in America instead of returning to their roots and demanding there be change and advocating on its behalf.

    Yes, ten years is a long time to be committed to an institution of correction at the young age of 17. However, the law and those who break the law need to be held accountable, whereas our penal system is most definitely bias and should be the same across the board for every offender no matter race, creed, sex, etc. However due to the rule of law at the time of sentencing, the 17-year-old who was convicted of the crime has to be held accordingly to the penal code and sentencing at the time of judgment. I agree there could have been a better sentencing guideline to utilize.

    On the other hand, our penitentiary systems need to be held to a higher standard of answerability, to resolving the recidivism rate in the younger patrons, and building a better foundation for rehabilitation and focus required education for those who can become model citizens such as teenagers and very young adults whose life expectancy can be redeveloped.

    However, on the other hand, you have those hosting a life of extreme materialistic lifestyles (which pulls at those who barely have a roof over their head and food on the table and usually try to achieve status by allowing themselves to intrepid into a life a crime (drug dealing, theft, etc.) to afford these luxuries, as well as blatant profound recidivistic criminal activity knowingly and who parade themselves in the public-eye such as the C-Murder’s (rapper who in plain sight gunned down a 15-year-old boy and because of his status in the rap community only has an ankle bracelet and can enjoy the fruits of his labor by attending junkets – this is a killer free to kill again), the Brian Knight’s (molester, pedophile), the Michael Vick’s (ignorance personified), the Paris Hilton’s (too much time on her hands and not enough parenting in the right direction), the Britney Spears’ (came from nothing, has everything, and has no clue), the Lindsey Lohan’s (same as the last), the Robert Downey Jr.’s (repeat offender), the O.J. Simpson’s (antisocial psychopath), etc. who are the hounds our children look to for peer review.

    As far as his speech, I have listened to it, and hindsight is always 20/20 after being caught. Amazing how well we learn to chide the wrongs and swear to the future so easily.

    I dearly hope he has learned a lesson from this situation. Although, few do take heed and refract away from mistakes made, one thing is clear and should be applied whether learned or just seeking the fallacy of belief, accountability from one’s selflessness should be applied by taking it upon your shoulders and making every effort to testify to other’s in your peer group regarding your individuality and chosen mistakes while petitioning that your peers take notice and think before they go astray. This is where those who commit to boastful illicit behaviors fail and that is to remind not only themselves of their gaffes, but to be called above and beyond to admit to others their wrongs and remorsefully make amends to not only themselves, but to their family and peers as well.

    Isn’t it all of a sudden so humbling that the mere fact that being caught seems to bring out reflection of selflessness in many who have committed crimes.

    Let us consider the recent Michael Vick situation, after being indicted on all those various counts of criminal activities, he was found with a positive urine sample (marijuana). He undoubtedly thought he is above the law and above reproach. By being in such a visual position as an icon for the Falcons, knowingly running an illegal gambling business, and knowingly committing monstrous harm to man’s supposed best friend, he still found the need to run the gambit off the field indulging in illegal drugs and no telling what else yet to be discovered.

    Well, I’ve given your retort some great thought and still find myself askew in belief, yet willing to give the boy another chance. Prove me wrong and I will make sure a life is given every chance it deserves, I have and can do this for anyone. Although, actions speak louder than words and I know for a fact that this is the only way to right wrongs in one’s life prove it, just do it.

    Have a Blessed Day,


  15. Andi – have you ever stolen a cookie outta the cookie jar?
    Beaucage – I’m leaving you to the Lord! Good luck!

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