Man Charged with Murder; Sparks outrage with local Cali. NAACP Chapter

I’m back and ready to roll.  So what is your take on this story.  You have 3 young men who drive an hour away to break into a home of a suspected drug dealer; they are caught by the homeowner who shoots them as they fled.  They were all shot in the back; 2 died.  When they were shot, they were no longer on the man’s property because they were fleeing.  The one who survived is know being charged with murder under a rare California law.  Is the local NAACP justified in their accusation?  Should the survining person be charged with murder.

Rare Robbery


17 Responses

  1. So, three wannabe thugs goes to rob someones home. They beat the man’s stepson into brain damage. The homeowner kills two of the thugs and the local prosecuter charges the one that got away with murder. So what is the problem? You get what your hand call for! Had they broken into my home and beat my daughter into brain damage, I would be waiting for them at the court house door! How the man makes his living is his business. I wonder why they they did’nt try to rip off the local crack dealer? I think they knew how that would end. I am sick and tired of the mommas, pulling out the middle school cap and gown pictures, and swearing little kwame, malique and jaquan is an angel. Lets cut the bull, they went there to rob and kill. No amount of screaming racism is going to change that. I say good riddance. This type of negro is not my brother, would I be his next victim?

  2. The surviving robber should not be charged with murder. He should be charged with robbery and must serve the time for his crime. The other 2 people who were with him knew what they were getting into. They were not (as far as I know), forced into this scheme.

    Everyone who willingly and knowingly participates in a crime has to take responsibility for their OWN actions.

    CAN WE AT LEAST AGREE ON ATTEMPTED MURDER ?, for the brain damaged kid.

  4. His a** should get attempted murder AT THE LEAST.
    I hate black people sometimes, ’cause we have this knack for making ourselves look so damn bad right when the racial/prejudicial climate is way up. Great job, f^cktards.

  5. you hate black people sometimes? Hate is a very strong word. Are you black? I read your comment and used “we” so I am assuming you are black.

  6. From my understanding of the situation, they want to charge the third robber with the murders of the other 2 guys who were out robbing with him. That is what is making this case so unusual.

    In this situation, I say the third robber should not be charged with the murders of the other two robbers. The other two people who went along on the robbery scheme knew what they were getting into. The third robber should be charged with the breaking and entering, and with threatening the homeowners life.

    Of course, the homeowner should not be charged with anything, because he was defending his property and his life.

  7. Yes, I am. I hate our actions sometimes- that’s what I should have said.

  8. Rene: okay, I am glad you clarified.

  9. this is a simple case of “be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it!”

    hughes and his henchmen thought they had found an easy mark for drugs and money. what they got was some bullets in their backs and a murder charge to boot! it appears that hughes is rightly charged under the provisions of the Provacative Act because his actions PROVOKED the homeowner to use deadly force to defend his home and family.

    the only unfortunate aspect of this story is the racial component. i guess we wouldn’t have to deal with the incessant blathering of the NAACP if the homeowner had been Black!

    to my way of thinking, it will be a GOOD DAY when Mr. Hughes joins his two cohorts in Purgatory! that will make at least THREE criminals that the good people of California will not have to worry about breaking into their homes and causing mayhem.

  10. Purgatory my AZZ, They are taking the express to HELL.

    P.S. I like the usage of “incessant blathering”, hope you don’t mind if I use it sometimes.

  11. Dude me and my 3 black friends talk about what u talk about all the time ! Plz send me a email man so I Can know yr email address Native Son ?
    Dont leave uh comment here cuz I proably wont hit this page back up

    anywayz man keep up the observations

  12. This is racism at its finest. Edmonds, a well-known drug dealer and meth addict lies by claiming he was robbed, shoots two men in the back, and walks away free while Renato gets the blame. That is not playing the so-called race card; those are the facts! These three young gentlemen were educated African American men. They were NOT thugs, but because of racial stereotypes and ignorance, some people automatically assume that white Edmonds’ accusations are justified. How can the young men rob when they did not have any weapons? Why would they choose to pass San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, and other cities just to rob this sick man? The facts are that Renato was not identified in a line up, Renato did not kill anyone, and Renato did not rob Edmonds! If Edmonds was supposedly being attacked in his home, how did he have time enough to get a gun and run after the men to shoot them? Also, it is not defense if you are pursuing someone else! Additionally, why didn’t the Lake County police take the buckets of marijuana and scale that was found in Edmonds’ home? No medical license allows an individual to have five or more pounds of weed for medical treatment. Edmonds is GUILTY! Edmonds needs to be prosecuted for HIS ACTIONS OF MULTIPLE MURDERS!!! This is why this case needs to be further examined. Renato Hughes is innocent and it is sad that he has to endure false accusations for something he did not do! There is no card that is being played, just another example of how a white man is trying to get away with murder and not being held accountable for his actions!

  13. Us Black Nationalist/Pan Afrikan Nationalist have a term for you so-called black people who still carry the slave mentality, “Negroes!” It’s really sad that you could state your opinions without knowing the facts. Those young brothers didn’t deserve to be shot in the back. That was cowardly. No weapons were found on their dead bodies. Hell, the clothes they wore were bright, not classified as typical robbery gear. Are you legal counsel for white supremacy? Some of ya’ll sound like Edmonds’ lawyer. To my understanding, the stepson was hit with his own bat. Hmm! How did that happen? Them boys had no weapons. Where is the proof? They couldn’t I.D. Hughes, so before you make comments, study the facts, better yet, study your history!!! This country was built on the blood of our ancestors and is currently being maintained on the blood of our youth. Your ancestors must be the ancestors that betrayed Nat Turner or tried to turn around when Harriet Tubman lead those enslaved Afrikans through the Underground Railroad.

  14. I live in Lake County and San Francisco. It’s a terrible thing that happened. No matter what the outcome of the trial, there will be terrible pain for everyone.

    I hope this trial gets national publicity. Not for the merits of the case so much as that things like this happen less often!

    I personally know of another case almost like this involving a family member. Thank God no one was killed. Only pistol whipped, in a home invasion for pot that went bad. The bad guys got away.

    Please, who ever is reading this pass this on to your friends. Love thy neighbor!!

  15. I am Dale Lafertys’ grandmother. If you read the provacative act Renato Hughes must be found guilty. As for the bat belonging to Dale what do you expect- he was a 17 year old boy playing sport and running track in school. If I heard my mother screaming I’d grab the closest thing to me to defend her and I would probably say words that I would not say in any other setting. Dale will live with a traumatic brain injury the rest of his life. He doesn’t speak anymore. He has the concentration of less then a 4 year old. He can’t bath himself or brush his teeth. He will never drive a car or be able to serve our country as he had planned on doing upon his graduation. He lives 430 miles away from his family in a rehabilitation center. He’s not here with us to watch his niece and nephew grow up. We miss Dale — the Dale we knew before these men decided to break into his home in the middle of the night. They are all guilty of this trajedy . I know that Rashad Williams is the man that beat my grandson with my grandsons’ bat. If Rashad had been in prison for robbing banks this would have never happened. But no, his mother sends him to his grandmothers’ in Clearlake before he starts sevring his prison term. My heart goes out to that grandmother. There’s a saying that if you can’t do the time- don’t do the crime. Renato, you should of thought about that before you went to my grandsons’ home, your actions have changed our lives forever. GUILTY!!!!!!!!

  16. The homeowner should spend the rest of his life in prison for murder, the robber should be charged with robbery.

  17. LISTEN UP RETARDS! I’ll make this very simple for you.

    You don’t buy pot at someones house at 4 a.m.! At a club or party possibly, but not someones house. The assertion that these three losers were simply buying weed at Edmonds house at such an hour has got to be one of the stupidest defense tactics ever!

    Furthermore, the glass from the shattered door was found on the inside of the house. That proves that it was busted in from the outside. And shango360: Who do you think beat Dale with the bat? Shannon, Dale, or his own mother? (Perhaps it was Professor Plum with the candlestick!)

    Give me a break, and get an education fool!

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