Clinton Chokes up

If Clinton would have won in Iowa, would the media be concentrating on this Clinton tear jerking session?  No they would not.  I think Clinton thought she was going to win Iowa, she didn’t and now she is pissed because a younger less known candidate whipped her butt…


7 Responses

  1. …now she is pissed because a younger less known candidate whipped her butt…

    True, but I suspect she’s also pissed that she and Bill can no longer get by on their popularity in the so-called black community. With Obama, they have to deal with a man who has better oratory skills than Bill and Hillary, and who is actually black. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Clinton presidency and voted for him during both elections; however, Hillary still has to earn the right to be in the White House.

    To achieve her goal, she is going to have to actually convince voters that she is the better choice. Up until Iowa, she was thinking that she had the democratic nomination locked up. So her tears yesterday were more of an acknowledgement that things aren’t going as planned for her. She’s not ready to give up, but she knows that her work is cut out for her.

  2. Why is it that when a man running for President (such as Mitt Romney) gets teared up (not on one, not on two, but on THREE occassions), it means that he is passionate and its considered a positive thing. But when Hillary, the only female candidate running for office tears up, it is not “passion” but rather unstable emotions. I’m so sick of reading about her tearing up on every news website. Nobody had anything bad to say when Romney got all teary. But as soon as Hillary shows her “passion”, its suddenly and excuse to use the “unstable emotional woman” card! Get a grip people!! A passionate President is just what this Nation needs after the joke we’ve had in office during the past 8 years!! GROW UP PEOPLE!! She’s the smartest, most qualified and most experienced!

  3. alh:

    The reason why people are not buying it because if you look at the speech she made after that, she was business as usual and she made some comments that had some negative and possibly racial overtones. she knows how the game is played. remember she is the one with experience to get the job done. She said she has what it takes. So whatever she puts out is fair game.

  4. Whatever she did, it worked.

  5. Afripino:

    LOL your right.

    people need to understand that that Clintons are seasoned professional politicians; they know how to punch when they get backed in a corner and they turned the tears, whinning and complaining into a win. 48 more states to go and we shall see who is left standing. but Obama is going to have to start jabbing back because these past couple of days the Clintons have cried foul, pulled the race card and many other things to win support and it worked.

  6. I heard that the lady that asked the question which made Hilary “tear up” went on to vote for Obama.

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