The Old Guard

Here is an interesting article about the “Old Guard”  regardless of who you are supporting, the simple fact that there is a conversation about blacks and their role in politics is refreshing…

Commentary: Oh, the Irony – Why Are So Many Old-Guard Leaders Choosing Clinton Over Barack Obama? 


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  1. I believe the answer to the commentary’s question is; That generation is still afraid of trusting their own. And instead of embracing change they are afraid to let go of the old “powers that be”. Instead of giving change a chance they are willing to go backwards. Not to say that the Clinton era was not a era of drastic positive change for black folk but as we younger folk try to look forward to ours and our childrens future we must leave the past behind us and look positively and hopefully towards the future. Things now are not how the were even when Mr Clinton took office; they are much worst. Not only do we have to correct the failures and falsehoods of this administration here at home in the US but we must show the World that we are willing to do everything in our power to correct these failures of policy around the world.

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