Youth football league coaches and family members brawl in parking lot

Trifling….. They all deserve these charges; the whole family.  That’s all I can say on this one…… 

2 Coaches Fight, Expelled From League


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  1. Native, I have seen it this year in our league. You had a entire sideline of parents, coaches, and cheerleaders fighting. This is the kicker. THEY WERE FROM THE SAME TEAM. A week later there was a fight in which a player from the visiting team PUNCHED one of the opposing coaches. Yes, PUNCHED the opposing coach in the face. All of the players, coaches, and parents were banned from the league permantly. This happened in Charles County. The sad part is now the kids that are left are playing games with only 11-12 players which mean they have to play the whole game. These kids are suffering because of a few bad seeds.

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