Kids play too much

If this kid (Dave S. Kori) thinks he is going to get any sympathy on this page he better not read this. (Va Student’s snow-day plea causes online stir) The Dean of his school system (Dean Tistadt) has an office number; you don’t call his home.  The kids at his school are crying foul and saying that it was his 1st amendment right to call and ask why school had not been dismissed; well it was Ms. Tistadt’s 1st amendment right to call the kid back and leave her message.  If he would have called my house, my response would have been the same. 

Listen to Ms. Tistadt’s response to 17 Dave Kori (clip

Since Dave was at school, why didn’t he ask an administrator or his Principal why school had not been dismissed.  If he was that concerned, he should have called his parents to come and get him.  Some of these kid’s think that stuff like this is cute; but if I would have done that, my parents would have jacked me up.  I don’t understand why these kids are calling the new-stations and media like they were violated or something.  I agree with Ms. tistadt’s response; I will take it a step further and say this:

Shut the up and take your spoiled butts to school!!!!!


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  1. I believe he was already at school, the call was made during his lunch break. How do we know he did not attempt to “ask an administrator or his Principal why school had not been dismissed.” Quote from you, native son.

    From the “On his lunch break, Lake Braddock senior Devraj “Dave” S. Kori, 17, used a listed home phone number to call Dean Tistadt, chief operating officer for the county system, to ask why he had not closed the schools. Kori left his name and phone number and got a message later in the day from Tistadt’s wife.”

    “”It’s really an issue of kids learning what is acceptable and not acceptable. Any call to a public servant’s house is harassment,” Regnier said.” Regnier is the Fairfax County schools spokesman. This is quoted from

    I guess the school system better get right on that lesson!

    I believe that Mrs Tistadt is also guilty of harrassment, she probably missed that lesson on acceptability during her education, assuming she had one. I wonder if she left her number so Kori cold return her call? He’s is one up on her there.

    I am so proud of you for attacking the kid. You are a brave native son.

    I am kind of impressed by this kid’s ability to use the media to get his massage out. I would imagine that no one in power was hearing his voice.

    If you don’t want unsolicited calls then don’t have your number listed. Mrs. Tisdadt is not at all pristine in this.

    My question (being from snow country in the Sierras) is why wasn’t school dismissed for the safety of the children?

  2. You’re *defending* this shrew, who is incapable of a rational response to a 17-year old? It may have been an error in judgment to call an administrator’s home (remember, it is just a high school kid we’re talking about here), but it was a colossal eff-up on Tisdadt’s part to intervene on her husband’s behalf in such an embarrassing way.

    Worst of all, you admit that you would be incapable of handling yourself in a calm, composed manner in the face of a 17-year old’s inquiry. One phone call, and you would fly off the handle. Shame on you, Internet Tough Guy.

  3. Shame on me? Please this kid was 17 he wasn’t a child; he knew not to call that man’s house. He was being a smart A@#. Sorry that’s how I see it. And like I said before, if I had did something like that, my parents would have jacked me up.

  4. Hey Brother-

    I’m stunned that your first two comments were giving you a hard time with you take on Mrs. Tisdadt’s reply. I’m WITH you! I think she should be given a freakin’ medal for chewing that rude little @ssclown out!

    For “Nancy” to say that Mrs. Tisdadt was guilty of harrassment is astonishing. This woman was in HER HOME when this little jerk called HER to give her HUSBAND a hard time. How is SHE harrassing anyone? That is some foolish nonsense!!!

    With people who think like “Nancy” and “Samsonite” it is clear to see why so many kids are screwed up and spoiled! People like them pander and coddle these CHILDREN and let them get away with out an ounce of repremanding or accountibility.

    If it was me, I would have chewed the kid up and spit him out! Then called his mother and father and chewed them out too, for raising such a rude little twit! And MY parents too would have punished me for doing something so disrespectful!

    Nice post!

  5. He may have been being a smartA, but how do you catagorize (judge) a full grown woman, who is reacting to a noon hour call, not an early morning call or a late night call while her husband is out working for the ‘snotty nosed brats.’ Her words . . . really. I imagine she and her husband are of a similar culture, they are married. I can also imagine them sitting around the table talking and laughing about the snotty nosed brats at dinner or a cocktail party with the other wife swappers (he needs a permanent swap now). A bit of laughting going on at how they duped the district into believing they were compassionate to the snotty nosed brats.

    She needs psychological help and the kid can still get that education in acceptableness, he’s young and still learning. I am sure he will learn a great deal from this, It’s the snot nosed wife who will learn nothing valuable.

    Time for the outrageously crazy wife to get the lesson on what is acceptable and what is not, maybe her husband and Regnier can set up some form of remedial after school classes and teach the wife and kid together. Maybe these two, the wife and kid can make amends. I really believe that, and you watch, it will happen . . . Probably on Oprah or Leno. I think they both just regular people and the husband and Regnier are chickenS#@*.

    I will not forgive the husband for not speaking on his own behalf neither will I forgive Regnier for acting as if the kid was the only one in the wrong.

    I am sorry your ‘rents would have jacked you up. Maybe they can give one of those special lessons to the two men, the husband and Regnier. What a bunch of A’s really!

    The kid is smart, he is busy learning and testing boundaries. That is what kids do. Eventually they learn where the boundaries are. It is too late for the psycho wife, sorry, not psycho, ’embarrased and grief stricken’. Embarrassed because we all know what a psycho she is and grief stricken because we heard it ourselves and there is no undoing how she has embarrassed herself and ultimately her husband. I’d sure like to be a member of that PTA now. You couldn’t keep me away from a meeting.

    I am an adult and I think these adults suck. Husband, wife and spokesperson. Boo f&%$#$ Hoo. the kid made a call to a listed number with a question and left his name and number. He may have been being a smartA but he did it politely. The whole thing sucks. What I really see it the kid being made the patsy. I hope he gets to graduate, of course they will try to make him miserable while consoling the raving lunatic PMS-er. . . that should do for categorization. I like it. We can call the kid a SmartA as you suggest and we can call the wife a raving lunatic PMS-er, as I suggest.

  6. Thank you for telling it like it is regarding this incident with Dave Kori uploading Mrs. Tistadt’s voicemail to youtube. I am getting so sick of seeing people defending him and villifying her. There was nothing heroic about his disgraceful actions. It was merely a spiteful and meanspirited attempt at extracting revenge. His ONLY purpose was to publicly humiliate Mrs. Tistadt. As far as I’m concerned, he gave the message to the nation’s teenagers that it is acceptable to disrespect and reject adult authority. Since when do 17 years olds get to dictate school policy? If he’s showing this kind of belligerance now, what will he be like in the workforce?

  7. Sabrina and The Thinking Black Man:

    Thank you for backing me on this one.

    Some people crack me up with defending this boy. Especially Nancy when she said:

    “The kid is smart, he is busy learning and testing boundaries. That is what kids do. Eventually they learn where the boundaries are.”

    Umm Excuse me Nancy, you just said that he was smart; he is 17 he knows what boundaries he was crossing when he called this man’s house, stop making excuses for him!!!

    He was at school and if he had a problem he should have asked an Administrator or the Principal about why the school system had not let them go home yet. If he didn’t like their answers, he should have called his parents, who then could have come to pick him up or give him permission to leave school. He Should Not have called the home of the Dean of Schools!! He was trying to be funny…. And the wife had every right to call him back to respond.

    Like I keep saying, if I would have pulled that kind of stunt when I was in high School, my parents would have been all up on me. I am going with what Thinking black Man said:

    “If it was me, I would have chewed the kid up and spit him out! Then called his mother and father and chewed them out too, for raising such a rude little twit! And MY parents too would have punished me for doing something so disrespectful!”

  8. any of you people don’t know s*%t about dave kori.
    I am best friends with him before i moved away 3 months ago.
    His academic skills are higher than any normal Senior. He is the head of the debate team, GPA of 4.0 ( so anyone including Mrs. Tisdadt saying how he needs to go back to school and worry about his grades, are assuming that he’s just a troublemaker, up to no good kid; are full of B.S) Good Morning America called him and said they would pay for his ticket to new york to be on the show, but he refused to go unless it was AFTER school.
    Also, the unsettling voice message that Mrs. Tisdadt left was very unnecessary and childish to deal with a very intelligent (probably more intelligent that any of you or Mrs. Tisdadt) 17yrd. Dave left a polite, well mannered message on the house phone only after going to the principal of the school and called the office of the superintendent and emailed him about a month with no reply. Mrs. Tisdadt has no say in her husbands job. It is the superintendent’s job to deal with answering a simple question from an FCPS student regarding of “what it takes to have school dismissed because of the weather”

    and for Nacny—- HE DOES KNOW THE BOUNDRIES!!!
    thats why he took off the youtube video of Mrs. Tisdadt’s voicemail so more s$%t wont escalate.

    I have more to argue with you people who don’t personally know Dave Kori but just like you think you do but i just wanted to put in a few words because he is a good friend of mine and the news pretty much f*(ked up the story and what not.

    Overall, there was nothing wrong with what he did. He didn’t do it for the rebellious fame or whatever you want to call it, and he certainly didn’t know it would blow up into something this big.

  9. Hey, Native Son…

    I debated on sending this, but I just have to add this;
    Nancy speaks about this kid [Yes, Nancy, at 17 he is still a kid… a child for the most part] like he has some kind of RIGHT to call Mrs. Tisdadt just because her number is publicized. THAT does NOT give people the RIGHT to call anyones HOME and QUESTION their PROFESSIONAL decisions.

    I’d bet $1000 that this kid had a bunch of his little “snot-nosed” buddies standing around giggling as he dialed the number. They were probably cheering him on for being so “totally crazy man!”

    This was just a childish prank and Mrs. Tisdadt stood by her man! Nancy there is NO REASON IN THIS WORLD THAT MRS. TISDADT AND THIS KID NEED TO SIT DOWN ON OPRAH AND MAKE AMENDS!!!

    I’d like to be a member of that areas PTA too – I’d be the first and last one standing to give Mrs. Tisdadt a standing ovation!!!

  10. Thundergiant007:

    That’s great that you are friends with Dave, and I am sure he is a great kid and I am happy that he has a high g.p.a, but as an adult I am telling you to know your place as a young adult. Let’s not go there on who may or may not be more intelligent. I didn’t insult Dave’s intelligence so don’t go there; once again know your place as a young adult.

    If class is in session and it started to snow, then you wait for the school administrators or principal to give the word if school is going to be let out early. If you think the school system is taking too long to make that decision, then call your parents and let them deal with it, you don’t take it upon yourself to call the Dean’s house. Why didn’t he call the Dean’s office?? That’s why the Dean’s wife handled her busienss and put him in his place. Like I keep repeating, if I had done that when I was in high School, my parents would have jacked me up.

    Once again hats off to the Dean’s wife. That was her residential home number and she can return a phone call and respond the way she wants!!!!

  11. for Native son- the only reason why he called the house number is because dave emailed and called the office of the superintendent for a week and didnt get a reply.
    im sure that not getting a snow day was on his top priority list.
    he just wanted to know what kind of condition did it have to be for school to let out just because he was curious.
    we do know our place as a young adult in the world. Dave was polite about it and the wife could have easily left him a polite message instead of going ape-shit. He has every right to call the house and ask a simple question. i also agree that depending on the person, that a kid may aggravate you when calling the house, then you would say something on the lines like “please dont call my house, i shall tell my husband to call you regarding your topic from his office”
    you dont deal with small things like that by blowing a fuse and yelling at some kid assuming that hes just trying to piss people off.
    judging someone by their age is completely arrogant

    fu*k you thinking black man
    “I’d bet $1000 that this kid had a bunch of his little “snot-nosed” buddies standing around giggling as he dialed the number. They were probably cheering him on for being so “totally crazy man!”
    ^^thats not what happened at all
    this is when i get angry of ignorent dumbfuc*s like you
    you dont kno fuc*kin S%hit about who this kid is
    so fuc* you and suck my dic*k thinking black man

  12. why dont you all stop trying to parent another child and worry about your own before they turn into snobby little brats but i doubt that wouldnt take long.

  13. Thundergiant007:

    You prove my point, you are a child. And your response to Thinking Black Man backs up what we are saying. You call him ignorant, look at your response to him!! All of the profanity isn’t going to change how he feels nor will it hurt him.

  14. Thundergiant:

    I have said all I have to say concerning your comments. Keep doing good and school and I hope you go far in life


  15. This post is ridiculous. You are right, the kid should not have made the call and he probably did have his friends around cheering him on, but he didn’t make the call annonymously. It wasn’t a prank call! Prank calls done annonymously and this kid left his name and phone number -how else would Mrs. Tisdadt called him back?

    I am not saying what he did was right, but Mrs. Tisdadt is an adult and her actions were uncalled for. I understand that she was upset that he called Mr. Tisdadt to ask about the snow day and she was defending her husband (I am married, I can relate), but to call the kid back in the manner that she did was uncalled for. Seriously, who is the adult in this situation.

    The kid shouldn’t have made the call and she most definitely should not have responded to that call!

  16. my response to thinking black man was perfectly rational hah.
    yeah im 18 yrld but whatevva
    i gots a life other than agruing with people

  17. A 17 year old kid has every right to call a publicly available number and ask what seems to me to be a reasonable question. While you point out that he is not a child, he is, legally, not yet an adult and as such can not yet participate in the appropriate vote.

    However, more at issue here is Mrs. Tistadt’s inappropriate tone and comments. Referring to the students of the school system, even in part, as “snotty nosed brats” gives us insight into her ugly opinion of the children her husband is charged with protecting.

    If you are correct that young Mr. Kori should have called the office (and lets assume he did not) Mrs Tistadt’s message should have simply pointed that out — Even if the tone of the original message was “snotty” (and we do not have the benefit of having heard that message) As the wife of a school administrator, she should have taken the higher ground and set a better example, both for Mr. Kori, and for the the rest of the children under her husband’s watch.

  18. Well said, Hannah!

  19. From the WP article:

    “Kori took Tistadt’s message, left on his cellphone, and posted an audio link on a Facebook page he had created after he got home from school called ‘Let them know what you think about schools not being cancelled.’ The Web page listed Dean Tistadt’s work and home numbers.”

    So, basically, he incited a crowd to harass the Tistadts because Mr. Tistadt didn’t cancel school.

    Both Mrs. Tistadt and Mr. Kori were in the wrong. To praise one and villify the other seems silly.

  20. Native Son,

    Kudos to you for having the (un)common sense so sorely lacking in many of the other blogs/articles I’ve read on this matter. Mr. Kori’s phone call to the Tistadt *home* was indeed way off-base, and I’m embarrassed to read other people trying to defend his self-centered, rude & impatient behavior.

    By all accounts, Mr. Kori claims this whole thing started because he just wanted to know why school wasn’t closed that day. Interesting, since all the information he needed was easily accessible on the Fairfax Co. Public School’s website (which took me less than a minute to locate via Google), under “Inclement Weather Plans.” So please, Thundergiant007, spare us the nonsense on how your friend searched for a week for this info – on a webpage last updated in 2005 (so it’s been available for a while now.) Someone with a near 4.0 GPA can locate the Tistadt’s home number & post a voicemail on YouTube…but can’t check the district’s website? What a steaming pile of you-know-what.

    Was Mrs. Tistadt’s response over the top? Maybe, maybe not (since we have no recording of Mr. Kori’s call on which to base her response.) But for Mr. Kori to deliberately publish a private recorded message on the net was beyond inappropriate. I’m sure his prospective employers (and heck, even his own friends) will think twice before hiring (or continuing a friendship with) someone who’d gladly broadcast private conversations in exchange for some notoriety. Methinks Mr. Kori will be paying for this prank well into adulthood.

    Thanks for letting me rant, Native Son

  21. I am forty and often wanted to call my children’s superintendant to find out why they do not call off school during bad snow days. I also want to find out why when every county around us has already called their schools off for the day that our county superintendant waits until 6:45 or 7:00am to call off school (which begins at 7:30) when many of these kids are already waiting at their bus stops, or when parents do not have enough time to arrange care for their kids while parents make their way to work. If I had the phone number I would call, too. The superintendant has a public job and a public responsibility and should answer to that responsibility which includes 17 year olds and their parents. If they do not want the public responsibilities, (or the wife has a problem with it) then at the very least, get an unlisted number or step down. Hubby needs to get wifey a gag. His job is to keep those snotty nosed kids safe so they don’t come back and sue him for endangering them!
    I believe the 17 year old wanted an honest answer and since he could not get it through regular channels, he made a simple phone call: not a harrassing call, but an honest question that deserves and honest answer. Did the answer ever come? No. The kid’s next step, go to a school board meeting. Mine, not to vote for the same people on my county school board.

  22. Dave Kori need his ass kicked. He is the one who called the administrators home. Why not just keep trying his work number? Nancy says he is one up on Mrs. Tistadt because he left his number and she didn’t. That’s because he already had her number! Remember, he called it first!. Why leave it again. This kid then posts it online. I don’t care if it is in the phone book. By posting it online he should have known people would call and harass the Tistadt’s. As others said, he does have a high GPA and is on the debate team after all. I guess that doesn’t make him smart though.
    Maybe someone should post this kids home number and cell phone number online so people can call him at all hours. I see him on CNN crying about all the publicity this is getting and whining about all of the calls he has been getting about this and saying there are more important things than this such as Darfur or the election. If that is the case, why did he even start this. He should have started to do something about Darfur or the election.

  23. Jack W: Man you are on point!!! I could not have said it better myself

  24. Thundergiant007…

    I think your reply to me says it all…

    “fu*k you thinking black man
    “I’d bet $1000 that this kid had a bunch of his little “snot-nosed” buddies standing around giggling as he dialed the number. They were probably cheering him on for being so “totally crazy man!”
    ^^thats not what happened at all
    this is when i get angry of ignorent dumbfuc*s like you
    you dont kno fuc*kin S%hit about who this kid is
    so fuc* you and suck my dic*k thinking black man”

    Son, I have been told worse by far better people than you.

    To really make a point with me, you have to dazzle me with a little brilliance. Talking trash is such a petty thing. When you grow up, you’ll realize how sad you look, son.

    Your friend was out of bounds by calling the Supers’ home. All of the information that he needed AS A STUDENT, was available AT HIS SCHOOL. Your pal is NOT a friend or a contemporary of the superintendent, therefore he had not business calling this man’s home. If he wanted to leave school, then he should have put down his ipod, picked up his black berry and texted Mommy to meet him out front in the Land Rover in 20 minutes.

    Your sad attempt to sound like a big boy aside, I do think THUNDERGIANT007 is a pretty cool name. TRY to live up to it, son.

  25. Lisa S. I happen to agree with you. If it had been a parent that had done the same thing everyone would be applauding the adult. My mother used to have to do this to the school administrator when we had bad weather because all the administrator worried about was one end of the county….never mind the other end of the county where kids might have to go over an icy bridge to get to the schools. Glad so many people are more worried about the 17 year old being a “brat” than about the safty of the students. When your child is injured/killed because the school bus slid off an icy road perhaps you’ll feel differently. I see alot of adults who need to stop thinking so narrowmindedly.

  26. Thinking Black Man:

    “Your friend was out of bounds by calling the Supers’ home. All of the information that he needed AS A STUDENT, was available AT HIS SCHOOL. Your pal is NOT a friend or a contemporary of the superintendent, therefore he had not business calling this man’s home. If he wanted to leave school, then he should have put down his ipod, picked up his black berry and texted Mommy to meet him out front in the Land Rover in 20 minutes.”

    Man you hit the nail on the head!!! That’s all he had to do was contact his parents via cell, text or email……..

  27. i acually dont give a sh*t if he didnt call the superintendents office or not. if you dont want someone to call your house dont list your damnn number in the phone book.
    and the wife could of easily responded to dave saying “please dont call my house again, if you really want to speak to my husband, i will tell him to call you from his offce”

    and this is really not a lagit story that should get this far and this big throughout the country. or for a bunch of people taking sides and agruing. how about you guys argue about somthing worth the while like the war or how george bush is fuc*ing up the country.
    im just here to back up my friend because i know hes a good kid and he didnt mean anything than a simple awsner from the superintendent. people just look down upon minors just like people think every black man is dangerous or whatever.
    i bet if an adult or anyone over 18 called that house number, ther wouldnt be any fuss about it

  28. Native son said

    I have said all I have to say concerning your comments. Keep doing good and school and I hope you go far in life


    i think you mean “doing WELL in school”. thanks for criticizing the kids of today when they’re obviously learning more than you are in school.

    this wasn’t about dave getting home, it was about schools not being closed, dave didn’t get in a traffic accident but a lot of other students did.

    as for that bs from jack w, i’m sure when he posted this message online he expected it to become national news right??? try thinking for a second did anyone actually expect this to happen, atleast he went ahead and mentioned darfur which the news media are staying away from.

  29. my friend doesnt have a range rover and that little sarcastic paragragh sounds like im talking to a kid my age you dumbfu*k
    and when was the last time you were in school asshole
    things in public schools are diffrernt than it was 20 years ago when annoying black people had to sit in the back of the bus

  30. This is hilarious. Some nut who got beat by his parents (probably why you look so angry and constipated in your picture) is mad at a kid who at age 17 has double his intelligence and a bright future.

    Not only that, after he was pursued by the media he tells them to cover Darfur? Wow this kid is a hero.

    And I wonder where your head is “native son” and “thinking black man”? He was calling out the treatment of blacks in Africa instead of using it the 10 second soundbyte to prop himself up.

    Take some midol.

  31. no one has any sympathy for you thinking black man. once again that was then and this is now

  32. “and when was the last time you were in school asshole
    things in public schools are diffrernt than it was 20 years ago when annoying black people had to sit in the back of the bus”

    Thundergiant002 you WILL NOT make racially offensive comments on my blog. How did we go from talking about your friend calling the Dean’s house, to you making ignorant racial comments about the struggles of African Americans in this country during the Civil Rights Movement?

  33. Native son you’re digging yourself into a bigger whole with each post. Your original post was a half cocked attempt to be moral and “respectful”, but in fact it came across as a lame attempt to chastise someone with no real knowledge of what happened.

    The kid called while he was AT school. He left a respectful message after trying to get into contact with anyone in the school system who would listen. The school officials number was PUBLICLY listed. Soon after this he receives a very disrespectful message from a MIDDLE AGED woman.

    CNN got in contact with him later and he said (I’m paraphrasing) – this whole thing is being blown out of proportion why doesn’t the media cover something important to the world instead of this.

    This kid according to many news sources is a straight A student and part of the debate team.

    Judging by your ability to reason and form a coherent argument I think you should be the one in school, not him.

  34. i’m best friends with thundergiant007 and i still think his racial comment was completely unnecessary. back on track;

    dave obviously called the dean’s house because he wanted a reaction, like every other teenager. he has every right to dial a persons phone number and leave a polite message, regardless of age. it would be completely different if he hadn’t been as polite and well mannered as he was.

    this whole ordeal is pissing me off extremely because this kid has bullshit fame for doing absolutely nothing incredible. yeah, he might’ve wanted to stay home, like every other kid in the whole school, but posting videos and clips of the message is complete attention seeking as far as i know.

    the dean’s wife was completely irrational. regardless of if your receiving an annoying message on your answering machine, she should’ve acted her age and acted as if she WAS the dean’s wife.

  35. Brandon:

    Thanks for your input. And I agree with you for the most part. The Dean’s wife may have been over the top, I still think she had every right to say what she did.

  36. As an adult, I tend to have much more respect for young people nowadays. I’m so sick of uneducated adults thinking they warrant more respect from young people because ‘they’ve lived’ and have ‘wisdom’ and all that nonsense. More young people today have seen so much more of the world and have amazing opportunities to learn and communicate. This is not a ‘snot-nosed brat.’ He seems a mature young man who simply wanted answers when no adult would take him seriously or answer his questions when he used other avenues of communication. And as far as Sabrina suggesting that 17-year-olds should not be dictating school policy, that is a load of rubbish. That is why student government exists, to give the students a voice. At least there are students who care; we could have a bunch of apathetic followers instead. You know, students who just accept authority and never question.

  37. If Dave didn’t want to go to school, he should’ve just talked it over with his parents. Schools don’t always close during bad weather, but parents have the right to keep their kids home if they don’t feel travelling is safe. I wouldn’t have wasted my time calling the Dean. I know some districts will close the elementary schools but the high schools will remain open because they assume older kids have more access to transportation.

    For all the young people out there, after high school, there is no such thing as a bad weather day. When you get a job in the adult world, you will not be able to call the boss and say, “It’s snowing, I’m not coming in.” I’ve had to leave home hours in advance, and drive thru ice storms to get to work. I’ve had to come to work during power failures and floods. Enjoy your youth.

  38. I dont care if you agree or disagree with the kid. for one thing dean makes these calls.

    It could of been a safety concern first off. second off it could of been more than that. He had the right to know.

    I cant beleive your supporting her. She was wrong as the message wasnt her business in the first place. She should of just walk away
    Her attuide its not justable in this. Harrrasment dont list you local phone number plain and simple.

    I totally agree with Morgan

  39. I’m not buying the safety issue. What do most teenagers do on a snow day? Most don’t even stay home. Parents still have to go to work, so teens often go out. They go to the mall, or to a friend’s house. They’re outside somewhere. On snow days, I would be out sledding, or riding snowmobiles. That carries as much, or more risk than actually going to school.

    I’m not saying that Tisdadt was right, but I wouldn’t have been posting the phone conversation on the internet. I’ve called people, and had them go off on me for no apparent reason. I waited a while, then called back. Most of the time, I’ve gotten an apology, and I found out they had some issues going on. If it was a business, I talked to the boss, and the boss took care of the situation.

  40. This is my last comment on this topic…


    “The Thinking Black Man Says:
    January 24, 2008 at 10:56 pm
    back in my day i had to walk through 3 feet of snow 10 miles to school uphill both ways and we never complained. this young wippersnapper needs to be taught some manners.”




  41. Thinking Black Man:

    I just deleted that post. I should have checked the email address that it came from.

  42. i want to apologize for the cursing and the racial remark.
    but i didnt post any comments under “the thinking black man”

  43. That was totally out-of-line for him to call their home phone. Disturbing them didn’t accomplish anything but a well-deserved tongue lashing.

    Not only that but, since when does someone have to keep his/her number unlisted to ensure they don’t get harassing calls?

  44. ThunderGiant:

    Thank you for apologizing for the racial remarks; they had no place in this conversation or in any other conversation.

    I am curious to know why you made those racial statements. It came out of left field. I think you really need to think about why you made them.

    I am glad that you came back. Hopefully Dave and the rest of your friends can move on from this.

  45. it is a childish reason but i get very angry when people are judging my friend and thinking they know the whole story when i talked to dave and all my other friends.
    once again im sorry
    but this isnt a subject to argue about anyways.
    im not coming back anymore unless some dude says somthing really rude about my friend

  46. “It is a childish reason but i get very angry when people are judging my friend and thinking they know the whole story when i talked to dave and all my other friends.
    once again im sorry
    but this isnt a subject to argue about anyways.
    im not coming back anymore unless some dude says somthing really rude about my friend”

    Ok, where do I begin with all this:
    1) Thundergiant007–You really need to check yourself. First, your grammar is awful and hard to comprehend, and using curse words will not do yourselves any favors on this board. This blog is geared towards mature individuals, not bratty folks who feel the need to curse at posters on here who have more sense than you seem to have.
    2) The “annoying black people” comment was NOT a mistake or something you wrote because you were angry about your friend. Clearly, you have some unresolved issues with black people, but you are too much of a coward to admit it.
    3) I know you’re probably a 16-18 year old kid, but I don’t care. I had a lot of sense at that age, and I didn’t go around cursing people out that I didn’t know because I was defending someone. That actually makes you look LESS intelligent in the real world.
    4) Your friend Dave Kori should not have called that house PERIOD. It was inappropriate and reckless, and Mrs. Tistadt had every right to respond to him the way she did. The young man should have been studying or doing something constructive instead of bothering the Dean Tistadt.
    5) Dave Kori was disrespectful in calling the house, so most rational people really could care less if you think they are being “really rude about your friend.”
    6) Children simply do not know how to behave these days, even at ages 15-18. I’m in my early twenties, and the rudeness, cursing, and foul language I hear on a regular basis by some in that age group is very disheartening. I am just blown away that some of these kids thought it was fine to call Dean Tistadt when they felt like it. His wife was “acting her age” by putting this brat in his place. I’m calling him a brat, becuase he is one. If he had any home training, he would have known not to be so tacky as to make this call. If he had any sense, he would know that when the central school administration determines whether or not a school closes, they aren’t going to reverse it because a kid thinks his road can’t be driven on. The school system acts in the best interests of the district, not because some lazy kids want to play X-Box and Wii all day while their parents are at work.
    7) Morgan–Student governments are in place to give students a voice. You are completely right about that. However, calling the house, which I will remind you is outside the traditional school boundaries, is stepping into a new plateau. When exactly did this young man call? If it was between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am then this man has a lot to learn about respecting households and privacy. I know that if someone calls MY house between those hours and they’re not family and close friends (or an emergency), I’m not going to be happy. What if they had a small child or baby and the phone woke them up? There was simply NO consideration for the family. A listed phone number doesn’t give you the right to tie up a line to promote your agenda. If you want to call the school administration office, that’s fine, but a personal number is something else.
    8) The Thinking Black Man–You are completely correct in your statements. Its sad how this young man felt the need to initiate a cursing match with you when no real adult would sink to his level and respond in that fashion.

    A ‘neighborhood board’ on the Washington Post questioned whether or not this incident will affect Mr. Kori’s college admissions chances. Honestly, who cares? He has a mind of his own, and since he’s supposed to be so bright, he should have though about the rammifications of his actions. I don’t think a school would deny him admission because of this stunt, but if that’s something he is worrying about, that is on him. There are millions of other high school kids waiting to hear from colleges, so the focus on him is really overrated.

    Native Son, thanks for the blog entry. Your blog is really top-notch and I enjoy coming here most days to read it.

  47. rene Says- Its under a public number which means the public can call someone at there homes. that is not harrasment.

    agree or not on the saftey isssue. It is a safety issue like it or not. most of you are acting like kids do this on purpose. there was no reason for the attuide of the message back

    as i stated that it wasnt for her. It wasnt her business in from the start. She should of left it for her husban.

  48. John- No she had no right to talk to a student like that no right. You do give adults all these rights and give kids lights rights.
    Your insult pepople as well. making fun of grammer and someone who did say some racail remakrs. they apolgize leave from there. Dont bring it back up.

    I understand the student and i understand why she did it. But there is no reason to talk to that to a student when the call wasnt for her from the start.

    A public phone number means PUBLIC it is listed for a reason it is a public number. If it was a private number thats a tottally diffrent story.

    As i stated the student had the right to know why school was open.
    some adults make me sick.

    btw my grammer and spelling is not that great beacause of dyelxisa and i am 20

  49. Critter—You clearly don’t know the bounds of respect, but that’s something you will have to deal with. When that young man called Dean Tistadt’s house, he opened himself up to invading the lives of people he had no business bothering at a non-business phone number. If some adults make you sick, you have a long way to go in life, as well as a lot to learn.

    Please don’t lecture me on what I can and cannot bring up in a discussion. If someone calls me a derogatory name and apologizes only because they “claim” they were mad, they MEANT what they said. Hate comes out of your heart the most when you’re backed up against a wall. Apologies mean little to me unless I know it was a true apology. I stand by ALL my previous statements.

  50. John- just beacauese someone usees raiceal remarkers dosent mean it came from the heart. They could of been upset by something else.

    And took on the poster. You cleary need to learn some manners and repsect. After it was all done and settle. Leave it at that.

    Now as for repsect i have plenty of it. to say i dont know it. Really tells me you have no clue what your talking about.

    I have done alot in my life

    cerifcatate of paritcpation g ranite state ffa assoication, babe ruth umpire patch, Dover high school award of excellence for the serivce to the commuity. Also ffa greenhand achievement excllence

    I will lecture anyone that cant respect a young person opioion. I will say it again he had every right to know why school was open.

    Did he do the wrong way? yes and no. you adults act like you the only who know these and these kids are tottally wrong.

    i will say again a public number can be called by anyone.
    Also it was not her business to talk to him like that.

  51. Critter–If you are supposedly 20 years old, you are not the child you claim to be anymore. Why are saying “you adults” like you’re 12 years old? You really need to learn some respect and some sense of how the world works. I don’t go around making racially inflammatory comments about people because just because I get mad…that is a poor and extremely sorry excuse. I will call the poster out on that because the comment wasn’t even relevant to the situation at hand.

    How can I not respect the opinions of young people when I was a teenager only 4 years ago? The difference is that I know how to respect myself and others, something that is really lacking in a lot of kids these days. Just because that kid thought it was fine to call the house and post that message didn’t mean that he was “entitled” to show everyone what went down. He created the firestorm the second he decided to put that recording online.

    You expect me to be quiet because you think its rude for me to say something? If you can’t stand up for your beliefs, you probably shouldn’t say anything. Clearly, I had something to say, and I stand by it.

    I’ll say something again too–just because you have a number doesn’t give you the right to call someone and abuse basic protocal. What if a student called you at 3 am railing about a grade you gave him? What if you weren’t even the teacher? What the family had a baby and the phone ringing late at night or early in the morning woke it up? You have to think about the whole situation.

    Ok, that’s all I’m going to say regarding this issue.

  52. John-You did it again saying kids have no respect. Which is acutally parently wrong. I say you adults as i dont consider myself near your kind.

    I am my own adult who acutally thinks for myself. Like i agree with a poor extramly not smart thing to do. raical remakrs.

    You dont need to make it worse. I understand how the world works ok. I have been out there before. I dont take crap from people.

    You really need to have respect for teenagers instead of acuassing them of no respect

    right now i have zero respect for you at this very moment.

  53. At the end of the day, this kid came off as a modern day Ferris Beuller. Hands down, he won. This kid is now a hero, so whatever you say doesn’t matter. Kids will look up to Dave.

    As for charges of racism, everyone should look within themselves. I think blacks in Philadelphia and Washington DC are far more racist than whites. The race card is played out, leave it alone.

  54. TheHero:

    My Blog post was about a student who called his Dean’s house to ask a question. Then out of the blue, Thundergiant made racially offensive remarks and I called him out on it. So who played the race card in this situation? Please don’t come on my blog site and tell me to leave race alone, I wasn’t the one who brought race into this, Thundergiant did. And as far as your last remark about black people in Philly and D.C being more racist than whites, I won’t comment on because we were not talking about race.

  55. Good job getting your own personal fame off writing about me Native Son, maybe you should only concern yourself with writing about things you actually know about. I frankly don’t care what your parents would have done to you, in the 1800s i’m sure parents “jacked” their kids up for so much as talking out of turn. No matter how much you’re trying to present your views as fact, its your opinion based on your own personal experiences, and what your parents may have done to you doesn’t make what I did right or wrong.

    You wrote about the incident without even knowing any of the details, all of the administrators at my school were asked about the decision and their response was basically that they didn’t know. I was already at school, and would have only missed probably my easiest class had we been let out early, I was mainly just annoyed on principle it wasn’t for my own personal benefit. I got home from school perfectly fine, but I know a lot of people who didn’t. The fact that you write about things without knowing the details is precisely why you’re a blogger and not a real journalist, but I’m glad peoples interested in me allowed you to garner a few more hits to help inflate your self-esteem by making you think people actually care what you have to say. If you’re done hiding by your computer and making insulting remarks about people through your computer, contact me through the email address of this comment and we can discuss the issue further.

  56. In addition, I don’t understand how none of you can possibly see how the act of calling a listed number at home could be perceived as acceptable. It isn’t a clearly defined rule, people have different opinions on it, and as I interpret it you can’t claim a privacy violation as I forcibly obtained any information which isn’t already readily available, thus I haven’t really violated their privacy, until they volunteered further information by calling me back. It’s funny how most young people have strove to see both sides of this issue and understand the adult perspective as well as the factors going into that line of thinking, whereas most adults who do believe the original call was inappropriate (yes I say most because many that I’ve spoken to didn’t think it was inappropriate at all) have not taken the time to see how the act could be interpreted as acceptable and have simply dismissed all other viewpoints. So much for maturity, but go ahead and keep spreading the close-mindedness that’s already characterized your generation.

  57. Dave:

    I am not hiding behind my computer. And there is no need to email you; I said what I had to say and if you have something to say about what I wrote then you can make it here. Your issue made the news and I blogged about. We debated about and now its over….. It’s Feb 10th, get it over it….

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