T.I. released on bond

You know as I watched video footage of Gernalow Wilson being released from prison today, I released there was no supporters there other then his attorney, mom and baby sister.  No crowds of support; nothing.

Then I read that T.I. (Rapper T.I. released on $3 million bond) is released on bond for his alleged crimes which if found guilty could land him in prison for up to 10 years, and here who was outside of the court house waiting for him. (T.I. release photos)

The majority of people wearing “Free T.I.” tee-shirts and waiting to get a glimpse appeared to be black youth.  One woman has a toddler outside (see picture 2)  A toddler in front of the court house; are you kidding me?   They were smiling and rejoicing; where are these kid’s parents?? Oh wait a minute, some of the people outside the courthouse along with the kids look like they may be the parents……

Some people like Nelly and T.I., said that it is up to parents to raise their kids not Hip-Hop.  But if the popular Hip-Hop artist of today keep acting like thugs in their personal lives; which then spills over into their music, then we need to take their advice and stop supporting them!!

I have read so many hip-hop blogs where folks are saying that T.I. was set-up.  Let’s see your an ex-felon and not only do the Feds find guns in the car you were driving in, but they find guns in your house.  T.I.’s people claim that the guns belong to his bodygurads that live him.  So where are the registrations for these guns? 

Who in the hell needs bodyguards with a mini arsonal ?  If someone is after T.I. that hard, then has serious problems, and rapping should be the least of your concerns.

Some of us will continue to support some of these artist who are trying to balance professional legal careers with the life of the hood; and we will be there in front of the jail houses with our “Free X” T-shirts on over and over again, until we learn how to stop marginalizing ourselves.  I am sure I will get some negative comments from people about this so bring it….


2 Responses

  1. actually i agree with you. we need to stop sponsoring, endorsing and protecting these thugs.

  2. hhmmmm…my initial thought was: would paris hilton have gotten away with this?…i mean, while DUI, one is more likely to hurt or even kill pedestrians than one who might own a bunch of guns and have it stored at home. I don’t know what TI’s intentions were – but like many other issues in our society – it starts from the top. BAN all guns in all states-create strict laws and enforce them-get politicians who support the NRA out of office! Make all students at school watch “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore – get educated, how bout that?

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