Duane Dog Chapman doesn’t have a problem with calling black people out of their names

The Bounty Hunter Duane Dog Chapman; shows his true colors.  I use to like Chapman.  Listen to this audio tape about him talking about his son’s girlfriend……. A&E has suspended production on his show until an investigation is done.

Audio 1

Audio 2

It is so obvious that he made this apology because he got caught saying these things.  If you listen to the audio clips, he doesn’t even take a breath during his rant. 

If this isn’t racist, then what is?  If this isn’t yet another example of why black people should not attempt to take the sting out of the word nigger, like Nas and other have suggested then I don’t know what is.

Here is Chapman’s apology below

 Statement from Duane “Dog” Chapman (10/31/07)

My sincerest, heartfelt apologies go out to every person I have offended for my regrettable use of very inappropriate language. I am deeply disappointed in myself for speaking out of anger to my son and using such a hateful term in a private phone conversation. It was completely taken out of context. I was disappointed in his choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character. However, I should have never used that term. I have the utmost respect and aloha for black people – who have already suffered so much due to racial discrimination and acts of hatred. I did not mean to add yet another slap in the face to an entire race of people who have brought so many gifts to this world. I am ashamed of myself and I pledge to do whatever I can to repair this damage I have caused.

In Hawai’i, we have something called ho’oponopono, where people come together to resolve crises and restore peace and balance. I am meeting with my spiritual advisor, Rev. Tim Storey, and hope to meet with other black leaders so they can see who I really am and teach me the right thing to do to make things right, again. I know that all of my fans are deeply disappointed in me, as well, as I have tried to be a model for doing the right thing. I did not do the right thing this time, and hope you will forgive me. We learn from our mistakes, as my story of overcoming a life of crime has proven, and I will learn from this one for the rest of my life.

Duane “Dog” Chapman.


23 Responses

  1. How can u being the trailer trash that u are, call a black woman the N word. Take this show off the air. You got some exposure on TV and think u are HOT stuff now.

  2. Another example of the problems with the lack of a formal higher-education.

  3. pretty G-D pathetic, if you ask me… but then again, his show will probably be tops in the ratings after this little episode. Dog (and his minions) are a bunch of steroid heads, gun-totin’, trailer-trash rednecks… to be honest, i would’ve been surprised if he said that he didn’t use the N-word!

  4. He should take a hint from his buddy Michael “Kramer” Richards and just disappear. He’s “sorry”? Yeah, he is sorry. He should have just saved that apology and said straight up that I don’t like my son dating a “N”. And the funniest part about this whole thing is that in his “rant” he says that he is worried that she will ruin his career by running and telling someone he used the “N” word. I guess you saved her the trouble, huh Dog?

  5. The only surprise to any of this is that maybe there is someone out there who didn’t expect this from Trash like Duane. Would it be a surprise coming from Lester Maddos or Ross Barnett? Hell no and A & E should have stopped short of pushing that envelope in allowing vermin of that sort to be part of the American televison experience.

  6. I won’t be watching this show anymore!!!!

  7. Do y’all know that white-boy makes about 14 million dollars a year off that show. DAMN!!!! To keep things in perspective, no one seems to be upset about this damn MTV show ‘tia tequila’, or whatever the hell it is called. It promotes nothing but homosexuality! Ya’ll be keeping quiet ‘cuz the women be hot, RIGHT!!!! Keep your eyes open people…the walls are closing in and we’re worried about one dude saying the n-word?


  8. I hope this destroys his career and his next TV appearance is on true hollywood stories (THS) where we find Dog and his bimbo wife living in a trailer park among there kind. Dog’s doing crank and his wife is turning tricks at truck stops.

    Duane “grand dragon” Chapman

  9. it is nice to see just about everyone else on the blog pass judement on dog for using a less than favorable word and in the process call him things like trash and redneck. in a way aren’t y’all doing the samething to him, it’s just not a racially charged as the “n” word. i’m sure all of you have used the “n” word before or some other racial slurr in a private conversation before or in a fit of anger on any race. if you answered no you are a liar. i’m sure y’all have not taken that into account before you judged mr. chapman and taken it among yourself to call him offensive names. in away you are no better that he is. maybe you should put out an appology, at least he was man enough to admit he was wrong weather or not if he got caught. from the entire tape (the 5 minute version) it sounds like this young lady was already planning to “set up” mr. chapman for some time even threatening to assault his wife. how would you feel if someone threathened your career and family. i’m sure you would have some choice words too. i am not approving of what mr. chapman has said, but i am keeping in mind this was suppose to be a private conversation between father and son, and then he was betrayed by his own son. mr. chapman will be judged by his maker and will pay the price there. i take more offense to what some of you have said here.

  10. the fact is that every white and every black person in the united states is either racist to some degree, in that they have a preconceived notion of what they can expect from the other race(s) in the way of social interaction.

    there is no worthwhile explanation of what you meant when you said whatever you said. apologize and don’t try to come out of this looking good to everybody.

    there will be unapologetic racists who will be insulted at your cowardice in not parroting their views, then there will be plenty of black folks that will write you off.

    there will be a lot of people who can respect an apology that isn’t a rationalization of why you were right all along.

    and some people, like me, won’t watch your show any more than we ever did, but not because of your views on race.

  11. “i’m sure all of you have used the “n” word before or some other racial slurr in a private conversation before or in a fit of anger on any race.”

    Obviously, you have, but nope. Never said it. Never heard anybody in my family say it. Not the N-word, nor any other racial slur — we just don’t do those things in my family (and we are from from Europe, I am first-generation Canadian born). You see, Liz, racists are raised, not born. It’s natural that you think that everybody says it once in a while, because obviously that’s the way you were raised. Rather than extrapolate your messed up influences to the rest of the entire world, I suggest you engage in a little soul-searching, and understand that your family did this to you — they programmed into to a sort of subconscious kneejerk racism, to the point that the thing on the tip of your tongue when you are angry at someone is a slur on the colour of their skin. There are plenty of us out here we do not that impulse at all; therefore, there is nothing to suppress, and there are no ‘accidental’ N-words.

    Basically, Liz, if you live constantly having to watch yourself that you don’t slip and say something like that, then you do in fact have subconscious racist impulses, and the only way you’ll get past them is by accepting them for what they are. I’m not trying to criticise you; I think it would very worth it for you to go through this soul-searching, to spare your children from being instilled with same impulses to ‘go there’ to the colour of a person’s skin — wouldn’t you prefer it if your children could live like me, without a fear in the world of saying something that might be perceived as racist, because I simply was never raised to take account of a person’s skin colour when I have a problem with them it or even to refer to it? If you even bring up the subject of a person’s race or it even comes into your mind in anger when you have a problem with them personally, then I’m afraid you are infected with something that your children would be far, FAR better off without. And the only way to achieve this better life for them is to institute complete racial neutrality in every single word your children and your children’s children here out of your mouth. It’s what my father did, what my mother did, what my grandparents did, and as a 38-year old man I realise that it’s a wonderful gift they gave me, because I look at racial conflict with genuine bewilderment. I know lots of other people like me, too. We’re rather common up here in the north.

  12. Who cares about this guy. If somebody tape recorded my private conversations I’d get fired from my job. So would a lot of you guys. Dog the bounty hunter is not worth our time. I never watched his show.

    My college roomate got shot six times last week and killed over a girl. Dude had four kids who he took care off. When this happens nobody cares. Philadelphia has had over 300 homicides this year. I wonder how many of them were Black on Black. Lets talk about that!

    When A white says Nigger its front page news and everybody got something to say. Every white person you know is saying Nigger behind close doors, and I could care less.

    I’m so tired of this N word circus it needs to stop.

  13. We have bigger isues on our plate that we need to be dealig with than the word nigger or Nigga.

  14. I’m hesitant to even post but here it goes.I don’t condone dog’s language but..
    The word is used , in music,in jokes(black comedians),even as “everyday”street language..There is a variation of it even to describe white people.It is a foul word with no place in the english language, but yet there it is even on this page.
    So why get mad? Because of who said it…right? Because he’s white…
    It’s real easy to blame him, to hate him for what he said
    Like I said I don’t condone the language but do you think that maybe you judge a little too harsh?
    That in the end isn’t it just word foul as it may be?

  15. Here’s a newsflash! White people will never stop using the ‘N’ word until blacks do!!!! How can you expect us to seriously believe that the word inflicts so much emotional/psychological pain to blacks when they toss it around like the word ‘buddy’?!?! Convince us White people that you really don’t like the word by discontinuing its use in the black community/rap cd’s/in casual conversation and we’ll begin to take you seriously. Unfortunately, the only Whites who will ever apologize for using that word are those who stand to lose millions of dollars. Trust me, the world is getting tired of ‘the race card’ and ‘the pain caused by Whites using the “N” word’. Time to grow, stop making excuses and realize that blacks demand and get more ‘entitlements’ than any other race in the world.


  17. Have to say, White Guy makes a whole lot of sense. Could the word be as painful as blacks claim when it is used as commonly as “brotha” or any other friendly greeting among your people? An episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” was based on the it…someone overhears another person use it while on a cell phone and when he relates the story to someone else a black person overhears and all hell breaks loose. Ok, the show has lost its edge if you will, but the point was well made…a black hears a white use the word and reacts as though shot in the stomach…YET…you see two blacks run across each other on the street and the dreaded “N” word is used a friendly greeting. The mixed signals given off are what annoys people.

    Until words and symbols lose the power to incite people, blacks will always have a built in excuse to justify their lives. I find this bounty hunter to be a total ass, he is obviously racist, but in an effort to save his show and whatever reputation he has he will now pretend to be sorry for feeling the way he does. I caught a few minutes of one of his appearances…talking “God” and trying to show the world he is a “God” fearing and loving man…what a crock of shyte…he’s pathetic and a disgrace to people everywhere.

  18. how can he Pray aloud and claim to be saved and be so nasty and sinfull? He needs Jesus period. He has a gross mouth. He better get right cuz Jesus is coming back. And we will all look like Jesus in heaven. Dog better hope Jesus ain’t black cuz then all the saints will be black.

  19. I am among the African Americans who is offended by the n word no matter who uses it or how they use. My experience is that African American users of the n word are more likely to blow a gasket when a White person uses it. IF YOU DON’T WANT OTHER RACES TO SAY NIGGER, LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

    As for Dog, he meant nigger in the worst form. the content of his conversation proved it. He said they (his family) would drop any member of the family who dated a Black person. That, as an American citizen, is his right.

    I certainly wouldn’t want one of my kids marrying into his family. And as Dog said, this has nothing to do with race. My view is based on Dog’s past. Prison, drugs, a half dozen baby mamas, and a dozen kids that he didn’t think enough of to stick around and father. Until Dog the Bounty Hunter, how much child support did he provide? Not a good role model. NOW, Dog is concerned about his family?

    A lot of the problem seemed to be about Beth. As a FORMER watcher of the show, I know that Dog works hard to keep Beth happy. After so many women and children it seems he finally figured that he has to be good to his woman. If he won’t drop his woman for his family, why should his son, Tucker drop his?

  20. a lot of the issue of the ‘n’ bomb, is that it doesn’t mean one thing to everybody. some white people often use it as short hand for all black americans, some use it to describe black criminals and malcontents (as opposed to ‘good’ black people, i’m not sure anyone is qualified to make that distinction or whether the term is really useful).

    black people, of which i am not one, seem to use it variously, as well. older black men sometimes use it to refer to those who have given up and failed to ‘make something of themselves. the younger pop culture uses it differently, mostly as a (?) term of friendship (right here right now we’re all just a bunch of…’) like people hammer their friends with mf or bitch, etc. this is a complicated gesture, and it is characterized by ‘****az’, a pronuciation you can hear, but the term indicates an outsiders’ bond with each other.

    a big problem i’ve already mentioned is that everyone has been touched by the racism concept. as long as people are on the lookout that their neighbors will do them wrong (of course some will, but i’d say most don’t), while others are on the lookout for signs of exclusion and unequal treatment,
    we are all being limited and harmed by these ideas.

    i don’t claim moral leadership, but i believe that bill clinton had the right idea when he said that blacks and whites need to talk honstly and respectfully with each other (other races are obviously included in this concept) and consider ignorance to be the major vector of racism.

    in the end, i’ts not the word, it’s what the word says about the speaker.

  21. First off…. I think it’s possible to use the “n” word to refer to black people that behave in a particular manner. It’s the same way people communicate the difference between white trash and “normal” white people. But the fact of the matter is given his stature as a celeberity and as a role model, and being aware of the potential damages of people finding out about him using this extremely sensitive word, he most definitely should have known better. The guy is a jackass. “Hey I’m rich and famous. People are all up in my personal life because they dont have one of their own. Guess I better use the ‘n’ word.” haha give me a break. he doesnt deserve to have a show if he is so ignorant he can’t refrain from using racial slurs, taken out of context or not, when he is aware that there could be a recorder present anyway. The guy is a moron.

  22. If Dog was not famous nobody would of cared what he said.
    Black people call us white people all kinds of names. But you don’t see us running and complaining and screaming racist.
    You look at a black person wrong and they are screaming racist.
    Black people need to chill out.
    Don’t get me wrong here as I do not have anything againest black people. Some of my best friends are black.
    I just think this should never of been brought to the public as it was a private conversation. *PRIVATE*
    What is this damn world coming to when you can’t even have a private conversation with your child anymore.
    Everyone wants to dictate what everyone else can do. Before long you won’t even be able to have a shit with out someone telling you you can.
    As for Dog I am so sorry that you are going through this.
    Everyone makes mistakes. I forgive you as I am sure alot of other people have. I hope your show is back on soon as I miss watching it.
    I wish you and your family all the best and hope this blows over quickly.
    Keep the faith Dog. You are in my prayers.

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