Local News

4 girls found dead in DC row house–  Man when I read this story this broke my heart.  This story is a prime example of how we don’t take mental illness serious in this country.  Federal Marshals were going to a house to serve eviction papers, and woman answered the door.  This is when they found the 4 dead girls.  My prayers go out to those children.

Gang fued In Prince George’s County to blame for students being shot– This is tragic all the ray around.  I know there are some kids at Flowers who knows what is going on and they need ot speak up now.  Kids should not have to worry about getting shot at while walking home from school.  This has to stop.  it is up to the parents to get up in their children’s business, find out who they are hanging with.  It amazes me how some of us know all the neighborhood gossip; who is sleeping with who, how to get bootleg DVDs, hot TVs etc, but when it comes to protecting your community we turn a deaf ear to it….


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