Immigration chief apologizes for ‘offensive’ costumes at her party

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Department of Homeland Security will investigate a Halloween costume party hosted by a top immigration official and attended by a man dressed in a striped prison outfit, dreadlocks and darkened skin make-up, a costume some say is offensive, the department’s secretary said.

Story Highlights

  • Man in prison outfit, dreadlocks and darkened skin make-up came to party
  • Party host was Julie Myers, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • She and other judges at first gave man praise for costume’s “originality”
  • But some were offended and Myers later apologized in an email to employees 

13 Responses

  1. White Privileged…of course they’re not going to see anything offensive (or wrong) about this…watch, I bet there will be some people getting defensive on here…as usual…yall should see the comments posted on – if you are culturally competent and formally and personally educated on race issues, you will be outraged!

  2. “if you are culturally competent and formally and personally educated on race issues, you will be outraged!”

    Outraged about what? One white person acting ignorant or Jay-Z releasing a CD titled “Gangster” in which he glorifies the fantasy path of drug-dealing, rap star, to CEO success?

    How many lives will be affected by the buffoon at the private party? How many lives will be affected by the buffoon with the new CD? We have many black kids out there who think the path to success is via sports or the music business. Are they concerned about what happened at the Halloween party? No! Will they be watching Jay-Z’s videos, listening to his words, and thinking: I can do that, too! Unfortunately, a significant have and a significant number will.

    One white person acting ignorant is one person acting ignorant. The pollution of young blacks’ minds is black on black crime. What should we be more concerned about?


  3. Julie Myers is a pig for allowing this disgraceful conduct at a Homeland Security party. I have ask my Senator, Chuck Schumer to demand her firing. Blackface with “coon” dancing is unacceptable conduct at any Washington DC social!

  4. Who cares.

  5. KEV I CARE!
    Do you think that the “Homeland Security” would have dressed as a jew in order to gain laughs? How about a homosexual? I don’t think so! These groups have powerful influence in Washington DC. Why do you think the Homeland Security employee chose a dark complexion person in a prison outfit. Because some of us don’t care! We are percieved as powerless.
    Thank God some white people care, because they are making a stink over this. It will be a long time before anyone in Washington thinks it is OK to dress up in blackface and a prison outfit again. This employee wrongly believe that we are powerless, so he could get away with this. I intend to prove him and his boss Julie Myers wrong.

    ever heard of multi-tasking? We can reject both at the same time! As usual, you are on point, Jay-Z is the greater danger to black youth.

  7. “ever heard of multi-tasking? We can reject both at the same time!”

    LOL! True.


  8. Ain’t my brother we have over 300 homocides this year in Philadelphia abouy 80% were black on black. Over 200 murders in Baltimore and almost 90% were black.

    we got jacked up schools. Gentrification si the new disenfranchisement especially down here where I live in Atlanta. We got single moms workin for 8.50/hr with no benefits trying to raise 3 kids paying $200 a week in daycare

    My collge roomate got shot six times and killed over a damn girl. If somem white dude called him a nigger or hung a noose on his door it woudl be all on talk radio, on all the blogs on CNN etc.

    Whats wrong with that picture? Lets talk about real issues and real problems goin in the hood. Who cares about a damn party. We got black teens getting shot and killed at partys every single night. Nobody bloggin about that. Lets talk about that

  9. Hey Kev
    I thought NYC was wild. I’m staying out of your neighborhood!

    stay safe!

  10. Afripino- I understand what you’re saying, and I do agree, we are not engaging in whats really polluting the young Black mind, enough, or as often as we should. My point was simply that Whites are privileged, in that rarely must they have to think about whether or not what they are doing would be offensive to a person of color. And being that this act came from DHS, it has the ability to influence the American people and validate existing sterotypes. True enough that it was a single incident, and maybe it didn’t affect you as it did me, but we all perceive situations differently. I was just simply looking at the bigger picture-of how it can affect the larger population as a whole, not just young black minds as you have imposed.

  11. Native Son,

    Have you gone into early retirement?




    This message board have not been updated in a few weeks.
    Hope everything is OK

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