3 students shot while walking home

Where the community? 3 students were shot and there is no outrage.  Authorities say that the shooting could be apart of the ongoing neighborhood beef between communities.

whoever pulled the trigger is a punk.  Only a punk would opene fire in the middle of a neighborhood with kids walking home from school.  Once again where is the outrage???  If gunman was a Klan member or skin head; black people would have flooded the streets in outrage; but when it is someone that looks just like us; we turn a blind eye. 

Parents and adults in these communites need to wake up.  We are failing our children who then become teenagers with no regards of life, and then become adults who not worth a damn. 

These neighborhood beefs need to stop now.  you have kids as young as middle school who involved in these beefs.  A buddy of mine is a D.C. middle school teacher.  He tells me stories of how some of his students don’t get along because they are from rival neighborhoods only blocks apart.  Why won’t the parents of each of these communities join forces and teach at least the younger kids that these senseless beefs are stupid. 


2 Responses

  1. Hey, we’ve been dumbed down and numbed up. -I can’t begin to ponder a solution.

  2. It is sad. We have been conditioned to underestimate, undervlaue and marginalize ourselves where we don’t care that we are killing ourselves, until someone kills one of our family members……

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