Family of 6 get arrested at Florida Mall

What in the hell was this family on for trying to stop an arrest? And what in the hell was wrong with the Police department sending over 20 police officers and a helicopter?  Now that is way too excessive.  I think both sides are wrong for different reasons. 

Frantz Leger was banned from the mall for wearing baggy pants, so why was he there?  He is a sophomore business major at FSU, he should know better.  I bet that some people will say that this is another way to racially profile our black youth; I think not; sorry…

What is your take on this?

Report: Family Arrested After Mall Fracas Prompted by Saggy Pants


6 Responses

  1. Welcome back. Happy new year!


    Yes, again, another group of idiots gets their 15 seconds of fame on television. Of course, again, everyone in America has painted all African Americans with the same brush.

    They ban your ass from their property? Keep your azz out! Don’t Like it? Hire a lawyer or call the ACLU! Maybe you should put your azz in your pants! I know damn well I don’t want to see it! Instead of a throw down with the local cops in which you are going to lose, let the lawyers do their thing. Hell, you may become part owner of the mall. Then you can ban, soggy pants. Instead, you get yo momma a azz whipping and the ole man, a little jail time. Then again, if they have you walking around with your pants around your knees, maybe they should be in jail. Other dummies, No street throw down, hire a lawyer or get a free liberal ACLU attorney.

  3. He is not an FSU student — He lied. ( Surprised?) He is a student at Tallahasee Community college. He is also not African American — he is Haitian. Which is realy irrelevant because stupidity knows no racial boundaries. The police responded with what some see as an excessive response but who is to say. The mother and father committed felonious assault and battery on a police officer — if any of them had had a gun then what? The family acted like a bunch of animals and now they want to sue. The mother has a previous criminal record for larceny and burgalary charges. The family has been involved in numerous lawsuits — they are looking to cash in — I hope they have to spend someserious time in jail. And good luck getting a good job now Mister business major getting a good job with a criminal record — perhaps he should have lied about who his parents are rather then what school he attends. STUPID! It’s not about race it’s about being an idiot.

  4. If the kid was banned based purely on his attire, he could’ve sued, especially if kids who dressed in styles such as goth, punk, or skater were allowed in.

    But if the kid was acting a fool, they the mall had every right to ban him. If the kid had a legitimate grievance, he’s blown his chances of being heard by starting trouble.

  5. Arrested for baggy pants? wtf… ok i got to call the mall out on this. why would you ban baggy pants when some of the stores in the mall sells them?

    As for as the police they wanted to keep it under control. Since if public so less police you know it could of trun into a riot.

  6. diegodog, you sound a little bitter…You know way too much information about this family…I would say maybe you were one of the cops involved, but everyone knows those hickville southern cops are way to STUPID to figure out the internet..One cop was quoted as saying ((The mall doesn’t put up with that tomfoolery bullcrap, Hart said.)) Haha sounds like stupidity If i’ve ever heard it, someone PLEASE get this officer a dictionary. Florida really needs to raise its education standards for police, then stupid standoffs like this can be avoided alltogether. What would have happened if some old lady were getting raped a few blocks away?? All the cops were busy trying to pull up Frantz Leger’s pants!! When I open a mall I’m banning Mullets and lets see if the cops will go through all of this to ban mullets! HA!

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