County Police Crack Down on Burglaries

This is what it is all about; community involvement!  You must be active in your community with the authorities.   I grew up in Fort Washington, MD and I have always lived in neighborhoods that were community oriented.  Neighbors looked out for other.  when someone was on vacation, we picked up the newspapers that piled up in the yard.  People knew each others work schedules so if appeared that someone was around the house at a time when you are usually not home, people took notice. 

I am hoping to spread this same type of mindset in Capitol Heights.  I just bought a condo in Capitol Heights and it appears that most of the residents are young professionals like myself who care about community.  My condo development is a new property and it is in an area that is changing.  We have all ready seen our share of petty crimes; car break ins and one robbery, but we are taking action by getting to know each other and looking out for one another.  Police can’t do it alone; it has to be a partnership between community and local government; and that is what we plan to do in Capitol Heights, MD.


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