The New Jordans…


Either Michael Jordan  is on crack or his divorce settlement left him penniless.  The new Jordans will first have a special edition version for $230.00 then the regular Jordans will retail at $185.00.  $185.00 dollars!!!!  Question?  What has Michael Jordan done for the community at large?  In particular the poor communities filled with kids who idolized him and did just about anything to buy his previous shoes?  I am a grown man, but I will be damned if I buy a $185.00 pair of sneakers.  I am all about free enterprise; but as we know, nothing is free in this Country; someone is paying the price for this.  I wonder what the true cost is for making this shoe?  Not nearly close to $185.00 I suspect.


5 Responses

  1. Cruising the WordPress tags brot me here…

    I agree. I’m sad that MJ isn’t trying to make a positive impact. Even if it was thru a foundation using other people’s money like Tiger.

    I think it speaks to his lack of real character.

  2. And to think, someone could get killed over that tacky pair of shoes.

  3. It’s a shoe addiction thing, you wouldn’t understand.

  4. It’s a CONSUMING ADDICTION that you don’t understand.

  5. Rene:

    I love you for that one! good response

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