Hey Clinton, Obama and Edwards!!

Will someone please address what they are going to do to correct the Republicans economic policy blunders? We are feeling the affect of outsourcing and corporate greed.  The elitist in this country have sucked our economy dry and the middle class is paying for it, not the wealthy.  Bank of America  and Wachovia have reported huge losses… HUGE 

I don’t care about how many times Obama voted present in an up and down vote, or if Hillary was on the Board of Wal-Mart, what are these candidates going to do about the American Economy!!!!!   


One Response

  1. Native Son, I agreee with you. These candidiates are pandering to the Inside Edition/TMZ minded people. And I rarely hear any of them talking about what is really going on with the economy and what they plan to do about it. Most of them just tell us what we already know that we are in a recession (depression for most people). Hell, we know this what are you going to do??

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