Crime Statisitcs put police departments on the defensive

I know I am a couple of weeks late on this story, but what is your take on the Detroit being listed as the country’s most dangerous city.  According to the Washington Post, the FBI has indicated not to use their statistics, but a company did it anyways.  Why is crime so high in our major cities?  Conservatives say it is bad family values.  Liberals claim its policy. 

One talk show host said that it didn’t surprise him that Detroit made the top of the list because of the high unemployment rate.  All the factory and blue collar jobs have been outsourced and has left a huge employment gap.  He linked high unemployment with crime.  What is your take on this?


One Response

  1. The housing situation is a key factor in the growing crime problem. Because of the economy in Michigan and the mortgage crisis, many people are losing their homes. The increase in unoccupied homes creates problems such as vandalism, theft, and arson.

    I live in Detroit, so I see a lot of this first hand. There are many nice working-class and middle-class neighborhoods that are starting to go downhill, and it’s really sad. The problem with the housing situation is spreading to the suburbs, as well.

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