School Principal Forced on her stomach by police;


Her name is Yvette Hayes, she is an elementary school Principal who was pulled over by police because her car matched a car involved in an auto theft ring.  Did I mention she was 6 months pregnant and they made her lay down on her stomach!!! And her two young children were in the back seat of the car watching all of this take place.

And here is the kicker folks, it was mistaken identity.  The police realized this and apologized, and waited for her to pull herself together before mentioning that they were going to write a report to cover their asses.   Well Ms. Hayes and her husband have retained an attorney and are filing suit to cover their asses too…….. 

We all know that police have stressful jobs; criminals are off the hook these days, but it is clear that this woman was 6 months pregnant.  She told them and they still made her lay on her stomach. 

I read a comment that Police make mistakes and these cops realized that and apologized and that Ms. Hayes should move on.  What this person fails to realize is that they are consequences for mistakes, and some of these mistakes must be paid for no matter how innocent the action was….


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  1. I agree police have difficult jobs that they CHOSE! There is no draft for police officers. I can never understand how police officers can see that a woman is pregnant and force her to lay on her stomach, even if she was guilty they are taking it upon themselves to punish an unborn child that is not guilty of anything. I grew up in Southern California and this kind of police mentality was quite common. I have very little sympathy for police officers of this mindset. I don’t buy the argument that one bad cop doesn’t make the whole bunch rotten. Well I would not buy an apple from a barrel that is stinking. Would you?

  2. I hope this woman is successful and sues the ass off that department for putting her through that ordeal. No pregnant woman should have to go through what they put her through. Nice for the cops to say they’re going to write a report to cover their asses. What ever happened to personal responsibility for one’s own actions? While it is a stressful job, I notice the police are acting more of a police state of law enforcement. Look how many people are suing over zealous cops using unnecessary force with those tasers. I’ve seen videos of small women being tasered my cops who are 2 to 3 times their size. If they couldn’t get a female who weighs 2 to 3 times less than them in custody without using a taser, they should be looking for different work. I have no tolerence for cops who think racial profiling is acceptable. I’m praying you get justice there Ms. Hayes

  3. This is excatly why we need to support the National Blackout on November 2, 2007. Had Ms. Hayes been a white, 6 mo. pregnant woman it would have been handled completly different. Was it hard to see the children in the back seats as well? So whatever crime that took place took place by a oversized black woman and two small children! The injustice in the country it overwhelming and our response must be louder, bolder, bigger, stronger and solid.

  4. It’s routine for police officers to draw their weapons when dealing with stolen vehicle. how were they to know she was pregnat when they pulled her over. They were following procedure. After she said she was w/child they did not continue making her lay down, after she stated she was w/child they didn’t continue to force her down on the ground they actually holstered they weapons and walked over to her. It was a mistaken identity people, they were doing what they were trained to do people!!!! Yes they HAD to write a report THEY DREW THEIR WEAPONS. Thats not trying to cover their asses their doing what they are trained to do. This was not a black white issue. The judge should toss the lawsuit. These officers were compassionate to her situation.

  5. Re: LACEY You should at least attend a police academy before giving out information on traffic stops! It is not “routine” to conduct a traffic stop with your firearm exposed. You will never see a stop on Park Avenue, with firearms exposed. In some neighborhoods, some officers violate citizens rights by conducting themselves in this manner. The best way to end this practice is a letter to the police department each time this occurs. The officers know the neighborhoods that the people won’t write.
    I am sure that Mrs. Hayes attorney has already explained to her why she must sue the security guard company that made the stolen car report to the police and more important TARGET DEPARTMENT STORE. As for the officers, you can bet, they can’t live this down back at the police station, but they are not liable. Not my fault, its the law.

  6. Note to self: Cops/Law Enforcers are NOT on the civilians’ side – well…that is if you’re a person of color…I have been a victim in similar situations; friends and colleagues of mine have been in similar situations…it happens everyday, everywhere, all the damn time. I have a girlfriend who joined the police academy. she was 2 of 14 cadets and was ranked number 1 at the end of her training. she was a police officer for 3 whole weeks before quitting. she came to her senses after 4 incidences of riding in the squad car, each time with a different white male officer, where the officer prejudged every black person they passed by, stopped, or met…hhhmmmm…JERKS! God will judge them.

  7. Lacey must be a citizen of Lala Land.
    What if she would have lost her child? The officers had guns drawn, what if she or one of the kids were shot, perhaps by an “accidental discharge”- then what? But, you wouldn’t care, ’cause this will never happen to your white butt (supposing your white, which you probably are making dumba** comments like that).

  8. The car wasn’t suspected to be stolen.

    There had been a series of car break-ins (and thefts?) in the PAST at that Pennys. Her car matched the description – color and make (green Jeep, how unique! rolling eyes here) – that is all.

    When the cops pulled over a white guy with a green Jeep for the same reason, on a previous day, they didn’t draw guns or make him get out of his car, let alone lay down on the ground.

    And the cops didn’t release her as soon as they realized their mistake – they refused to allow her to go back to her car because THEY decided her children should not see her upset. That, my friends, is false imprisonment.

  9. Sorry TARGET STORES…… the offending store is JC PENNEY.

    The security guard, Gary Magers, is an employee of JC Penney and this makes JC Penney liable for his actions(Magers probably don’t “have a pot to piss in”, but by law,has to be sued anyway. This is in order to reach his DEEP POCKET employer, JC PENNEY. The police officers are indemnify (for a lot of legal reason, which is too long to get into.) The town/city, may throw in a few dollars to settle.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have been followed in stores such as Macys and Lord and Taylor by their guards. It usually ends with me taking out my shield and threatening to arrest the guard. Yes, I can come up with a charge, but it has not become necessary, they usually get the message! That is why KAYING friend should have remained as a police officer, to end the injustice! It works for me! I notice more stores are using close circuit video. This prevents lawsuits caused by the actions of some dumb minimum wage store guards. Closed circuit television shows you putting the merchandise in your pocket, not much to be said after a judge or jury view the footage.

  10. It is awful that Mrs. Hayes was treated as a “threat” EVEN after you hear an officer tell a child that it’s going to be o.k………SADLY- this is NOT that uncommon. I know many would like to believe that it was a matter of race…It probably wasn’t…it was more likely a bunch of PUNK cops who exploit their positions as police officers (WE HAVE ALL HAD ENCOUNTERS WITH ONE AT SOME TIME-).

    They seem to forget that WE pay their pay checks.

    EVERY cop should have a dash mounted camera. Every stop (of any degree )should be recorded AND public record.

  11. Okay to this “The Spook” character.. You have so much to say about this whole issue as if YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!! I think what Lacey was trying to say is… On routine traffic stops in normal… let’s say traffic violations… in normal daylight conditions where all occupants can be seen… guns wouldn’t be drawn there for reports normally wouldn’t be taken. But on this occasion a call for service was rendered to the police the from the security officer trying to do his “minimum wage security job” obviously looking after his customers and employees, who I’m going to guess that some are black, and reported a vehicle that matched the description to the police which caused a call for service to officers of “Possible Felons” matching the description including partial license plate which as you read match some of the her numbers. Raising the “Possibility” that this could be the vehicle responsible for the RECENT (as in past few days) car THEFTS and BREAK INS from that exact parking lot. It was ten at night, jeep with dark tinted windows, low visibility. Not known of how many occupants or who the occupants are. Now, you might think to yourself and remember… that they ran her plates first before stopping her therefore they now know who the vehicle is registered to. But does a normal person committing a felony act use a vehicle that is properly registered to them?? Probably not. I guess now Police can start asking for the drivers resume before conducting a car stop since the fact the she is an Elementary School Principal plays a strong factor to some people. So back to the point. It was a case of mistaken identity on this car stop. Police Officers have discretion when doing their job and the officers’ discretion that night was to be safe and cautious ensuring that they go home to their families at the end of their shifts. Everyone keeps saying “what if her baby was hurt?” what if? It would be horrible and god bless that the baby is fine and she is fine. But what if it was in fact car thieves? What if the officers wouldn’t have taken the precaution that they did? What if the Officers were ambushed as they approached the vehicle without guns drawn not knowing who or what was inside? And they were hurt or killed? Would it be as big of an issue because they were white? I have watched the video and can clearly see that wrong doing has not occurred from the officers. Before they stop her you hear nothing on the radio about sex or race of occupants. BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW!!!! You hear the officers say “Unknown occupants”. They begin their felony car stop and order the driver out of the vehicle. From Pictures of Mrs. Hayes, she isn’t a small woman and you can clearly see that on that night she wasn’t wearing a tight shirt like she is in the pictures. The officer that is giving the commands first attempts to shout the commands but the passing vehicles make it difficult for him to be heard so he sits IN THE VEHICLE while the other two officers are OUTSIDE OF THE VEHICLE. The officer in the vehicle begins giving commands over the PA system. Once he orders her down to her stomach you can hear her say that she is pregnant but the officer can’t hear that… He is in the car!! Again he orders her down and you can see and hear the officer on the passenger side say to the officer inside that “she is pregnant” They Immediately go forward to her and assist her up! Immediately apologize!! Immediately Show compassion!! Now if they were racially profiling… why would they start being nice to her? Why would they waste their time pulling her over only to be nice to her in the end?? Because those officers are not racist. That’s why. Now this car stop was conducted and no charges were filed against anyone therefore no report NEEDS to be taken. After showing compassion and empathy to Mrs. Hayes the officer tells his partners that he will write a report on this to cover their asses. Now he didn’t say to cover this up. He knows a mistake has taken place so he needs to document this to show that the Officers did no wrong doing. Again To Cover Their Asses. Now I’m not saying that racial profiling doesn’t exist because it does. For Instance what “Love Y.” posted, she says that these white officers would have treated this different had it been a white lady.. Isn’t that racial profiling? Saying how a person will act because of their race? You really think that as soon as a white lady stepped out of the vehicle that they would have just put their guns away and walked up to her? Probably not huh? Let’s be realistic here. Some officers might racially profile a person. But this was profiling of a vehicle not a person. The same called was made the day before. With different officers, different lighting conditions, different discretion. If your car was stolen from the front of your house.. And your neighbors told you that they say a red Chevy S-10 with tinted windows speed off following your car after they watched an occupant of the red truck steal your car, and two days later you see a truck matching that description sitting in front of your neighbor’s house.. You would probably call the police and report the vehicle. By doing that you assume that they are car thieves and the police would assume the same making it a felony car stop. So in closing.. Just Stop. This is not racial profiling it is just a simple way to make some money. Especially going after the guard who “Makes minimum wage” and works for his money.. Or better yet “his pot to piss in”. Mrs. Hayes out of all people should explain to her students that People make mistakes. Cops are human. She shouldn’t give the impression that police are after black people and that all police are bad. What is that going to do to their little minds? They will grow up thinking that anything that happens to them from the police is because they are black. Let’s do away with all this racial profiling. Let’s realize that we are all American. We are all human.

  12. “Sees Both Sides”, Yet Blind to Facts.

    My dear white brethren, I can understand you throwing a tantrum becare I dare voice an opinion, especially one that conflicts with your world outlook. Blacks folks can do that now a days. I know the world looks nice and neat from your white bread suburban community outlook, but my friend, that is a very dangerous and narrow world view.
    I was not going to comment on your excessively loquacious diatribe, concerning the gun point car stop of the unarmed and pregnant black school teacher. However, as I continue to read your verbose defense of JC Penny’s security guards in general and the Barney Fife police officers in particular, I felt compelled to correct the several misconceptions that you entertain. I could not bear to have you living out your little existance under the illusion of what it is like to be an African American in this country of America.
    My friend, this incident started because a minimum wage security guard, that was obviously bored with his job, decided to play “wannabe” cop and called 911 to report what he perceived as “criminal activities.” Offices Barney Fife and his partner then spots Ms. Hayes vehicle and the rest as we know, is history. You attempt to make a valiant defense for the store guards actions, no doubt to the glee of JC Penny’s lawyers, but I believe you fall far short of the mark and a jury will provide the just compensation for the aggrieved motorist, Ms. Hayes.
    I have said and it bears repeating, that the two officers, rightly or wrongly, are indemnified by whatever governmental entity that employs them and they will be held harmless. JC Penny will be pay out the nose and then removing the minimum wage guards from its property and replacing them with cameras. Cameras that will not get bored and call the police on their customers.
    Contrary to your comments, I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING, but I do know more than you! It is clear from simplistic assertions, you have never don body armor, strapped on a Glock or worn the uniform of a law enforcement officer. You have never made an arrest or conducted a traffic stop. I feel safe in saying that everything you know about law enforcement, you learned on “Law and Order.” That show is not a substitute for real life experience.
    Please leave law enforcement to the professionals. Stick to checking bags at the store entrance.

    Your Friend in the African Community

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