Banita Jacks

This story is sad on so many levels.  But one thing that this story highlights the seriousness of mental illness and the importance of family involvement.

Banita Jacks  had many family and friends.  On the news last night, they should the courtroom which was full of her family members.  Why didn’t they step in to get her help?  I want to know where were all of these friends and family members who packed the courthouse last night when this woman needed them the most? 

According to this article, the godmother would drop off child support checks and the Banita wouldn’t even let her in the house and sometimes would not even answer the door. 

The City dropped the ball as well.  How do you take someones word that Banita had moved.  Why didn’t they investigate.  This woman had children; the importance should have been the safety of the children!  You really can’t blame the school system if the the parent withdrew the children from school. 

And finally we take a look at community.  Communities don’t look after each other like they use to.  I make it my duty to introduce myself to my neighbors.  I don’t need your blood type or SSN, but I do need to know who lives your house and what time you are usually at work.  Knowing this type of information about your neighbors is what can keep your community safe.  But some people just don’t want to be bothered. 

In the case of Banita Jacks, there is enough blame to go around on everyone.


6 Responses

  1. I completely agree with all you said! She and those kids were failed in many ways, including by her family and so-called friends.

  2. This story is huge. The bottom line: Nobody cared enough. Banita was a poor single black woman with 4 illegitimate children. Living in one of the worse ghettos of this country.
    And yes there are many Banita Jacks all over this country.
    She was mentally ill, poor, lacked family and community support with multiple life stressors and the situation was a ticking time bomb.
    I think the fathers of her 2 oldest children should be charged also. They both should have been involved in their child’s life and maybe this could have been avoided. Parents are suppose to provide support and protective for their children. When are we going to make fathers accountable???? I say, charge the sperm shooters for lack of involvement resulting in the death of the child.

  3. They definitely should answer to why they weren’t coparenting.

  4. For Banita Jack’s Children:

    During your short journey on this planet- you did not receive the love and nuturing you so deserved- not because you weren’t precious or valuable but you weren’t not born into the protective environment.
    May your precious souls R.I.P.
    We all failed you- but God loves you.

  5. This is truely a sad case. For the family response. It just goes to show that we dont care as we should. Im sure the family feels terrible but they are not on trial here. This should be an example that we really need to stop being so selfish and reach out to people. I definately think the family should have done more to reach out to her. I also agree that the kids father should have done more. Neglect is definately the word. This happens all over the US… these fathers need to be made accountable. For the kids god mother I think I would have been a little more concerned. Its truely evident that she has mental issues. We really need to look at this situation and say what can WE do to make sure this doesn’t hapen to peole in our lives!

    In re: to the social workers well we all know they are underpaid and overworked…..we do not employ enough of these workers BLAME the government!!! Not the workers..They have too many case loads per person and can’t really give one case enough attention to a particular case. Could this have been prevented? (on the city’s part) Sure! Reduce the case load and they could have investigated her no doubt about it!

  6. I am just beside myself, I grew up with Banita and was in the delivery room for the birth of her first two children. This is so outside of her character…being the woman i grew up with and knew 3 years ago. She was a great mother she worked at a head start program helping to teach children, she raised her nephews and nieces, children were her life, Her and I were unseperable, untill Nathanial, the man everyone wants to say held the family togather…… Well when she met him is when her life plundered and went into a downhill spiral, he pulled her away from me and all her family and friends one by one, before we knew it she was moving out of Charles County leaving no forwarding anything, he made sure none of us got in touch with her belive me when I say a lot of us tried and tried. I wish I knew what it was that man did to her but ask anyone who knew her the woman was a wonderful mother and friend untill he came into her life… The circle of violence no one wants to talk about that, No one wants to say all of the horrible things that man put her and her family through, God Bless those children I pray everyday for Gods forgiveness that I did not do more, maybe if I would have fought with Nate I could have remained a part of Banita and the girls life, anything if I would of known then what extreme this was going to come to. My God if I only knew, I pray that this helps other women who are in these situations to speak up and ask for help. God knows had I known anything or where to find her after all these years maybe I could of done something. This is not the woman I grew up with I see her now and she doesnt even look like the same person, I pray for gods forgiveness, I am so sorry I feel I failed those girls, I know they are in a better place and they are at peace… And God please have mercy on Banita. Something happened to her something terrible, The woman I knew would never do such a thing as this, I am just in such disbelief, denial if you will. I dont think I will ever be able to come to terms with this. I just hope they can find the whole truth and let those beautiful girls rest in peace, they have been picked and pryed at long enough please just let them rest………

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