Photo Id for Voter Registration

This is a serious issue.  Is making photo IDs a requirement for voter registration unconstitutional?    The Supreme Court  is hearing this argument right now.

There are many issues with photo IDs that I think the State of Indiana did not take into consideration.  There have not been any reports of voter fraud by the people; all of the complaints have been about voter administration on the local and state governments part.  What about the elderly?  You have some old folks who may not have family members who can take them to get a photo ID.  This is another way to suppress the vote among those people who all ready have it hard enough.  What’s your take on this?


One Response

  1. This bill was absolutely written to suppress voting by the poor and the elderly. Moreover, poll workers don’t know how to apply it properly. For instance, during city elections this fall (Fort Wayne) my wife was denied a chance to vote because she didn’t have her license . She was not offered a provisional ballott as she should have been. The lady said” “Oh, we turned a lot of them away today”. It’s a shame that we have come to the point where power is more important than democracy.

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