AIDS started in Haiti

There have been many theories about how AIDS originated; from a flight attendant, homosexuals in San Diego, monkies and a new study has surfaced….

U.S. scientist are claiming that HIV went directly from Africa to Haiti, then spread to the United States and much of the rest of the world beginning around 1969.  From Africa to Haiti to the United States.

Then the go on to say that the findings settle a key debate on the history and transmission route of the deadly virus.  Really?  Does it really settle the debate?

I am not a biologist, but I feel there needs to be more research on this issue.  I just find it hard to believe  that through this group’s research they can pin point that AIDS started in African and Haiti.  Let’s see more studies…..


9 Responses

  1. A-men Native.

    I heard this last night. Hit me like a ton of bricks. Seemed much to convenient an explanation for me to take as fact. It removes the possibility of culpability in any group of non-African descent in HIV’s initial transmission.

    I don’t know about that. Show me more studies, and lots of indisputable evidence.

  2. Who believes the government or any quasi-governmental organization? If AIDS started in Africa, I say it was taken to Africa by the elitist eugenicists to reduce the populations of dark-skinned people. While people’s behaviors are key to spreading the disease, the real question is where did the disease originate? I say it originated in a lab somewhere and is just what the elites need to rid their mother earth of multitudes of “useless eaters”. Their plans are to reduce the earth’s population and have only enough serfs to do their work for them and buy their Chinese junk.

  3. Well, seeing as most viruses originate in Asia, I find it suspicious that this one started in Africa, UNLESS, it is man made and was introduced in Sub Saharan Africa ON PURPOSE.

  4. Does it matter where it originated? It’s here now and in a big way! It’s destroying communities around the world, especially black ones. Lets deal with the problem now. Debating who started what, doesn’t solve anything.

  5. Kskipp:

    I agree. AIDS is plauging communities around the world; so what is this research for?

  6. Right ON DJ Black Adam! I think you hit the nail right on the head! This study is nonsense.

  7. LMAO, as quick as I type them, they get pulled…better for you I guess, you don’t want your “followers” to see what an uninformed jackass you are.

  8. Reality:

    The reason why I did not post your other comments because you used racist names to identify black people. do you really think I would let you post comments that degrade a group of people? If you want me to post your comments, don’t make ignorant comments.

    Even though you called me a jackass, I posted it because it because anyone can be a jackass; you prove that everytime you post a comment on my site…

  9. Racist names? Why is “colored” any different than “African American” or “Black American” or number of other names? I didn’t use the dreaded “N” word or any of the other “offensive” names. I use “colored” as a goof to counter the terms you refer to yourselves as. Why the need to be “Black American” or “African American?” What happened to just plain “American” or something less exclusive? This is another example of why racism won’t die. I’m not “Irish American”…just an American…although not often proud of that seeing the way this Country is headed.

    As for being a jackass, yes, I’ve been known to earn that title…but hardly when posting on here. I offer valid and well reasoned thoughts and opinions…if they differ from yours or anyone elses on here doesn’t make them less important or real to me.

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