Ann Coulter has to be…

The dumbest person on television.  Coulter (Coulter uses bad math to defend Confederate flag) has joined in support of Mike Huckabee’s recent comments on the confederate flag (Time to bury the Confederate flag). 

Anyone who thinks that flying a confederate flag over a state house is acceptable, or that the confederate flag doesn’t symbolize hate and racism then they are not fit to even run for President.  This is not a matter of opinion, this history.  The South wanted to preserve slavery because that had free labor to make money.  I don’t care if your great great grandfather our uncle fought for the confederates or not, they were fighting to preserve slavery and racism…


6 Responses

  1. Ann Coulter, who has many remarks overtly supporting legal segregation to her credit that the media appallingly refuses to expose, is also not a Christian. The religious right and the religious left are deceiving so many people. Ann Coulter: Cultural Apostate Christian Matthew 6:24

  2. If someone wants to have the Confederate flag in their home, fine. But this flag should not be on display in government buildings. This flag should not be displayed next to the official United States flag. The South tried to secede from the Union, and this makes the flag a symbol of treason. You don’t hear about Germans displaying the Nazi flag next to their modern flag, do we? If they tried, the United States would be condemning it. It boggles the mind why some people still want to rally around the flag of a lost cause.

  3. Welcome to Federalism. Looks as if South Carolina is winning this ‘states rights’ issue. Let the people decide.

  4. “It boggles the mind why some people still want to rally around the flag of a lost cause.”

    You can’t tell them that.

  5. Isnt displaying the Confederate Flag on state grounds, honoring treason?? If the Confederate Flag can be flown than I don’t see why Mexico’s national flag can’t be flown on the Texas Capital state grounds…what’s the difference?

  6. Good question. It is very much endorsing treason. -And is a symbol of domestic terrorism!

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