Mick Romney: Who let the dogs out?

You have to be kidding me.  There are so many things wrong with this video clip.  No, I am not saying the Romney is racist; but it is obvious that he is not comfortable talking to black people.  Making statement like who let the dogs out, or saying that baby had on “Bling Bling” is not a way to relate to black people.  On a side note, I do want to know why the mother had jewelry on that little baby (priorities not in order)  but I digress…..

In order to relate to that particular community there was not need to use slang, but ask them what they need in their community.  Ask them what qualities they want in a President; not going around talking about bling bling and who let the dogs out.  If he was walking around Massachusetts, would he had said the same thing?  Think about it…… 


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