Maryland Pastor Protests BET Honors

Pastor Coatestakes it to the streets on BET.  I am not mad at him at all.  Those who read my blog knows how I feel about BET.  I have heard many arguments defending BET. Some people say that founder Bob Johnson is a business man not a community leader.  Some people say that if Bob Johnson hadn’t done it, then someone else would.  The excuses go on and on. 

The point is Bob Johnson started with a great concept and idea back in the 80s and at the end, he choose to make money as a business man at the expense of marginalizing his own people.  Then he sold the company and became a billionaire!  Way to go Bob!


2 Responses

  1. Amen and amen!!!

    Yet all of these people who should know better–like Michael Eric Dyson and Cornell West–should know better.

    Pastor Delman Coates and the Mt. Enon Baptist Church.

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