Talking Snowflakes with Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld gets outed. 

This only confirms what the American people all ready know.  The Bush Administration only care about pushing their elitist agenda.  I would love to see the Bush family’s financial statements to see how much of their portfolio consists of defense and oil companies that have contracts with the Government.


2 Responses

  1. My favorite part:

    “If radicals ‘get a hold of’ oil-rich Saudi Arabia, he added, the United States will have ‘an enormous national security problem.’ ”

    Talk about a day late and a dollar short! They’ve already got ahold of Saudi Arabia:

    And yes, 9/11 sure as hell was “an enormous national security problem.”

  2. Its crazy because even Condeleza Rice used to be on the board of directors for Chevron. The same companies that financed the Bush camapaign are the same ones over their in Iraq. Its common sense. Iraq has more oil than Saudi Arabia. Every person on Bush’s 2000 team was directly related to oil and energy companies.

    Pure imperialism to fullest definition.

    They are carving up the middle east just like they did Africa after the Berlin Conference.

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