Bob Johnson Takes a Low Blow at Obama


Bob Johnson  is the last person to talk about anyone being dishonest.  The Obama campaign is not the reason why some African Americans were offended by what Hillary Clinton said; they heard the speech and drew their own conclusions. 

They didn’t need Obama’s campaign to express their objections.  There are many black people from Democratic Congressman to avergae citizens expressing outrage over what Hillary said. 

Here is what Bob Johnson  had to say about Obama:

“To me, as an African American, I am frankly insulted the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues — when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood; I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in his book — when they have been involved,” Johnson said. 

 The comment Johnson made about Obama’s drug use was low.  Why didn’t he bring up Bill Clinton being dishonest about having sexual relations with an intern?  Or better yet, why didn’t he mention how he fooled black people into thinking that BET would be cable network that black people could be proud of?  This is a clear example of how some in the black community like to bring others down; the crab in the barrel mentality.  I am frankly insulted that Bob Johnson was dishonest when he created Black Entertainment Television, or as I call it; Bootleg Entertainment Television. 

Johnson claimed that BET would be a one stop shop for news, entertainment and politics.  The network would address issues of the black community.  Well we all found out that was a lie.  BET became the safe haven for exploiting common negative stereotypes of black people.  He made billions off of exploiting black people. 

Then Johnson made this statement through the Clinton Campaign:

“My comments today were referring to Barack Obama’s time spent as a community organizer, and nothing else. Any other suggestion is simply irresponsible and incorrect. When Hillary Clinton was in her twenties she worked to provide protections for abused and battered children and helped ensure that children with disabilities could attend public school. That results oriented leadership — even as a young person — is the reason I am supporting Hillary Clinton.”

Johnson is the one that thinks black people are stupid.  Everyone knew damn well what he was trying to say.

Clinton stuck her foot in her mouth, and no matter what she meant to say, she said it and people commented on it.  Instead of taking responsibility for what she said or meant to say, she is too busy trying to blame the Obama campaign for adding fuel to the fire.

The bottom line is this: Support a candidate because you believe in their plans for the country; not because you are in some type of pay back mode.  You see some black people, feel that since the Clintons supported  some issues that affected the black community that we owe them our lives.  That we owe them favors for as long as we live; and I say that is complete BS.  We paid the Clintons for what they did, by voting for Bill Clinton during his run for second term in office; we don’t owe them a damn thing now.  I applaud the Clintons for their service to this country, but that doesn’t mean that black people have to sign over their first born just because the Clintons supported causes that affected African Americans.

Here are some fun facts about Bob Johnson


9 Responses

  1. The Clintons and people like Bob Jonhson cannot fool us or stop the dreams of honest black people. To think that Dr King efforts were useless without a politician as implied by the Clintons is unfounded. They are simply rewriting history or have been hiding under the pretence of political achievements to cover their racist tendencies.

  2. Bob Johnson should be insulted with himself because of his black exploitation from his BET era!! He should just go somewhere, sit down and spend his BlackExploited Ton of billions dollors!! He still is in the business of exploiting. When will he get in the business of integrity!!

  3. Bob Johnson is the worst kind of corporate vampire and blackface minstrel willing to sell us all out for greater wealth. I was through with him we he fired Tavis Smiley. Johnson can go straight to Hell as far as I’m concerned.

  4. It saddens me that in a year of “firsts”, this campaign is becoming ugly. 2008 will be the first time that either a “black” man or white “woman” will represent a party in the Presidential election. This is something I thought I would NEVER see in my lifetime. I’m sure Dr. King would be extremely happy to see these two frontrunners. Sadly, I believe both campaigns will smear each other or show each other’s faults (to the world) that it will make it EASY for those damn Republicans to win again. I know this sort of thing has been going on in elections (local, state, and federal) for years but for some reason I’m feeling a bit quesy over this entire situation. If we as voters don’t demand these candiates “talk ONLY about the issues”, this will be all for NOTHING. When it’s all said and done, until Bob Johnson can change what’s going on in Iraq, overseas, and the economy, he’s irrelevant to me. He’s just like the channel he created, USELESS.

  5. NYourWill:

    Man I can’t tell you how this story has my blood boiling. Bob Johnson has built his career off of supporting music and videos that degrade black woman and reinforce negative stereotypes of black men and he has the nerve to come out of his mouth with ignorant comments!

    What has Bob Johnson done for black people?? Does he really think his word is bond? He is the worst offender of expliting people of color and makes no apologies for it.

  6. I know a lot of people are voting for Hillary because they think this is finally the chance for a woman to be President. Frankly, I will wait for a better female candidate to come along. A minute ago, she had the old-guard feminists like Gloria Steinen coming to her defense. Now, she’s laughing and grinning in a church next to Bob Johnson, whose network shows some of the most degrading images towards women I have ever seen. Now would she have accepted the support and defense of Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt?

  7. If anything, Hilary backed out of her fight for social healthcare. So, she’s a punk among punks (i.e. Bob Johnson) in my book.

  8. I think Bob Johnson should be ashamed of himself. I don’t need anyone to tell me that the comment he made was intended to be insulting and I certainly don’t believe that lame excuse and sorry apology he issued. And, any black person who proclaims what the Clintons have done for black people I challenge them to be specific and name what they have done. I am sure the list will be short.

  9. Throw that negro his 30 pieces of gold!
    I have no doubt that his ancestors were slave catchers in 17 century Western Africa. As a New Yorker, I have voted for Hillary in two US senate election. I now choose to vote for Barack Obama for president. No amount of feet shuffling, toe tapping, uncle tomming, I love my Massa type of negro is going to change my mind. Vernon Jordon, John Lewis and Bob Johnson, do you hear me!

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