AIDS in D.C.; Major Epidemic

This is not good.  AIDS is real, and living in the D.C. area I know the stats, this study takes it to another level.  How do you break through to people in the community that AIDS is not a gay disease.  What will it take to put in the minds of people that HIV is spread through unprotected sex; it does not discriminate?  This story just broke in the Washington Post

7 Responses

  1. all over the world where folks of color are, especially among male prison populations

  2. AIDS- another population control tactic brought to us care of the Illuminati, Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, etc.

    Curtly, I don’t buy any of it. How can there be such a pandemic when people don’t even have to take a test in order to be diagnosed -and- the HIV/AIDS tests themselves do not test for the specific antibodies to the “virus”, but yet goes according to a high volume white blood cell count? That’s means if you’re sick with SOMETHING ELSE, and get tested, the results will be a FALSE POSITIVE.

  3. The only way I think you could deal with something like this is to start with children. If you can convince them concerning lifestyle and such issues early on you can maybe reverse the tide.

  4. The number seems unrealisticly high and I’m not sure I believe it, however, thats not really the point. There are more people infected with HIV than there should be and many are African American. I can’t help but wonder where the church, which claims to be the leader of the African American community, is in all of this. Why aren’t they on the front line of the stsruggle against the disease?

  5. I agree 100% Brandon, where is the church??? And there is something awfully unrealistic about these numbers. DC is known for high drug rates and crime rates. I can only see these numbers corresponding to IV usage then. As far as lifestyle choice…Yes we need to wrap it up more, but there are plenty of Whites in NY and surrounding areas that dont and do not have these numbers! There are more White drug users in the US than black! I do smell a conspiracy. Hopefully we find its root before its too late and discover we were yet again bambozaled by the CIA just like they did with crack, Tuskegee syphylis, and so on.

    Jesus take the Wheele!!!!!!!

  6. I think that AIDS is spreading in America pretty rapidly. There seems to be a lack of awareness about the issue.

  7. i say bullsh^t. Show us the virus!

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